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Battle With Satan


My family is full of religious people, as for myself; not much. This experience that I am about to tell is about my cousin. Ever since he was small, he always claimed to see a man standing in front of him with a slanted top hat and a long coat pass his knees, and long wavy hair. He wasn't religious back then. He would always have nightmares but as he grew they became stronger. One day, he heard a noise on the roof of his grandmothers church. It sounded like cats fighting and scratches. As soon as he heard that noise, a voice that was unknown to him passed by him. Then when he was more older, he started to have these nightmares, where the man that he saw once standing in front of him appeared. He would try to battle him, and the man would tell him that my cousins soul is for his to take. He then invoked the word of god. A word unknown to him. The man disappeared. I know this may sound like a story that has to do with god and all, well actually it is but what surprises me the most is that this man appeared to my cousin many times ever since he was young. He use to sleep at another house, One day he felt ill. He went to the living room and as he sat down. The women walked by him, she didn't notice he was there. Even though she stared directly at him. She asked everyone about my cousin. Every told her that he was home. She then came back into the room, and was startled to see that he was in front of her. Later on that day, his body felt weak, his body ached from pain. He started to ask god what is going on. He laid down again, as he laid down, he noticed that he was face to face with his own body. The same voice passed by, and told him to do whatever he wishes to do. He then happen to be near this man, who was meditating. My cousin knew his name even though he never met him. He told him to stop. The man looked surprise when he saw my cousin next to him. My cousin told him that he has a great deal of pain and that he should stop what he is doing. The man told him he couldn't. My cousin asked for the people responsible for his pain. He pointed at the people living in the house he was sleeping in. He overheard a conversation saying that they want my cousin to suffer a lot. My cousin went back to his body. He still felt the pain but right after that, he left the house for a few days.

my cousin owns a restaurant. The people at the restaurant decided to put the statue of the virgin Mary up. My cousin took it down, he felt like it wasn't right to leave it up there. When he came home, he had the nightmare again. This time the man appeared in front of him once again. This man, was believed to be Satan himself. He battled him, but my cousin felt his body becoming weak again. Once he woke up, he was sweating. That same day, he hurt his back and had to go to the hospital for it.

He was in the bathroom, and listening to music. He got out, and saw a unknown creature searching in his room for something. The creature then looked up and said " oh sh** he saw me, oh sh** he saw me" and as soon as the creature said that, he leaped into the mirror and disappeared. My cousin was surprise. His nightmares kept going, He met this girl at a bar. She was pretty in his eyes, and kind. He started going out with her. He then had a dream. In his dream, the girl was getting married to my cousin. He loved her but she wasn't at the alter. He searched for her in the bar. She was crying and then laughing. My cousin asked her what was wrong, he told her that since they love each other, why is she doing this to him. He heard a faint laughter. He turned around, he recognize the voice. To his surprise, it was the same man (Satan), This man told him that the girl can never be my cousins. He told him that the girl is going to be his women and not my cousins. They both laughed and he woke up, right after that dream, his girl started to be more different with him. She started to get mad, and tell him that she needs more money and she wasn't the kind girl he thought she was. After the incident, He started to read the bible more, and one day while he was face to face with the man that haunted him, he told Satan that he wasn't afraid. At that very moment, another man appeared, this man was believed to be "Jesus", and Jesus asked Satan why he was there. Satan seemed afraid. He told him that he didn't know. They started to talk some more. The words they were saying was similar to the words that was written in the bible. Satan got more afraid, and his image all of a sudden shrunk. My cousin grabbed him as he tried to escape. This image was a baby, with rosy cheeks and make up. My cousin through him and the baby escaped. Ever since that day, Satan tried to show up in front of my cousin but always failed. My cousin doesn't have those nightmares, only sometimes. The last nightmare had to do with a curse that Satan told my cousin. The curse has to do with my family. My cousin saw a big door, and inside the door was a garden. It was beautiful, but he couldn't go in because the voice said that he needed to get all of his family first, not just him. Then Satan appeared and said that he can never go there because of the family curse. This curse was about that, no one will ever succeed and when they try to, it will always fail. He was confuse and then he woke up.

Thank you for reading this experience. If anyone has a similar experiences or an experience with Satan, please feel free to share it in the comments please:]

Thank you <3

~purecheese <3

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-25)
This man was praying every night, and he heard cats fighting and screaming in the street outside, and banging on his aluminium pipe chimney... Every night. He told a holy greek orthodox monk about this, and the clairvoyant monk said it wasn't real cats, but demons, who wanted him to stop praying! That he should just ignore them. The monk told him that when he himself prays, he hears drums outside... And the shepherds of the area often at night, saw 3 foot black "people" playing drums (demons). The locals called the area: "the drums".+
nightwalker94 (15 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-13)
And who's to say that it was actually satan and not some poser attempting to shift the blame? Images are deceiving.
Explosion123 (33 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-10)
one part of this story is actually kind of funny... (No offense, but look at it this way: angel: Why are you here? Devil: O_o...uh...I dunno. O.O
But anyways, interesting story. Creepy to.
SaltLake (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-30)
Well she isn't fearful of the creature its just I think it inplants some thoughts I guess well sometimes its just like its not her own thoughts
PureCheese (4 stories) (79 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-26)
yup scary
But in order to overcome something like that
She needs to learn how to ignore it or become stronger
They feed off our fear sadly
SaltLake (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-12)
Wow, My friend has seen something similar to this and it does creep her out but not anymore since it has been around since she was young... She doesn't know the name tho but she said that its always watching her...
PureCheese (4 stories) (79 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-07)
Yes he knew the name of the man that he visted while he was away from his body, he never met the man but for some reason he happen to know this man name, and his name was Leopoldo. He was payed so that he could inflict so much pain on my cousin by the people living in the household where my cousin use to sleep. Which is sad because you can't always trust people:\
And no... He lost his girlfriend, she moved away because she started to care about money only sadly:[
I am not really hurt by it, I mean we all have dreams of Satan, one way or another, I once dreamed that Satan told me "when you die, your going to go to hell and rule it with me, and this strange creature was grabbing my leg. I had many other dreams like that, but I rather ignore it, I am weak to things like those, My cousin is strong, because I know if that were me I would be super afraid, I wouldn't be able to talk... Hah right?
Anyways thank you for reading this story:]
Winter_Solace (109 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-06)
Wow, I only happened to read this by stumbling upon it 5 minutes ago. I must say, this sounds like a really epic and influential story!:) Thank you for sharing this with us. I may not believe in Satan, however, there are many powerful beings of darkness that will give anything to feed off you and your loved ones. I have some questions, though. So you said that your cousin knew the man's name, the one that was haunting him in his dreams. Was this man Satan in a different form or was it someone else? Also, Are things back to normal with your cousin and his girlfriend? I'd also like to know whether you've been affected by this as well, both positively and negatively? Take care and much love.

Your brother in Light,

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