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Gifts Always Pop Up Out Of No Where


It started just recently, I don't meditate as often and I definitely do not practice my gift as much as I should. I recently stopped hearing the voices as much as before. It's probably because I ignore them but I do occasionally hear a whisper or a "in back of you" voice. Anyhow, I had this institution. I was at the train station and my friend wanted to find this person, and I didn't know how the person looked like. We passed by many people and finally there was this one person, I am like "wouldn't it be funny if that guy was the person my friend was looking for". I just walked away and Ignored what I felt. The next thing you know, I see the same person walking towards my friend. I think it's a coincidence so I let it past. The other time, I had the same type of intuition. I did think it was strange but once again I let it past. I had this gut feeling once again about this person. Another day I was at the train station with my friend and she wanted to look for this guy, I looked over and saw this guy and I had a feeling that's the person she was looking for and it turned out it was. I also have many dreams. These dreams always tell future events. They always end up coming true. All of them so far. I dreamed that my friend was going to tell me something important and it ended up coming true. I had other dreams like these. Once I had this dream with a certain voice. The voice told me to be careful and that the person does not love me no more. I found out in real life that the person was going out with another girl. I have this dream about this guy that I know. I often dream that he has problems with his girlfriend. He doesn't tell me his problems. I often have dreams about his life and so on. I feel like I am invading his privacy, sometimes he doesn't want to tell me what he wants me to know or a issue he has with me and I end up dreaming what he really wanted to tell me. I am confuse but intrigued to hear what you all have to say, I also just wanted to share this new gift of mines and thank you for reading:]

Extra detail: I have been dreaming about all of this for 2 months straight and every day...

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PureCheese (4 stories) (79 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-04)
Yes I know what you mean
Actually thank you <3
But I haven't had these type of dreams anymore, nor have I had any experience like before
It disappoints me but that's life I guess
A5 (2 stories) (144 posts)
14 years ago (2010-12-17)
You may have a connection to this guy whose problems you see. They are probably relavent to both of your lives. Try to keep in contact with this person. Trust your instincts and dreams. Have you been dream about bad things? Do you see them on the news the next day?
Start to keep a record of stuff like this, in a safe place so no one else reads it. Try to look for a pattern.

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