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In this past few weeks I haven't had any experiences but only weird feelings that have come true.

First of all my mum and I were out for a walk and I thought about my old art teacher and how it was weird that I haven't seen her in a while. So on our 5th lap while walking I saw my old art teacher and she said hi to us and asked how we were...

Then when I went to the grocery store I thought about my friend that graduated last year and something that we talked about last week. While thinking this, I imagined, with out wanting, that he got out of a white car and walk in to the grocery store. While I was packing the stuff that I bought my mum told me to go to the car before her and put the groceries in. I had a feeling that I should not go to the car that I would miss something, but anyways I did. A few minutes or so later my friend I was thinking about got out of a white car with his sister and his sisters friends and walked in to the grocery store. After my mum came back to the car we left.

Last saturday I was at the skin doctor and my sister was at another doctor. While I was waiting on the skin doctor, before my sister came beside me, I knew it was her that was coming. I did not see down the hall, I heard someone walking, but I did not hear her voice or anthing I just thought it was her and It really turned out to be my sister.

Stuff like this have been happening on and off but these are the ones that really had an impact on me I don't know why, but I can't forget them. Eventhough they weren't anything major.

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blub (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-21)
It's definitely weird when something like this happens. I've had some similar experiences, but it might be more common than you think. I recently saw this in a scientific programme: there is this theory that the brain can kind of predict the future (like the really near future, I guess maybe a few minutes), and that's why people sometimes get these strange feelings like something is going to happen. I hope this helped.

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