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Strange Uneasy Feeling When Touched


I am someone who is highly intuitive and has had unexplained occurrences throughout of my life. One of these is feeling the good or bad vibes of people around me. There are at times when I'm in a public place, like a mall or bus station. And someone accidentally bumps into me. Sometimes I don't think much of it and walk on but other times I feel this immense sensation of darkness and heaviness and a real uncomfortable almost dirty feeling. When I give the person another look I can usually see a real dark aura around them... Like they are not good people. I have the urge to wash my arm, hand etc to get rid of the heaviness.

Not that long ago I met a guy and we clicked right away. However, as the relationship started to get serious I noticed getting these same uncomfortable feelings when he touched me, like when he held my hand or hug me. I couldn't figure out why since he seemed like a nice guy. Then when we got more intimate I would feel the need to take a shower every time I was with him. The first time he kissed me I literally went home and washed my face and mouth over and over. I even washed my clothes on other occasions. I have never... Never felt this way with other guys. And no I'm not OCD. It broke my heart because he was nice and very caring towards me. As I got to know him more however I noticed that he had a deep hidden anger streak. He also admitted to me that he has held on for grudges for years. He then one time told me that he had some "quirks" that I had yet to see but was the reason why his ex wife left him. I ran into his son's 4th grade teacher who was a friend of mine and when I told her who I was dating she got all serious and said, "Be careful with him. He is not a good person and just a creepy creepy man." I then found out that he had some serious mental issues he had not shared with me and a turbulent past with his ex. I decided it was for the best to break things off this past Spring, although he was very upset about it. I did continue feeling the uncomfortable feelings up until the end of our relationship.

I'm now starting to see a new person and I don't have any of these odd feelings with him. He holds my hand... Hugs me...etc... And on the contrary I feel great! I ran into this ex over the weekend and although it was awkward to see him, he did shake my hand hello. Once again I had to run to the bathroom and wash my hand...

It was like my body or something was warning me about him... Even though my heart was trying to win telling me to give him a chance... What I was feeling was probably the negative energy he radiated. Still it was odd. Has anyone else had experiences like this... Feeling a deep negative energy when someone not good touches you or bumps into you? I would be curious to know.

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