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Teleportation Of Objects Or Telekinesis? Strange Experience


A day or two ago I was holding precisely four sheets of paper. I was about to do something with them, when all of a sudden I starting thinking about something unrelated. I closed my eyes for a moment, thought on this thought I had for a moment, forming a mental movie so to speak. I couldn't have had my eyes closed for any more than thirty seconds, and when I opened my eyes the papers were gone! They were blank and there was nothing on them, but it was really weird. I tried to find them, looked everywhere around where I was. They were no where! It was crazy, I thought I had lost it for a moment. I feared that I had done things while I thought I had my eyes shut, but nothing else was gone and I was in the exact same place as I had been in before I closed my eyes. Then I got to thinking that I had used them or otherwise lost them before closing my eyes, but that wasn't the case because I was certain I still had them when I closed my eyes.

I hadn't moved, and when I closed my eyes they were there in my right hand. When I opened them, they were totally gone. This was really weird, because I know I'm psychic but all of my previous psychic experiences were more mental rather than physical. For instance I have had precognitive dreams, dreams about current goings on while they're happening or at least my dreams will reflect the moods of such events (let's say something violent happened or was said to have happened, the dream will be violent), I can determine when people are coming, I can influence actions/thoughts/and even probability through thought and volition, but I have never had any profound experience with object moving. The few experiences I have had with it were explainable, and I just figured that I am psychic but perhaps not telekinetic. Now I am starting to suspect that I have telekinetic talent. Or was this more like teleportation? If I did this to those sheets of paper, they didn't just move they vanished completely! What do you all think, and how can I train this talent to be more controllable? The last thing I need is for things to start vanishing without a trace out of nowhere for no explainable reason. Also, where would these vanished items have gone? Or did I just completely remove them from the realm of physical reality completely?

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calvinvalerian (guest)
12 years ago (2012-06-04)
There are 2 factors which may allow the papers to vanish:

The first one you were mentally teleporting it somewhere in this earth.

The second one a naughty spirit was intentionally made the paper vanish.

To prove which one was causing the magic to happen, do it one more time. If that object disappear at your will that means God has been giving you a precious gift.

But if you failed for so many tries, then the second factor made it gone:s

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