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Knowing Things Before They Happen


My 17 year old daughter was 6 months out of a bad first high school relationship when she decided she wanted a part time job. She applied at the local supermarket but 3 weeks later hadn't heard anything. A high school friend was working for the same chain but in a different store than she applied and she decided that maybe she would apply at that store as well. Telling me so... I flew into a rage and said 'NO' you must work at the store you applied. She looked at me and said "why must I work there?" Not understanding my own rage and passion I brushed it off as cause its closer to home and more realistic. Low and behold two weeks later she received a call for an interview. Acing the position and excited, we walked out of the store and far be it from me to understand why I blurted out, "well now that you work here, maybe you will start dating that cute guy with the pretty eyes in the deli". She looked at me like why would I ever say anything like that and I didn't understand what I had just said either. Well 9 months later, this same young man from the deli asked her out on a date and they have been together now for 19 months. I still don't understand what made me so adamant about her getting that job there and dating him... I didn't even know him and still don't understand why I said what I did

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AustinLJohnson (56 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-08)
LOL I have to laugh at that story cause its a happy one and also because I may be able to help.

I'm austin, and I have two theories on what you may have as an ability.

The first theory is that you are a precog which means that you can "see" the future. When I say "see" I don't mean visions and stuff like that (though visions are included in it) but you may be able to hear, smell, taste, and feel the future (gut feeling and feeling on the skin)
For example I get gut feelings of the future... Unfortunately I have gotten kind of good at this and have found out some things that I didn't want to know.
And another example is my sister can hear the future and knows when the phone is going to ring.

My second theory is a heightened subconscious mind (another thing I have) which is where you can subconsciously pick up clues from the world around you that can lead you to very accurate answers.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

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