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The Girl With Blonde Hair And Blue Eyes


First I'd like to thank who ever is reading this for reading it.

So everyone on my father's side said some way or another they use to help ghost but, I never saw them do it so I didn't think anything of it. Now I keep hearing things and I'll be with friends and I'll hear voices or get chills and, ask if my friends hear it and they tell me no and, ask what I hear so I tell them and they usually just try to help me blow it off.

Now it's gotten worse they're going into my dreams and effecting my everyday life. I keep having a dream where I'm not myself completely and I know some how it's a dream. I'm with 2 girls and it's nighttime we are walking down the street where 2 guys are fighting and they see us and one of them is clearly trashed and they walk over to us and I stop them from hurting the 2 other girls who must be my friends but then they come after me and they hit who ever I am and then I watch even though that was just me I watch them rape her like I was just standing there. Then I go back to being the girl and I wake up and can't remember what happened so my friends tell me so I go home and clean off and bleach my hair and take off all of my make up. Then I wake up in real life with bruises all over my legs and my head is pounding right after I have the dream because she got slammed on the ground. Please can anyone help me. I was at a work related event yesterday and a man there was trashed and he was rubbing up on me and telling me how cute I was and I almost started crying right then and there because he was the drunk guy from my dream/vision.

I feel like I'm going crazy...I'm an actress so I meet a lot of people and I finally told my mom about the bruises I wake up with because I can't keep blowing this off... I hear stupid things in real life that flash me back to the dream and I can explain her face to anyone that asks but I have no idea who she is... And if I can help her I want to but how? I mean is she already dead? Or is this the future? Or past? DO I KNOW her? Or will I?

Thank you again for taking the time to read all this


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Sevastiel (10 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-28)
My comments are strictly dream insight/related. I am not familiar with OOB or any form of projection outside of what can be gained reading and attempting to relate.

It has the feeling of a premonition for no more reason than that you saw this man later. I assume you've never seen him, in pictures or anything else, before the dream?

I've had dreams where I saw myslef moving in my house and then woke up in the place where I ended up in the dream afterwards. Whether it was recall or not isn't relevant. I moved myself. I hate suggesting that you may have caused your own bruising by attempting to fight off the guy in your dream in real life, but it can't be discounted (unless the locations are unlikely for you to have done on your own?).

I've also woken up fighting the wall, which was actually a really tough attacker in a dream.

Sometimes not feeling the person you're a part of is a protection measure to keep you focused and prevent you from waking up before you get the message; to distance you from the trauma it could otherwise cause. I have often been 'disassociated' with the emotion in my dreams, even though I could 'taste' or 'smell' evil and all other manner of nasty and negative things present. I'm sure I'd of awoken otherwise. This is the only reason I haven't had an actual nightmare for decades even while watching myself be killed/die in various ways.

If you never met the guy before then it would be precog. However, and this goes hand-in-hand with the tricky part of precognition, it may have been a dream pointing to that exact encounter and your feelings about it.

It's...complicated, like two fingers pointing at eachother waiting for the other to point back. (I absolutely know that doesn't help, but it's hard for me to explain it without confusing it more).

Try it this way; that aspect that allows us to see the future knew you would feel this way in the future and chose, for whatever reason, to show up and tell you about how you'd feel no matter how unhelpful it was.

It's like a dream I had once where it told me my daily drink at the convenience store wouldn't be available, but that I'd go and check anyway. It was to tell me not to waste my time, but that I would anyway. There was still a reason for it, just not to prevent that event (so much as to let me know that I should make more effort in the future).

To be safe I'd maintain my distance from the man if possible. No matter how you look at it, there's something unwholesome between you and the guy, whether it's as simple as he just creeps you out or something more extreme than that. I wouldn't chance it being something more.
taffyinky (4 stories) (108 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-27)
This might be the gift of remote viewing. You might be seeing into the future of another person's life, even if you know them or not. Dealing with premonitions is a hard topic to talk about. You can never fully know your future because it is always changing. What precongitice people pick up on is the path that will most likely be taken. This could have already happened, might happen, have no chance of happening, or have some chance.

Dreams could also be warnings. Your mind may have seen your future before and you didn't realize it but your dreams told you to be careful.

This could also be astral projection. I do not know much about it but try looking it up on the internet. Other people here may be able to tell you more about it.

I hope this helped.

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