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Seeing Parts Of The Future?


I am half Irish and half Turkish, my dads side has no what so ever phycic abilities but my mums irish side has some. My mum her self used to have psycic dreams but she wiched for them to go and now she doesn't have any. My 2. Cousin can see and communicate with ghosts.

I sometimes have phsycic dreams, like I remember 4-5 years ago ı saw a dream that my mothers best friend died and in the morning my mum got a phone call saying that her friend died. I had never seen her friend because she moved away with her husband. In my dream I remember seeing a blonde, thin and tall woman. And when I saw her picture at the funeral I knew she was the woman I saw.

Another dream was when I saw my dads friend quit smoking so I told my dad this and my dad called his friend we asked him and he said he hasn't been smoking for 2-3 weeks.

After these dreams I didn't have anymore psychic dreams. But I had feelings like I'd say it would be hilarious if the girl dropped her new phone and 2 minutes later she actually dropped her phone. Things, feelings like this has been happening off and on.

Lastly when I was getting ready for my oral exam I told my mum to ask me about health care. She asked me about it. The next day in my mock oral exam my topic was health care.

For my real oral exam, when we were studying for it together I told her to ask me about painters and how memories are preserved in paintings and other ways of preserving memories. Guess what? My topic in the oral exam the next day was memories and how artists preserve them in their pictures.

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