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A Spiritual Battle With Two Psychics: Pure Love Won


I was told by two psychics long time ago, that I will be one also.

I did not believe it. It felt like an extreme something, that my egoism then felt would make me special one day. With time, that ego was filtered down due to many events, which were hard lessons also.

Sometimes the spiritual world gives us hardness as the only way to learn and open the third eye. These situations usually have choices in them. Some people end up being bitter or angry, some wise and loving to others. These possibilities are usually the same for all, but it takes work to cleanse hate and hurt.

Love is not only a haven. A psychic living in spiritual love, is also someone who has to make hard choices in many situations. In my experience the most loving psychics also experience severe hardness in their daily life with illnesses, mistreatment or loneliness, when spiritual experiences cannot always be shared.

The process of my abilities to see, opened in several phases during many years.

The first phase, was a contact from an Indian Yogi after he had seen me in his meditation. This begun an important connection lasting for five years. We spoke daily of the spiritual world, passed lives, cultural differences and what spirituality in its deeper levels meant. It was very important time for me and I learned valuable things.

This connection was interfered in its sixth year by a Western psychic, who warned me. She said the aims of the Yogi serve two gods. The other pure spiritual love (white light), the other old Indian rituals and energy swopping, existing in meditative states. This event was as much learning as was interaction with the Yogi.

But even I learned, it also hurt my heart very deeply. A spiritual special visionaire was now proven to be weak in his wisdom, only half-way a Guru. It is a mistake to think all psychics and spiritual minds serve only pure love. They can, but also other choices can be existing in how they see life.

Culture is dominant in a psychics life choices also. An Indian Yogi thinks differently than a Scandinavian old soul might. We are all people and our surroundings make who we are. We can develop ourselves to many directions in this life and even change ourselves completely, but we all have our culture in us in some way.

An English psychic is always English to some extent, even he would become a Hindu. An Israeli man is always Israeli, even he would give up all Jewish traditions and choose Buddhism. An Indian man is always somehow Indian, even he would live in Europe and settle there as into a new home, that would be seen as something unacceptable in India.

A psychic, any spiritual mind is also a human being. Some succeed in growing into wise and loving healers in hardship. But not all do. Some get lost in mental delusions of overload of impulses, some have fear for unnecessary things instead of strength. The individual has to know love for oneself and for humankind to grow into a wise, truly loving psychic.

This interference of this female psychic made the Indian Yogi turn into spiritual world war against her.

She was kept up at nights with hologram visions put into her dreams, she was given emotional difficulties with offerings of negative energy into her aura, she was called names inside her meditation. These meditation- plane attacks lasted for months. The psychic lady defended herself by holding on to Christs' cross and saying NO to attempts to bribe her into the Yogis side in meditation.

Watching this situation then from the sidelines as two my dear spiritual friends battled like this in spiritual levels broke my heart. I did not understand why it was necessary. The only reason why I now think it ever took place, was the Indian psychics pride.

After some months, this calmed down and today I have no contact with either one. Now I have truly loving psychic teachers, who assist me in growing. I am already 42, but as a psychic I am young. There is still much learning for me to do in releasing feelings of hate.

Hate is something a psychic can never behold. Forgiveness is the way.

It is important to choose ones gods and hold on to them tightly. All gods, that come from love, are good for this, but if a psychic changes the deep root in which to believe in often of from provocation, then other energies can start to try and recruit to join them instead of pure spiritual light.

When a psychics belief is strong, it is not possible to the negative energies to take over. The spiritual world is as diverse as life can be. But there are laws and methods, which can be learnt and which stay.

An understanding of life's events and peoples behavior in wisdom without prejudices is important.

When you meet new psychics, ask them of their thoughts about true, pure-hearted love. The answers will help you define the good from the not-so-loving, but never bad.

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Mubashir (285 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-12)
Well I think this way as well. I may not realize that I am attracting people like me. When I was in school I never had any friend and sometimes I feel like others are ignoring due to some reason (maybe just my imagination). Things are same even now. When I look at someone I don't know how I can sense the pure and impure soul of a person. When I want to protect my soul from any impurity and sin that leads me to solitude. In school boys annoyed me but instead of hating them, I pitied them. Well there are so many I feel like sharing but couldn't somehow and thank you for advices. I am greatful for them.
Sini42 (15 stories) (17 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-12)
Mubashir,you are wise yourself. I see you as soft, not as weak. Give yourself time. All psychics have to go through times, when their vision is being clarified by the universe. The more further we go with this development, the more also the negative energies try to recruit. Some call this devil-energy,I see it as something part of the dualism of the universe. As long as the path is on pure motives and compassion, love & spiritual development in healing, the negative energies can only test and cause temporary pressure. These situations can de very daunting and even keep one awake. Be determined, but not hard on yourself. You are never alone in spirit in these things. The more you go on, the more you will begin to attract similar people to be in contact, your "spiritual tribe". Often these new contacts of spiritual similarity are already somewhere at reach: eather close, by net of somehow they will become your acquintances. They can very different as individuals, but on the same path.
Mubashir (285 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-11)
But we must not forget that devil has always his eyes on us. He will negatively pressurise you when he finds you spiritually vulnerable. Well I think I feel lot better to come here. I can easily discuss my experiences and knowledge with people without being called crazy. When you feel very close to God, you gain tremendous spiritual strength. That helps you fight back devil. As for my spiritual guide and teacher I have God with me. All the knowledge I have is blessed by God to me. So I make sure that I help people as much as possible.
Sini42 (15 stories) (17 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-10)
All good wishes from the heart for other people are a good way of being psychic. Variety is best and acceptance for many cultures, which behold spiritual greatness. There is no need to doubt ones psychic path, as long as the motives in behaviour and connecting with people are for others benefit.
Mubashir (285 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-10)
Well I am muslim and I believe in One God. Well I am a weak psychic. Your words are very true indeed because these things happen to me most of the time like getting sick and like that but I have firm belief in God that He is always with me in both good and bad times and nothing can change this truth.
shapeshifter78 (2 stories) (169 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-09)
That is really wise words that you put down. I have to ask if it is possible though to have no gods to be one with and to survive on your own energy. (Even though I do believe they exist, I am just curious since I don't think that there are many like me that actually believe like this.

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