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Dream Psychic Seeks To Battle Negative Energy Stalker


Starting around college, I began having vivid dreams that came true. I was a huge skeptic to the point of ridiculing psychics before it started to happen to me. The dreams are random, and I can rarely call up predictions on my own while dreaming, although a few times I achieved lucid dreaming and was able to call up predictions, rather than have them randomly come to me in dreams on random occasions.

The problem I am having is that I believe something is harassing me from the other realm. I experience a lot of negative synchronicity, and at least regarding work issues, seem to have something attack my coworkers to cause me "cursed" type career experiences, beyond the normal office politics.

The first time I had an OBE in the attempt to make contact or fight this entity, there was an entity standing next to my bed. It took the form of a certain girl I had known around the time my psychic dreams started, but the face was very ugly (showing the intent was not good). Another time during an OBE I attacked this entity and it retreated for a time, but it always comes back. I spoke with a spirit guide during one OBE and he said that the particular entity was very strong and evil, although more in a human that demonic way, so I suspect it is a deceased human and and not a demon/negative entity.

I sense its activity because I get massive amounts of synchronicity, deja vu and general psychic feelings around the time the entity alters something in my life (always to the negative). I started to develop my magical and psychic skills and its power seems to have diminished somewhat, but it is always there, trying to get in.

I've done all the relevant defenses, magic, herbs, praying, crystals... And it has helped but not completely defeated whatever this being is. My best effects I have had to date was black magic binding of those around me, to prevent the entity from affecting them, but as the following will show, that has major negative karmic blowback.

In the lucid dream state, I am very powerful. In an act of desperation about a year ago, I dabbled in black magic and other even used spells that invoke old, and dangerous Babylonian spirits. In my dream state, after my first magical attempt contacting the Babylonian spirits, something tried to take a hold of me in the lucid dream state. The walls started turning into black thorns, blackness closed in around me, so I instinctively turned myself into a wizard of sorts, carrying a staff, and a great bright crystal and fought it back and it retreated. Since I discovered the darker forms of magic, I have had better success in controlling whatever this thing is, but also a psychic who can see ghosts saw a shadow person watching me from the front porch through a window and days later **my house burned down.**

I do not know if my magical dabblings have anything to do with the fire or not. Probably.

This is off topic, but I wanted to mention that one symbol I have seen over and over again when I ask in the dream state to show me psychic predictions over the next decade and I see a giant cube in the sky with a mushroom cloud coming out of it. In distance times, a cube was a pathagorean symbol for the Earth. I suspect a war will come in my lifetime, a very horrible war. I don't know how powerful my abilities are, but it could come between 2010 and 2020.

That was off topic. Back to the entity. This entity, before I discovered magic, would manipulate my life, and get in the way of my success, especially with workplace issues. It would use numerology to send me messages, and even whisper above my bed the evil things it planned to do. Since I started developing my magical powers this activity has lessened, although it still attempts to screw up my life, when the synchronicities start, I seem to be able to shut them down most of the time. Once in a fit of rage I screamed and hit the walls and cursed this thing, and then I started seeing double and triple numbers constantly, every single receipt would end up a triple number like 5.55 or 6.66, even if I specifically bought extra junk just to throw off the "system." Then my girlfriend was ripped from my town by her father and I lost my job. After learning some magic, I can now "curse" this thing and it will still try to attack me but it seems weaker.

I try not to get too angry at this entity because why provoke something if you are not powerful enough to control it or hinder it?

I have no idea why it chose me, other than I have developed psychic abilities in the dream state and some OBE abilities, but generally my OBEs are very positive, and on the other side I am generally very powerful when I am able to maintain the lucid dream state (but I'm not sure I am actually in the astral realm, as much as just dreaming.)

Long story short, does anyone have any advice on how to get rid of a negative entity that stalks you? I've done religion, herbs, baths, rituals, magic spells, meditation, black magic binding, out of body "spirit hunting."

I'd really like to find a cure because before all this stuff started happening, I was extremely lucky, the kind of luck that propels someone to fame and fortune, but when I met this one girl, it just switched on me, around college.

Once after this thing royally screwed up my life and I almost killed myself, but the next day massive amounts of intervention from good beings, positive synchronicity if you will, told me NO NO NO. I went to church that day and the entire program seemed to be written for me. My name is Daniel and the title of the program was "Daniel, do not give up hope" which was projected on this huge 100-inch video screen. It went on about how Daniel the prophet was near death many times but held out. Then it went on to talk about how one should embrace their strengths, work on their gifts, and not give up and kill themselves or isolate themselves. It was a clear message from the universe to FIGHT. It was specifically written about WORK and written for people upset about job issues.

I am not a Christian anymore (although I will go back to it if proved true), I only went to church that day because someone pretty much dragged me there. I do believe the light can reach us, really, any way it wants. I would call myself a New Age-er.

So a few days after this, I was using the camera in my house and I caught a ghost mist on film in my house. It was by accident. When I upped the contrast on the mist and messed around with light levels in photoshop, I saw a clear eyes, nose and mouth... An evil face with cat-like eyes looking at me like it wanted to kill me.

I have a video of me playing around with the photo in photoshop, to show the process of how to take the ghost mist and pull out the face features. I assume this entity is the one harassing me. I wish I could get it off my back for good.

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Ramika79 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-04-25)
Hi. I saw your post long time ago I didn't write nothing because I am no-one and most probably going nuts. But this morning when I woke up you couldn't stop thinking about your post. Then I had the feeling as someone would call your name. I feel very sad. It has been now 4 hours and I still think about you but my heart and throat chakra is hurting. What comes in my mind is: "! Something was not said!"," wrong questions were asked or the right question was not asked" and "time". The feeling is very gentle I don't know why I think - don't use any of your powers just relax, calm down, listen... Go to the basic. Does it make any sence? Good luck.
Sesshomaru (32 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-02)
According to me, that spirit wants to absorp a huge amount of energy from you and it may have already apsorping it in the form of your luck. It seems that the angelic part of your soul is stronger than the demonic part of your soul, so I prefer you to strengthen up the demonic part of your soul through meditation only. And activate the energy centres of your body to achive more powrfull energy.
Rashidah (guest)
10 years ago (2010-12-02)
Psychic attacks will happen to us. It is the world we live in. And no I do not think that you are cursed.

And edging on an entity is dangerous business.

Try using psychic shields.

And one more thing, magic is magic. It becomes evil when you do evil with it.
allmylife1024 (2 stories) (13 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-02)
i would for your sake close the door to the black magic world, get rid of everything negative energy, an aura cleansing and a house blessing I know your not christian I believe in god in consider myself christian I don't like going to church either but I have had some stuff happen to me that I believe he is there workin in mysterious ways that sometimes even I don't like and I wouldn't be surprised if this negative spirit is going to be mad when you quit doing black magic so you will probably have to battle it a few times before it leaves you alone
InjuredAngelHeero (4 stories) (87 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-01)
I'm not trying to 'attack' you, but did you do everything right while using magic? If the door that rituals use remains open then it could allow negative spirits to attach themselves to you. I don't know much about this but, I wish you the best of luck.
Darkstar (guest)
10 years ago (2010-12-01)
I was wondering if you ever talked to it before, and asked it why uts bothering you and such.

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