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Physical Pain From Visions, Normal Or Not?


Let me start I guess by describing my sensitivity. I am extremely clairvoyant with it leaning more towards clairsentient since I not only see, I feel. I have had visions since I was a child, and on rare occasions premonitions, though the other day I had a vision like none I've ever had. It all started with a wasp and bee that I found. Once removing them from the premises I followed good magical techniques of leaving something in return, and celebrating the life of the two insects. I was going to put them into vials, though I was unsure what I was going to use them for, if anything (I just wanted to make perhaps a beautiful charm), but my friend who is also magically and psychically sensitive said he had a use for the wasp. Without my knowledge he ground up the wasp. The next day I knew something was wrong. I eventually figured it out, questioned him and he told me what he did. I scolded him, and told him that was really bad and they did not like that at all. A few weeks later he found the biggest wasp that either one of us had seen, still alive and even in the dead of winter, which is extremely peculiar. I took it as a sign that this was his chance to make up for his mistakes. So he began to care for the wasp. I thought it was a really good thing at first, and this is what they were trying to convey to us, but that changed when I had this really intense vision. It started with a feeling of everything vibrating, and having had visions before I knew that this was a clairvoyant experience. My body especially was vibrating at this point, and I knew it had to do with the wasp, I don't know how but I just did, although I suspect it was because it reminded me of how the buzzing of wings would vibrate a surface. Anyway, the vibrating intensified, I asked internally if this was what the wasps wanted and that is when it felt as though they were going up my arm and stinging me. It physically hurt, and that scared me really really bad because I have never really gotten physical pain from a vision, the worst before this was nausea or a headache, but this HURT and it didn't feel normal. I took this as a sign that the wasp was not happy and that it needed to be set free even though in the dead of winter right now it would die. But something is also telling me this was not normal, and perhaps it was something more sinister? Please help with this one guys, I'm still a bit shook up about it. Is this normal (well as normal as these experiences go), or is this what I'm hoping it's not?

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hrk (guest)
10 years ago (2013-12-18)
I have ALWAYS felt pain when dreaming and receiving visions. I'm quite sure it is normal.
Love1st (guest)
10 years ago (2013-12-18)
Lately, I have been able to feel more pain in my dreams. Sometimes, they even last after the dream is over. I think it is somewhat a mental thing as well as possibly spiritual. However, I am relatively new to these experiences (and other odd ones I can't explain), so I can't really comment except to say that, yes, I've felt pain in my dreams, too, so on some level it IS normal. However, I don't think it's necessarily a good thing, either.

I once felt a burning sensation on my arms because I got mad at a spirit (in my dreams) that was messing with my father. So the spirit fed off my anger and hate, put his hands on my arms, and more or less sent a burning sensation to my arms (in my dreams). He quit when I realized I shouldn't hate him, but love him even if I don't agree with what he was doing. When I woke up from my dream, it took about 30 minutes for the burning sensation to wear off. Since then, I have felt pain in my dreams at least one (possibly more) other time where it lasted even after I woke up. I think it's some sort of mind-body-spirit connection that affects us through our nervous system- kind of like when people talk in their sleep or sleep walk.

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