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My mother does not believe in the sixth sense, or so she says, she does not believe that I can hear them. It irritates me, but I have a feeling that she is a strong psychic even though she wishes those things went away. She has to the ability to have precognition in her dreams. Well mostly all of us do but her dreams are about 98 percent of the time dreams of the future. When we were in my cousin house, the house where the spirit was. My mother saw someone past by, obviously no one was there. The only person living there is my cousin and their mother. She saw a man. I was in the same room my mother was. I was standing near her, if there was a man passing by I would obviously see it too but I did not. Lately, she has been coming to my room asking if I called her. It happens a lot. At first, I just dismissed it and did not put much attention to it but as days past, she seemed to be doing it a lot too and with my father as well. She told me how she was reading the bible and all of a sudden, she hears me calling her. She walks towards my room. I was thinking that perhaps I called her by though, but that cannot be right because I was not thinking about her and I was not in any pain. I was perfectly fine, and so was my dad. One time, when I was watching TV in my room, my mother came and asked why I called her. I look at her in confusion. I talked to her about the voices. I have a feeling that she believes me but at the same time wishes, she did not have the things that happen to her. She has a very weak heart. She is easily gets sad if something happens, and she does not like to get angry because then her heart starts to hurt. This has been happening for a month or so. Do you think it's possible that she also hear voices like me? As I read throughout the site, many people inherit their family gift since birth but I always thought that everyone is different, since I cannot see spirits but she can. My thought is that a spirit is trying to contact her. I had the same problem for about 1 month. I use to a particular voices, the voice sounded like my mother but I knew my mother wasn't calling me. I heard her voice in my head, like a whisper, this happened a lot and I would just go into the room to check if she needed something. If she was calling me through thoughts, after the month passed, I stopped hearing the voice. (I still hear voices but not like before) So I was wondering what is going on? I am confuse but eager to know what you think of the situation. I know my mother will not change her mind but I will still help her. I do not want her to go insane or perhaps me, with the random barging in my room.

Note: I do not think my house is haunted, I mean I lived there since I was small and nothing like this has ever happened. Things started to change since I started to meditate. Is it possible that I opened a window of spirits? I do not know...

It is just a theory

Anyways thank you



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Timfaraos (426 posts)
8 years ago (2015-04-25)
Yes, meditation opens your soul and body up to the spirits of the universe, because you EMPTY yourself from all thoughts and emotions... (and sometimes you have an OBE-out of body experience). Your mind and chakras are spread- eagle- wide- open, for any spirit to come in, and even attach itself to you... That's why it's safer, and more powerful to PRAY. In prayer, you are FULL of thoughts and emotions, and they pour out of you like a river, to the feet of our loving God... You are not absent from your body, but 100% there! (Unless God takes you out of your body. Also, we don't fantasize about anything DURING prayer, but we do prepare ourselves BEFORE prayer, by reading the bible, or thinking something about God, our life, our problems, etc.). In prayer, you KNOW what spirit you're talking to: God, angel, Mary or a saint, and that spirit protects you, and creates a shield around you... All day and all night. That's why demons can't stand prayer, or when you read the Psalms with your heart LOL! Stay safe. God bless!
PureCheese (4 stories) (79 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-28)
I see
Well thank you
Yes I will try to show my mother that I love her because she is my everything
Even though she doesn't believe me in many ways

But I still do not know what the voice that my mother hears is

I obviously heard it too but it went away
As if I couldn't help it and now is targeting my mother

It's not like we call her and our relationship has always been the same since a long time so I am confuse about the voice that she hears
And concern that she won't be able to handle it
And so on
minxed (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-28)
As you have learned to channel what you feel, it's possible your mother isn't feeling that constant link with you that she's been used to. The easiest way to help her would be to keep her in your thoughts and concentrate on the reasons you like her as a person and a mother. It helps you direct what you're trying to show her and might be all she really needs to stabilize. The problem with being sensitive is that you're just that. If you can't understand what is happening it can very easily make you question your self.

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