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How Do You Do Grounding?


Grounding is the straight translation from my language, Finnish, for the necessity familiar to every psychic: the ability to maintain or reach a rooted, balanced connection to physical self and to the seen reality around.

What is reality, someone might say. I see that as the ability to be in the middle ground of the spirit and the body in being. To live this life fully, here on this earth and on this land, but the same time a spiritual psychics life. The ones we help- to which we can also include ourselves when in need of cleansing any negative energy from us- live on this earth as psychical beings. Life now, life here is the main situation. To that life we can adapt the palette of the past lives and put that to use. But no persona or life in the past goes ahead this one.

Past lives are like individual colours to a painter. One life is one colour. It can have many tints, be of any shade. It can be a one mix of many colours. All those lives form a sort of mosaic spiritual, subconscious contents structure, that we carry with us to this one life here. There can be some dark colours, that we do not want anymore and that give no joy to anyone. Those can be cleansed in this lifetime. With this metaphor, I describe karma and past lives effect into today.

Being grounded is having a realist relation to the capacity of this mosaic structure of the past as well as of this capacity here in our body and mind today. The possibilities around, the obstacles to conquer, many things form the whole content in us and around us. A rooted life, which is spiritual the same time, is the understanding of the form of this whole capacity. Ones job, house, nationality, some old beliefs are only a small surface of what can be found in deep in us. People are large in their spiritual identity. But we must always value the time we have to use this ability and that is not forever.

I have had lovely spiritual teachers. But I must say, a balanced and rooted daily attitude and calmness is sometimes hard to maintain as a psychic. I get tired of what I see and what I can't forget.

After my first and biggest astral travel, I was in a blissful state for 2 days. An awakening, such a horizon, which explained so many things and also the purpose on this earth for people. But on the third day, I felt the anxiety in me, which I went to heal away from a passed-on spirit. I brought this spiritual baggage with me and it was hard to clean off.

The energies on the so-called other side are stronger than here. They are more unite, contain no uncertainty or distortion. All is so clear there. Emotions and energies on earth can be distorted. Contain many things and holes. But this energy I brought with me was stiff and firm stuff.

This place, the earth, is another place. Here the body and mind, the spirit and the soil, the touchable and thoughts are in a dualistic union. The nature of our life here is that. Always the two sides of the coin as one. No mind without body. No spiritual development without breath. No being without being in the being.

I would love to hear your methods to ground yourself after an astral trip, a session or negative connections. And other thoughts around the topic also interesting, if you would like to share them with me.

Wishing a lovely rest of the week to you all from Sini

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ShadowPanther (54 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-16)
Jav I have tried the method you described quite recently and it works awesomely! 😁 I now have a new way of grounding my energy, thanks!

Javelina (67 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-16)
Your method is as close to mine as I have found. Grounding need not be an overly complicated task. You should not have to carry notes with you to accomplish something so simple and natural. Simply find a nice patch of soft green grass, remove your shoes and socks, walk around in the grass for a bit, or until you are comfortable and at ease. Simply place your feet slightly apart, wider apart if you are more comfortable that way, and concentrate on releasing any pent up energy. Imagine it leaving from your fingertips and head in soft flowing waves. Raise your arms if it feels better to do so. Shake the energy out if you like. The important thing is the release, the method should come naturally. You will know when it is over.

Jav 😁
Sini42 (15 stories) (17 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-15)
Thank you both PathR and S.P for your comments. I think one thing psychics should treasure is not be too much alone in experiences. Most of us are in quite an impulse storm from energies, visual messages, energy pressure and also having to see the truth. That is not always pritty. Many people think they live in truth, but I don't think most societies would function that way. How many are emotionally so strong, that the naked truth would be what they want to see? In my case, happiness is moments, when I connect with people I heal and help. Stress and sadness has come from mistreatment and cruelty. Those moments usually are not inside the so-called psychics vision. Even the most horrific visuals I receive as info from the spiritual world are given in such a form, that they would never cause the same negativity as some situations in life have been. All is of learning, like PathR says. The people that have grown into greatness without ego in the midst of pain and such, are always interesting. Without stress and emotional pain, I would not be a psychic. So this way that all was the biggest gift I could ever receive. Grounding. I feel that also others who are in the same path keep us on the ground. No-one is made to walk this life alone. 😳
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-14)
Sini42 I believe many people do not understand what
Grounding is!

You hit it on the head by stating Grounding is rooted
In physical body. I just want to add that it is experienced:"I feel like my old self".
A small statement!

1) With stress we can be tired or drained.
2) No peace of mind.
3) Anger
4) Lost emotionally and not aware of living in the moment.

I believe all of us find ourself in this situation
From time to time. It is part of the human condition.
And as you mentioned it helps us develop and move past our own limitations.

Stressors help break our old ways of REACTING!

Back to Ground: I find listening to spiritual music
And prayers is very grounding to help bring me back
To a point of balance. I know this works because
I have a good cry and release all the stress, and any
Built up emotions I had.

Thanks for sharing
ShadowPanther (54 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-12)
I usually ground myself after meditating with crystals although if I'm meditating outside (when the weather is nice of course 😊) I prefer touching soil, water or plants that are close to me (normally my dwarf pomegranate tree or my frangipani 😳 lol).
Anything Earth-based is great for grounding!


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