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The Spark


This is basically a story about how everything started with the "Rose Quartz Dream". So, a while ago, I went to the U.N with my classmates and this boy who I've never really looked at, never really thought anything of, touched my hand by an accident and as soon as we touched, this incredible surge of energy went up my arm and it was only for a second but it left an after feeling. I guess the only way to explain it is like an after taste. I could kind of FEEL it still, just on a different level. I know he felt it too. He looked back at me and we both jerked our hands away. I just turned my head away from him and on the ride back to the hotel with the class, I could still feel the energy and it did not go away until I fell asleep.

Ever since, it has been bothering me. What did it mean? What did the tingly vibrations mean? I still get them but now it's stronger. I feel it when I stand next to him or close to him. I even feel the tiniest of vibrations when I think of him. I call it "The Spark" because, as I described in the "Rose Quartz Dream" it was a wet, cold weird thing that I hated. I never wanted him even near me. Now though, it's a Spark. It's different now for some reason but it's warm and tingly but I can't get the question out of my head, what does The Spark mean? I've gone over it in my head just about a hundred times and I can't find the answer because it doesn't make sense. I've spent my life with this boy and we have hardly ever even talked and when we have it has been him asking me a question and me answering with a "Mhm." Or "yeah." And then walking away. I never really mean to blow him off its just when I get nervous around people, I deal with it by walking away and collecting myself and he definitely has a power presence that over powers mine. So, after years of being with him? Why am I feeling this now? What does The Spark mean?

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Keysgirl (4 stories) (15 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-27)
To lauterb,
What you told me is really motivating me to search for a deeper meaning through this. I have considered that this may just be an electroshock thing from static because experiences like this are very rare but it didn't make sense to me since we were in a subway at night and it was more of a tingle at first than an actual shock. What did make me think if it had a deeper meaning was that it grew as time went on and I noticed him more but it happened with one if my best friends too but on a...stranger level. We were in the airport and she was about to touch my arm when this light sort of like lightning went between us and it was huge. It clouded my vision for a second with light and it was like the world went blank for a second but when we came back, everything was normal. Nobody except my friend, the guy I had almost the same experience with, and one of my guy friends saw It happen. It was the weirdest thing and it happened several other times but nothing like the first time. I think that when I touched the guy I likes hand, it set off a chain reaction or something because things sort of like this happened again and again but not on the same level as when they happened the first time. Anyway, thank you for telling me that. It was very inspiring and motivating. I'll be sure to research this more. Thank you!
Keysgirl (4 stories) (15 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-27)
To RevSilverson,
I am going to investigate it and look up things about Soulmates now. I did consider the possibility that he could be but I never saw anything much on the electric feeling with the experiences. Maybe I just wasn't researching it as much as I should. Thank you!
lauterb (110 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-23)
Dear Keysgirl

Apart from the possibility that was just electrostatic that give you a chock could be something more deep between you.

We are eternal spirits coming and going back (from spiritual world) to accomplish our evolution through several lifes that we pass here, during this journey our goal is to be, someday, perfect, looking inside us when know how far we are from this goal and we also know that only one life is not enough to become perfect people.

During this long journey we make friends and enemies and we keep this in our spirit records. By this reason sometimes we don't like some person with no apparent reason, the opposite works the same. Is common in a family you have great antagonist felling for a relative most common explanation (can be other things too) is you had big issues from past (like and enemy) and by this reason you came into same family to start "making peace" it is a readjustment treatment. Bottom line is we are all brothers with only one Father and we have to learn this lesson and treat others (our brothers) with the same felling that you have for a beloved relative.

Some spirits during this long journey commit themselves to do something together, as we called reincarnation plan and involves up to 50 person, a very common example is a couple that will raise a family. This a commitment you did before coming to this life (both of you) and when finally meet each other the "spark" triggers/"remember" your commitment. What you will have to do is to know each other and let life goes your way. But remember the purpose and the direction you have to take is always thinking higher thoughts and noble goals for your life, is much more than sex, must be love the highest sentiment one person must have to another.

I am not telling you that you will or have to married this person, you have to know each other better and see if it is really what you heart tells you to do! Note that some unions will face difficult times and will be tested in several different ways, this is part of you reincarnation planning to pay your past lifes debt/errors. As I said before you may have to suffer an adjustment treatment and sometimes to settle unfinished issues from the past, in case you raise a family together this could be also very difficult due to type of commitment you have. Don't be scared this is the medicine you need to cure your soul, you asked for it before come to this life, for good or for bad you need to pass through it!

Life is a school, each time you have different things to learn, you can fail or not, but God will give you all necessary opportunities to you to complete this journey.

I hope this can be of some help!
RevSilverson (103 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-18)
perhaps you are sexually/romantically interested in him now but not before. Sometimes when people meet their soul-mates they experience what you have described. It is a sign of attraction whether it be emotional or physical or both.

You've heard of a lingering kiss where the feeling of lips on lips remains after a kiss? This is the same thing. A nice attraction to investigate.

Love and light... Always

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