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I have always been able to sense energy fairly easily. On several occasions, for as long as I can remember, I could walk into a room or house and know if there was a presence there. I have always been uneasy about opening myself up to that world because of a bad experience I had when I was younger with a neighbor (she was very into Ouija Boards and opened her home to some really mean spirits).

I have recently been going through an emotional time with my family. We just moved into a new home, about two months ago. Our son's bedroom has its own bathroom, which connects to a center shower/tub area that connects to my daughter's bathroom. I always felt a little uneasy in his bathroom and definitely in the shower area. About a month ago the electrical circuits blew only in his bathroom and the shower area out of nowhere. I attributed it to old wiring, but now I'm not so sure. We tried putting our cats litter box in that area but she refused to use it, so we moved her box to our daughters bathroom. We also have a dog. She has never been in my sons room or either of the bathrooms. I never really gave it much thought until today. I tried to get her to follow me into my sons room this afternoon and she refused to go in. She ran to our living room and curled up in a ball on the couch.

We also have a three and a half month old infant. He sleeps in our room with us. This may not have much significance, but he never cries. Literally. We have left him in his crib to sleep before and we find him (this has happened on many occasions) just smiling at something. He won't take his eyes off of it, looking up. This happens very often.

Last night I had a little girl visit me in my dreams. I was half asleep. She was 10, beautiful, blonde hair, blue eyes, very thin, very pale with dark circles under her eyes. Her hair was wet, it was long, slicked back. She was wearing a long, white night gown. She was just standing in my room, staring at me. I felt so uneasy. She wasn't evil, but she was not happy either. I don't know how I knew, but she died from drowning. Her death wasn't accidental. There was also a man. I didn't see him, but he was there, I felt him. While she was standing in my room next to my bed I had an overwhelming urge to grab my daughter who was sleeping in my sons room. I woke up shaking with chills. I was so uneasy. Not even 30 seconds later my daughter walked into our room and said she had a nightmare. I let her sleep with us the rest of the evening.

I asked her what her nightmare was about this afternoon. She wouldn't give me many details other than there was a man in her dream. He wasn't touching or hurting her or anyone else, but he was very, very scary.

Can anyone explain this? In a way I feel like I need to open myself up to the little girl, but I'm not okay with the man visiting my daughter so I feel like I need to ask her to please leave my family alone if she comes back to me. I have never in my life had this feeling before, ever. I don't know what to do. I need guidance, advice, anything.

Thank you!

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Joni437 (guest)
10 years ago (2014-01-20)
Hi Kmbinkley,

One thing I can address here is the staring and laughing with your baby. My son did the same as an infant, a happy baby all the time... As a couple years passed maybe 3 he would laugh and stare out the front glass door as though someone was there playing with him from the outside... So I asked him what was he talking to and laughing with and he said 'the man'.

Now my mom taught me since I was little never to undermine the mind of a child to just innocently ask... So that is what I did, after he said 'the man'. I asked where is the man? He said, 'in the tree'...I asked what is he wearing? He said, 'a white dress'...I asked what color is the man's eyes? He said 'blue' I did some research and I found that it was possibly what some refer to as the 'watchers' seems that children, young children can see them.

Later my daughter was born and she became about the same age that my son was as the time he was having his giggles, words, and body mannerism exchanges with 'the man'. As my daughter was at the age about 4, I would stroll her down the driveway in a wagon, she would look up, giggle and strain her head to follow something in the tree. It became so apparent the guy I was dating at the time noticed too and I asked in front of him to my daughter 'what are you looking at?' She said 'the man'... I asked where is he? 'the tree she said... I asked the same about what was he wearing and his color eyes, she answered the same as my son in the previous years.

Binkley, what I have noticed in all my experiences which are quite a few and now many are suppressed is that when I went through a major life change, things showed up... I went through a divorce and was dating a guy that later caused me much grief and heartache... So perhaps the entities show up to oversee things... Because what happened was really a blessing to keep me from moving forward with him not shortly afterwards.

So look at your situation, remove the fear from your life as best you can, brighten up your home, let the sunshine in and follow the guidance you feel is best suited for you.

May peace come to you and your family and rest to all others with no harm to none ❤
RevSilverson (103 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-18)
what you are experiencing is a haunting but don't blame the little girl- she is the victim here. The man is a negative energy entity who is keeping the girl's spirit trapped there. Do some research and see if any murders occured in your house (I recommend everyone do this BEFORE they buy a house). The age of the house, any recent renovations or digging on the property or proximity to water can increase the possibility of paranormal phenomenon. I sense this is case of sexual child abuse that the man performed then tried to cover up. I sense this man was an older neighbor who lured the girl into the house and killed her in that bathroom. You will need to find a skilled psychic who can neutralize this negative energy (not just move it to another family or location) and the child's spirit will be released. The man's spirit lives in the upper part of the house. This is where the exorcism needs to take place. Do not bring religion into this as in have the place blessed by a priest etc- this guy fears heavenly judgement and does not want to cross over. He has created his own hell and keeps the girl with him. He is content. You need to neutralize him to keep him away from your children. I don't sense that he is dangerous at this time-- but he needs to go.

Love and light... Always
Love1st (guest)
10 years ago (2014-01-14)
It sounds like maybe it is some sort of unhappy entity. What worked for me recently was to do a chakra cleansing on myself, and then also do a "cleansing" of sorts for the apartment. I tried one online, but what really worked for me was to tell any entities in my home that if they weren't there out of love for all members of my family, they needed to leave. You have to mean it when you say it, though, or it won't work. You have to be firm. Come up with your own way to say this and hopefully, you will be fine. You can also ask the higher power to come and help ghosts find their way to their spiritual home if they are lost. (Usually, this will be included in the spiritual cleansing in some way. You can find them online; just google them.)
kmbinkley (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-14)
I told my husband about my dream and he said he had a dream about a man too, it was really unsettling. He got up to check on the house and the back door was open. This door is connected to our daughters bedroom. We both checked all the doors, like we do every night, to make sure they are shut and locked. My girlfriend feels it may be a premonition of some sort. I don't know, though. I have had dreams come true before, but nothing had ever been this serious. I just need some insight.

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