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I've been having dreams for the past 7 years, some turn out to be nothing others lead up to be events or me meaning the person in my dream.

Dream 1.

Started when I was 3 not long after my sister was born

The dream started:

" I woke up during the night it was summer I went into the bathroom to go to the toilet, in the toilet I found my frog toy (a big frog with a little frog lid inside was bubble solution) I went out side to find my mother and father to ask them how my frogies had ended up in the toilet. They had not answer the my question. Will I was standing there my dog (a afghan named Billy) came up to me to play. Walking down the stairs to play in the yard with him the fence falls away to show a deep dark ocean reflecting the moon on its ripening surface. In the ocean there where stepping stones. Being curious I followed the stones out into the sea forgetting about playing with billy until I turned back at the sound of him barking when I turned around billy or neither of my parents where there except a dark hooded figure. "

Then I would wake up this dream occurred every night until I was 6 and then it became less frequent once a month the twice a year until they stopped. When I was 12 I was 4x4 with my aunt, uncle and cousins and I had seen the dark hooded figure out in the bushed. Sometimes I feel his presence around.

Dream 2.

Part 1

I had this dream when I was in year 9 at high school

" I was walking past my primary school and the high school that was beside it (not the school I attended) it was a hot summers day and I decided the pool looked good the swim in, while swimming two boys a brown eyed boy (he was short attractive tanned skin) and a blue eyed boy, (he was tall, Caucasian and also quite attractive) "

I had woken up after this dream but the following night I had the dream again

Starting where it left off

" I was in the pool again with the two boys I don't remember clear details but I ended up alone with the brown eyed boy riding on a horse through a lake until we had reached a bay, I remember watching fireworks going off in the bay my hand in his"

The following year my friend was trying to find me a boyfriend by introducing me to her guy friends

I meet this one guy (let's call him number 1) and he was attractive and we became fast friends it was summer and he had a pool so we spent most of the holidays in the pool with friends he had this one friend (boy number 2) he was tan my hight and very attractive we became very very close, anyway on New Years Eve boy number 2 told me that boy number 2 was wanted to ask me out but was two shy and that was the night we ended up together...

So I believe my dream did come true.

Dream 3

This one has had many other dreams leading up to this one and every one feels more and more real the more it occurs

This dream has me afraid

" it starts off in in a mall and there are people dressed up as iron man, and action hero's there where heaps of people all of a sudden the vibe changed and there's panic in the air kids are screaming people are running and people in black are pointing guns at me and shooting. But then everything freezes I see him his tall I can see him over top of everyone else piercing blue eyes blonde scruffy hair and tan I've never seen him before but I already knew who he was. I yell to him to save me but in it all I loose him every thing goes black"

" next I'm dressed in a coat in a circular room in the middle a alter stationed around the room 12 black candles and shadow people take the the coat off of me and I'm laid on the alter I'm bound by red rope on my wrist above my head and my ankles, I'm then hit with a golden rod leaving welts on my body after that the shadow people poor oil from each of the black candles on to my stomach and rub it over my body, I'm then picked up and carried to another room with a baptism pool I'm tide up even more arms around my legs like a ball and then I'm immersed in water for several minutes once I'm taken out I'm put onto another alter." Then I wake up

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Zin (guest)
10 years ago (2013-12-20)
Well the last part sounds like a satanic ritual, maybe an inductance one, but more like the attempt to induce a demonic pregnancy. But, then again it is simple a dream and nothing more than that, therefore, besides representing some inner fears, I would say their is nothing to fear. A dream cannot hurt you, but internal fear from a dream can lead to self pain.

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