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Life Story- A Series Of Abnormal Events


The following is a more or less life story as it stands; I will try to write it in a detail list format.


When I was about 12 almost 13, one autumn night, I saw an orange orb through my living room's window, it is in the valley just on the other side of the hill where my parent's house was located. The light was so bright, that it shinned brightly through the windows like a flash light although it changed various colors, like that of fire, aka the light it gave off was very similar to that of fire. It remained there for about 3 hours, such that everyone in my family watched it, although I was the one that watched it the longest. The next morning we, my family, check that hill side to see if we could find anything to cause it, the valley although looked untouched.


A few weeks later I randomly new a new language, something I have been trying to figure out since then. I have although detected, vowels within it, and other patterns. I have also, had people online looked at it and have various interpretations of it. Below this is a link to a video I made talking it in it.



About 3 months later, while walking into the house at night, I saw a large shadow figure sitting in my parent's car. This figure I would say was around 7 feet tall, and in what appeared to be medieval armor. It turned its head and looked at me, although no face was there, before vanishing.


The next spring, while outside, about mid-day, I got the weird feeling to look upward, where up in the sky I saw the orange orb. This time, high up, in the sky, it moved across the sky before vanishing. Oddly, enough I also saw a jetliner which appeared to be at the same height as it.


Two years later, I saw the orange orb again, although this time it was consumed in spinning clouds, once again giving off the orange light. The clouds, themselves, also had lightening coming off of them. Basically, it looked like a glowing orange cylinder of spinning clouds, with lightening going around its outside. At first I thought the orange light was caused by the sun, but as the sun dropped, the clouds continued to give off the orange light, my brother was also a witness to this appearance.


After another year, while asleep I woke to a shadow pulling me up by the wrist. This shadow was not like the other, but smaller and thinner armed, much like the classical shadow. As it pulled me up I could barely move, but I was still able to talk although weakly, in which I spoke in that language I mentioned early, causing the shadow to vanish instantly.


After this I had a series of dreams that the orb appeared in, as there are a few of them I will mention the main guise of them.

The first set was in a massive desert with a red sky, and black clouds. There were no stars, or anything else, just the red glow. Furthermore, it was always windy and freezing cold, such that you were always freezing and you could never hear anything over the howling of the wind. The wind, itself, was filled with ash and sand, such that it filled your eyes, noise, mouth and ears, blinding you, taking way your sense of smell so all you could smell was that of ash and sand. This also dried out your mouth making you unbelievable thirsty, but you could have quench it. Eventually, with time you would be buried within these sands.

The other set was in a place much like heaven, that being it had a light blue sky, with a few white clouds in it, once again no stars or source of light, it just seemed to come from the sky. The air, itself, was mild. It was in what looked like an ancient Roman/Greek city, that being the roads were made out of a white marble, as well as the buildings. There were a lot of people walking around in various clothing, all of them seemed very happy. There was also, a very very large marble building in the center; it had a large golden dome, a lot of pliers and stairs leading up to it, to the right of it was a garden full of colorful plants, many color shades I have never seen before on earth.


Another two years past, where I had the following dream:

It started in a small room; it had an old fashion glass window (the top is solid glass while the roll up part was three smaller planes separated by a dark brown wood), there was a no ceiling light or a small unnoticeable one, a cabinet made of wood and about four levels high, in the room there was also a wood chair with a cushion on it, a full body mirror, a small plain bed with a thin mattress, looked like one of those old fashion ones, it also had a blue sheet and a small worn pillow. Finally the floor was wooden, basically a pretty plain old fashion looking room. Anyway I woke up and stretched, I was wearing boxers and a white undershirt, and I walked around the room and looked out the window. Outside it was green and spring like there was a lot of a pine trees in a wall like a side of a forest and very green grass. Anyway I was on the second floor of a farm house sense next to me was a barn, white in color with a green black roof, down below there was a few pigs and other animals, it was slightly muddy and there was a small feeder with some hay in it.

After that I looking outside I went and got my clothes off the top of the cabinet. They were brown and what not, anyway I put on my pants and my shirt. Then when buttoning it up I looked in the mirror to see if I looked good and I was Hitler, yet it didn't affect me I just keep buttoning up my shirt, and messed with my hair a little. Then a group of people (a look alike, a short guy in glasses and a grey shirt, a tall skinny guy, and a few others all in military suits) came in and we started joking around and talking about the Russians and what to do, but I wasn't listening for the most part just kind of joking around. Then we left the house walked out to the cars and drove towards the city in the distance. Then I woke up but I feel asleep again, where the dream started with me leaving in an aircraft looking down and seeing people fighting the streets on the outer parts of the town, and I was upset angry, since I had failed not only my people but myself. Then it jumped again and I was back at the city and this time with a candle light ceremony going now was I promised to a few other people that I would kill a 1000 of them for every one of our dead and it ended, with that promise.

Now, since then I have researched it, and found that the clothes, even the boxers, furniture, etc match the era. As for the people I am still not sure who they are nor do I feel like looking through a bunch of Nazis to find out. And finally, the flight on the plane during the invasion has some connections to history, but never anything about him escaping.

Now, I normally dream every night, and lucidly, so I know what those are like, this dream although seemed very abnormal, just didn't have the same feel to it.


A few months later I awoke to my fan making a grinding noise, almost like a growl, it is a floor fan that has a blade cover on it. Therefore, as I awoke I believe the fan had simply fallen over, and therefore I turned on the light. Only to see that my fan had not fallen over, instead I saw the same shadow that picked me up the wrist pushing down on the fan cover, creating the noise, and pointing at my laptop. What was so odd about this, was at the same, before going to sleep I had post a question on yahoo answers asking about the previous mentioned dream, only to get bs answers. Therefore, I closed it and went to sleep, but it seems to me that shadow wanted me to ask again, so I did, and got at least a fairly interested response to it.


Once again another two year break took place, before anything notable happened. What happened was about 1 am I saw the orange orb in the sky again. It remained in the sky for about 30 minutes such that I was able to catch it on my camera phone, although the quality was weak. As, it faded, it left a strange S shape in the sky with an orange glow of the orb. I would put the video here, but I lost it when I transferred phones. But, there is probably ways to recover it, I just don't know how.


Less than a month later, the orb appeared again. It remained in the sky for a couple minutes before vanishing.


A year later I went through a series of abnormal events, the smell of something burning and when going to sleep something pushing down on my bed near my feet.

There are many other strange events that happened that I have not mentioned as these seem to be the major ones, that being they lead to each other or are connected to one another. I am just curious your opinions on it. It seems the orb follows a standard two year cycle, which is fairly odd, followed by the shadows.

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