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The Bright White Light Experience As In The White Light


Some people over the net argue regarding the White Light Experience as if really experienced or visualized.


The real AUTHENTIC WHITE LIGHT EXPERIENCE can be described simply as how the MATRIX II Reloaded has showed it when Keannu Reeves was about to talk to the architect

I would understand all of you, if you will not believe me. I can't even believe it myself.

The AUTHENTIC WHITE LIGHT EXPERIENCE, happened just lately to me. It was when my baby girl got so sick and at that time she was at a province and I was very far far away from her

Though I am one way or another inclined with metaphysics, but never I knew anything about psychic healing. But out of desperation, I have to learn it as fast as I could that night

So using the internet, I gather information, though incomplete, I have no choice but to use it because my intent is pure and good, and it's my baby i'm talking about so I have to do it

So as I was going to the steps of a psychic healing, first, was relaxation, breathing and then the second one was asking permission to God or to whomever you believe depending on your religion, in a span of ten to twenty seconds of my session as I was asking for permission to be used as a channel of healing. Then it happened. The white light I am talking above. Suddenly happened, ALL WHITE no details no whatever, I would just describe it like when Keannu was about to meet the architect in the Matrix Part II

I don't know what happened (because even the psychic healing information I've researched that time did not even mentioned anything about it

It was an uncharted territory, but I felt no FEAR, only happiness, amazement and astonishment. Pure happiness

The next thing I knew when I woke up that morning, I KNEW I WAS NOT DREAMING, in fact I was not even able to psychic heal my baby daughter, because I knew something happened I am not aware of.

And then I went back on the net that morning to finish the research, and it came to me that what I experienced was something of a PSYCHIC TRANCE - wherein a psychic can talk to god, or even angles, do astral body or perhaps get his healing power. Something like that

After knowing that, I am definitely sure that I am not dreaming.

So I perceived it as a message, it was a message after all since it happened when I was asking directly a permission from God to be a healing channel

Upon further clarification, experts say that what I experience was something I need to experience that night, it may happen or may not happen again, because what we experience vary, and experiences like that happen because that is what we need to be experience that time

So with all confidence and knowledge, the next night, I AM NOW ABOUT TO COMPLETE MY PSYCHIC DISTANT HEALING FOR MY BABY DAUGHTER. And yes I did not experience it again so I was able to complete the steps of the healing. BUT THE NEXT MORNING. My DAUGHTER HAS BEEN HEALED first thing in the morning.

And I tested night after night, psychic healing distant persons and results were quite amazing. People suddenly felt forgiving, and happy. Peaceful but most of all, forgiving. And when I ask the, all they can say is that. THEY DON'T KNOW HOW or WHAT THEY FEEL or HOW IT HAPPENED. The only thing they knew was it's like a THORN was taken out of their heart (this response was very common from my subjects)

So you are right when we say that we should be very careful when we say white light experience, because believe me, others perceived my experience like that of JOHN TRAVOLTA's phenomenon movie. But it wasn't

It was like that of the matrix. And I forgot to state that after the night I experience that MATRIX WHITE LIGHT style. I was full of energy the next day. As in very very very happy and very very very full of energy

Above all, that's how I view things and that's how I can explain it.

If there's anything I can't explain further. All I can say is I really don't know.

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Sofia (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-20)
i was driving in my car when the white light happened to me and it's so much more than that and to this day remains beyond my ability to do it justice. I have only spoken of it to 2 people in all my years. I had experienced real joy. Had bonded with an older brother but when this happened it was while I followed him in my own car in manhattan to the empire diner and we were going to celebrate and boom i'm hit and for a long time privvy to much info and it was love - and heightened awareness and information and a huge gift I had never even dreamed of and it awes me to this day. I was in my early 20's. Truly unbelievable. I am an astrologer and a reiki master since a child and was severely wounded physically by a sick and twisted mother and absentee dad - the life is about accepting it all as it is and laughing! Find the pony, people. And, wake up! Front row seats at the biggest show ever! Lol!
tmanning (4 stories) (26 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-29)
Im sorry I did not indicate if there was a light, to clarify (finally) with the humming came a very very bright light, it was the darkness you see when you close your eyes but it was very very bright and it was white. It was like there was a light bulb (a white one) in my brain and someone turned it on! Great experience. I told my mom about it. By the way since I wrote this four weeks ago - shes had some tests done and her liver function is almost back to normal AND shes gained back every pound shes lost! GO MOM GO~!
nakitamona (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-04)
finally, there is someone who would corroborate my facts... Thank you very much

I knew it was something mystical all along...

And base on your information, we were both making affirmations about healing someone we love dearly

Though it was not clear in your post whether you had the white light experience (although there was a hint that you had the same)

But what you said was something of a sound...

Nonetheless, monks say that experiences vary... And what we experience is what we needed to experience that moment...

I hope you try also healing other people... There's nothing to lose if your intent is pure

God bless!
tmanning (4 stories) (26 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-04)
I have been asking god to heal my mother and to give her eyes to see and ears to hear so she knows without a doubt that he exsists and I have an experience similar to yours. She has stage four breast cancer and one night I went to bed after praying and I closed my eyes and heard a very loud sound (Like a loud humming in my ears. It startled me for a second but didn't scare me so I went to sleep. All I remember from that night is waking up gasping for air. I don't remember what happened when I was asleep at all. I usually remember my dreams very very well and I don't even have a clue. Since then my mothers been eating more and has a much calmer attitude about the cancer -shes talking about what she wants to do when shes done fighting it and everything! I am so happy for this experience!

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