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Abnormal Or Normal?


It all started 1-2 years ago, as I walked to and from work, I was seeing a car crash, I knew one was coming and that it was someone in my family, my mother or my sister. I had these thoughts for 2 weeks, when my father got a telephone call, he told me that my sister was in a car crash, some guy had gone into the back of her car, she had to go to hospital to check for whiplash. I never saw the thoughts again.

I can normally sense things that aren't right, places that I don't like to be in. Whether they have connections I don't know, but I know they aren't right! I can also read people exceptionally well, knowing instantly how someone is feeling, and whether they are fake or not!

The biggest one I have had is when walking to work again, I kept seeing the image of a boy in the corner of our local nightclub, he was in a fight, some bloke had started on him, and a girl jumped in to defend her boyfriend who was getting started on.

Within the last year, my work mates and I went out to our local nightclub, it was her birthday, and she invited her boyfriend at the time. When I ran into him on the dance floor, he spoke to me, but I wanted to get away from him! He may have been smiling at me, but I got a feeling from him one I had never experienced before. It felt as if there was a dark hole, it was lifeless, I can't describe it, but I didn't want to be around it! And do not want to experience that again.

A bit later I left my friends to go outside, and talk to my sisters ex boyfriend who I hadn't seen in ages. About 5 minutes later a massive crowd erupt from the entrance way, people were fighting! The scene turned horrific as my mate poppy realized that our friends were in it, she dived in to pull my mate out! The rest of the night wasn't great, people were crying and shouting!

When I got home I was texting my mate poppy, I asked her where the fight had started? Asking if it was this corner, BINGO! She told me that our mates boyfriend got started on by a boy in the said corner, BINGO! I wept that night, I wept because I could have changed the night! I spoke to my friend the next day, I didn't want to bring it up, but I had to. I asked her if she had jumped in to defend her boyfriend, and she said yes! BINGO! My heart sank, as I confessed to her what I had seen, I didn't tell her about the vibe I got from her ex boyfriend though! The thoughts stopped after that.

The next one I had was at work, it was Valentine's day, and I had to man the doors. At 10am I said to my friend out of the blue, Han there is going to be a big surprise. I knew it was going to be connected with someone blonde, which left Roxi and Hannah! I thought it might have been Roxi, as I knew Hannah's relationship was rocky. About half three Hannah kept asking me whether it was coming cause it was getting so late, I told her it was still coming! Sure enough ten minutes later the door goes, and it is a man having delivered flowers for hannah! This was a big surprise indeed as she had been on rocky terms with her boyfriend. I was so happy to see a smile on her face, she never saw it coming, it was such a big surprise.

I don't know whether this is anything, but wanted some advice if it is something.



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