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I See Sparks


Ever since I can remember I have been able to see what I have always called "sparks".

Everywhere I look, in every room, in the sky as far as I can see, are countless miniscule sparks of what I think is energy. They are of every color: red, yellow sparks, blue, purple, and even sometimes green. There are also white and black sparks.

I have always been able to control them, but it's difficult because you have to concentrate really hard which is difficult for me because I have always had attention deficit disorder. Some sparks of a certain cling to people, they often move about but never as actively as they do in the open sky be it day or night. They are always there, even if I close my eyes they are right behind my eyelids.

The red sparks are the easiest for me to control. They always have been. But to what end I don't know.

To feel safe I have always channeled the sparks into lines around the walls of my room. To make the stay I have to "will" it and be very deliberate, it takes a long time to build them up so that I feel that they won't disperse. Its a sort of boundary wall of light that I make against what I fear - an outside influence I will tell you about later. They are always there in the formation that I leave them when I have spent enough time feeding them into the lines. I make a kind of mesh covering all the walls and especially the ceiling. Not so much the floor as the sparks never stay put if disturbed by my touch (i.e. Walking through them).

Green sparks are the hardest to control, they aren't everywhere like red and blue are which seem to me to be at war around me sometimes. And I don't mean they attack each other, they are just there in varying intensity and seem to be trying to be more prominent than the other around me. I think this is some how related to me.

Black sparks don't feel very nice, they feel kind of dark in a not so good way - but they just are. They are there. Like white sparks feel bright and well... Not "dark". They don't seem good or evil, its hard for me to articulate. They are just there, they exist and they are all around me, moving, like they are alive.

Watching the sky is especially amazing because its like they dance, I can only see them as far as I can see, its like there is no space around me or in any room, or setting that isn't full of these specs of light. Its odd... Think of a streak of sunlight coming through a window and all the specs of dust you can see highlighted in it. Its similar to that but more dense and yet not dense, tinier in size but more numerous - I have never been able to count them only concentrate them and somehow fuse them together to make slightly bigger sparks.

Which brings me to my other ability it seems. I was taking a shower and the water was cold and I tried to will it warm. It was weird but my mind was torn to the pilot light (gas heating). I kind of did something to it making it stronger and the water heated near instantly. This is the case with even cold running water, I seem to be able to raise its temperature. If don't try it the water remains the same, but the minute I do it starts to warm up without fail.

The other thing I have been able to do is what I call 'sensing'. I have been able to send my mind out, more like an extended spatial awareness and somehow just know that there is a narrow hall behind the closed door in that shop across the road which leads into some kind of storage room next to the smallest toilet room. Its weird but I can do this with my whole surroundings up to about a block away, it requires concentration and somehow I'm no longer looking at anything in particular I'm just lost in the sensation of what I'm sensing. I can't seem to divine objects of their history but I seem to be able to send my awareness out all around me. The other skill I have with this is that I can send out my awareness straight and narrow so I don't sense much except for a sense of obstructions (large ones), I can do this in any direction and not just in a straight line - I don't seem able to go very far, but I sense further than when I am sensing my immediate surroundings. Its a nice feeling.

There are limits though. I can only sense to a certain distance before I get that "I can't go any further" sensation - like when you're so ill you don't have the strength to push a table, you push but nothing happens, no strain - just nothing, no result.

This is not the same for sparks, I can do interesting things with them, they can make very fine arcs of colored electricity (depending on the spark you're using, blue sparks make blue electricity) between my fingers or other objects, I have to look close to see it properly. But it doesn't seem to have any effect on the object with the exception of people. I found that I could give my step-dad, a person I don't like and with good cause, terrible headaches by channeling black sparks into him... The effect is kind of instantaneous but I'm not proud of it, I did it when I was in high school. I also found that I could channel white sparks into people and they would seem happier, healthier all of a sudden, I could also take white sparks out of people and they seemed to somehow diminish, though when I saw them the next day they seemed normal again (as in not diminished, i.e. Down on energy). I was worried about karma so if I took this what I think is "energy" out of a person I always made sure I put it back. It kind of made me feel like a parasite.

The interesting thing with these sparks is that I could send them to people, they would find them and I don't know how, but if I sent a strong wave of the white sparks and concentrated very hard on to whom I wanted them to go, they kind of just took off with a mind of their own. I don't know how they got to the person, I just know deep inside me that they did.

The only other thing I think I have been able to do is what I call empowering. I'm talking about making the light coming off something like a fire or a light bulb or a TV screen noticeably brighter. It seems to diminish back to normal moments later unless I focus on making it constant, but that takes so much effort and concentration. I have been able to do this to sparks on a very small scale (i.e. Make an individual sparks gather others and become more noticeable to me, a larger spark).

No one has ever been able to tell me they see what I see. They have been all around me my entire life, always present, always moving. They permeate everything. Interestingly I have never been able to change a sparks color. They can manifest out of nothingness but they can't change what they are. Sometimes really prominent sparks of white light fly about and fade away all around me... Its beautiful, so very beautiful, and always touches me in a heartfelt way... But I have never been able to know when this will happen, but I can prolong how long it happens for now.

I always thought everyone could see them too. I have spoken with psychologists, with other people, I have talked with some wiccans about what I could do and showed them the dark sparks (the ones everyone seems interested in) and they were scared, truly scared (using dark sparks is how I seem to be able to control malevolent presences - these I sense and others sense and its scary, especially when they turn on you which they always do). There was this one shadow which was like a deformed tiny child nicknamed "Starfish" - he used to attack people that angered me, he turned on me one day when I tried to banish him from my room. He hated the green sparks and the blue, he didn't mind the red sparks that much and wasn't interested in the yellow ones. He abhorred the white sparks, was always excited by the black sparks. I drove him away by willing it rather intensely, this drained me and I literally slept for three days to the shock of my family. I was told by a wiccan what I was doing without guidance was sorcery and definitely dangerous - I have never had guidance. I don't know what I'm doing, just that I can do these things.

To explain the shadows more fully, its hard but they are kind of drawn to the black sparks like moths to a flame. When playing with black sparks on a large scale they seem to go nuts, and they flash into your mind as images, like decayed inhuman dead people coming out of a thick grey fog in your mind. It is very real and very scary. They feel evil, but I feel sorry for them and that's why I played with them as a child and into my teenage years.

I cannot control the wind, I tried and failed miserably. I cannot levitate as my mother confided in me she had as a child (her own mother, rest her soul, gave her a hiding for it). I can only seem to do what I have told you now. I don't believe I am mad or schizophrenic (I have no idea how to spell that word).

My old room at my parents house where I applied layers of woven sparks over my childhood years still bears an echo to this day. It feels heavy in the room. I walk into it and I feel the weight of it upon me like its a burden, when I leave the room it lifts off me and I feel normal again. Its an odd sensation - I have never been able to penetrate my own room with my senses - I wove the sparks with the intention and will to protect me inside of it and somehow my sensing skill won't work (its like hitting an invisible wall). I can walk through the door and I will feel a shiver run over me, like energy - faint but there.

Ive experimented a lot with what I can make out of these sparks, I created a sort of guardian, a presence, that felt empty somehow, that would rise up and manifest when I felt threatened. This failed miserably against the shadows that I had tried to banish in my later teenage year. They kind of tore it to pieces, I can still make it rise but its very weak and I can't seem to strengthen it very well anymore.

I am fine health wise when wielding my senses to kind of scout, or the sparks around me... But controlling sparks gives your the worst headache if you do it for too long, kind of like it uses your own energy to effect the control.

I would appreciated your thoughts on this, but please no criticism - its taken a lot of courage to spill out on this website what I have tended to keep a secret. Those I have told are afraid when I prove to them what I can do seeming as though the best way to convince people is the black sparks and their rather noticeable effects. Please share with me your thoughts.

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Artyop (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-29)
I figure it out the color I've been seeing them for over 17 years.

(This is foretelling)
Black - (other people) - foretell somebody taking action.
White - (you) - foretell your taking action.
Random color - are people you may known it'll stay the same color.
(red) - (Piss off) I notice somebody is piss off when I see this. Very rare for me to see it,, and it happen to me like twice, or three times.

I just recently got a vivid spark when my eyes are open it spark like 10 times, and it's rare for me to see this. So I'm trying to figure that out I notice it started it when I met a girl, and it is a hazle color spark it happen twice after I met this girl. I still haven't figure this out yet. The last time I saw a spark it was 10 years ago I was hurting my body the spark stop me from further hurting. Now I'm seeing something different than what I saw before and it remain a mystery.
djdreamer (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-23)
my current experience has happened 3xs around 3am. I have seen a UFO in the same area all those times. I can see those sparks around the UFO. Going towards it and away from it. Now it really makes me wonder what they are. The native American say we came from the star people and we shouldn't fear the aliens however it really makes me wonder now. Has anyone else seen UFOs with sparks around them?
KoofWa (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-14)
I have also seen a sort of spark. Not sure if it is the same as you, but it's like a crackling in the corners of the rooms. Always black. I can also hear a popping sort of sound when they appear. Usually it's tied to a realm or something? At least I think so because every time I see them, something strange will happen with apparitions appearing, being touched by something that is not there, or something will move... It freaked me out at first.
Ace-962 (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-03)
Well from my experience or at least in my case I've always had and seen those too but for me they are usually only the white kind of sparks or for me they're even lightning bolt shaped sometimes on occasion, except when I'm outside then for some strange reason they change color into purple sparks/lightning bolts instead.
For me in my case it was always just a part of my aura energy field and I always have them 24/7 day or night with mine.
But I've never tried to control them or anything I didn't know anyone could even do that so for that I'm kind of impressed at least somewhat, so on that controlling part of it, sorry but I can't really help you there.

And for some reason ever since a few years back, to a certain extent I can control the wind for some weird reason and have had a bunch of different people tell me that when I'm running around or even just walking sometimes that after I pass by somebody there's always a gust of wind that comes blowing by afterward about 5 or 10 seconds later even though I've never talked about or ever said anything about it until just now.
I've even noticed before that on windy days even when I'm just walking around slowly the wind instantly blows toward the direction I'm heading for about 4 or 5 seconds after I start to walk anywhere. At least somehow for some weird reason.
😲 😲 😲
bluemajikvalentine (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-11)
I just read something about aura colors and I think I know what green is now... All I ask is that someone that can see these sparks try to concentrate green sparks into someone or something. With the intent to heal them. I think this color is a natural healing color. Regenerates natural growth and renewal? Please let me know if this works on any level! This is very interesting to me and I would do anything to help.=)
bluemajikvalentine (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-10)
I used to see white sparks when I was young. It was very strange actually... Mabey someone else can enlighten me. 😉 This phenomenon would only happen at night from what I can recall. It seems like it was present from around 6-12 years of age. Firstly let me mention that I often had dreams of spirits or ghosts. Though I never perceived these ghosts as casper like creatures. In fact there was never really any form of body, just a presence that I knew to be spirit like. From what I can remember theses spirits were not harmful, more informational or playful/mischevious. I would know when I would have one of these spirit dreams because I would always see these white sparks on my walls or in the air before I fell asleep. There wernt a lot of the sparks but mabey like 10 or so and always white from what I recall. I didn't get a particularly bad feeling from these sparks just sensed a presence of sorts. That at the time my child mind was in fear of, from lack of familularity. Kinda hard to explain. I have always had some psychic abilities. Never been able to control them. I think I have caused a small natural disaster and power outage too. Could have been coincidence but I have a feeling I had something to do with it. (Not in mean spirits necessarily. Niave mabey.) 😊 I would love to learn how to work with my 6th sense. I rarely see these sparks anymore. (Im 27 now) I think as a child you are more receptive of these things. Also I seem to recall that at the time I thought they were energy or possibly spirit guides? Also do you guys think that green could be earth energy? Plant energy? If you think about that Id imagine it would be especially hard to control that type of energy. Any thoughts on this?
ClockworkOrange (8 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-19)

The white and black energy are the strongest sources of creation imo do you see green aswell? I've only seen it once but I have least control over it infact I've been losing a lot of my powers lately in exchange for another emotion.
strega9 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-19)
I am so glad I found this post! I have also seen sparks all my life and just recently realized the depth of them. I also see all colors and have always been very confused about it, feeling deep down that it was energy and thinking that everyone could see it if they focused right, to second guessing myself and wondering if there was something wrong with me.
I also have some other "abilities" that I won't go into at the moment, but I feel really good about finding this site and getting some reassurance;)
I have also manipulated the white spark energy for my own use, but reading all these responses has opened me up to new ideas and I'm excited to try them.
Thank you!
ClockworkOrange (8 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-27)
I can see 9 colored sparks some more if the lighter and darker or merged are included for example a fire spark but to begin with I could only see a lot of orange when they're racing or spinning around my head and when I'm dizzy I have since age four now I can see the rest but not green can someone give me more information on green? Is it alien? Something more advanced? I can't sense how it relates to humans or planets but I have seen lime before, I'm good at sensing these sparks not just the energy it's shared with, if it is but mostly the energy it shares with us and its purpose and meaning in life. I would have had more control too at a younger age If I hadn't suffered from OCD. I haven't brought them into the MEST but I have used them for paranormal events.

On one occasion I have controlled the sunlight this actually made the sun go down which I thought was pretty uplifting at the time, during this time the sunlight and different shades of it made a picture or some kind of movie on the ceiling from yellow red orange and some light blue there was this exotic location and scenery formed like a place or planet but then I got scared and thought I had done something bad all of the sudden blue and purple appeared and made everything vanish then a purple demon or alien figure appeared in the shadows inside this planet I wasn't scared I believe it wasn't real because I could control it I could have made the same energy conjure up fairies if I wanted too it does what your mind tells it to and it sometimes delves into your own energy to give you what you fear or deserve, I made it go away at will which is why I never feared it.

During that same week I had changed the smell of my palms into a more rosey smell which was better than any rose and I didn't soap my hands that day in fact I just woke up I decided to see what else I could do I picked up glass and managed to fog it up with this smell I concentrated really hard and wrote the letters on it F. And half of U. I was going to write a swear word but I decided not to but I thought it was funny how it would let me.

The other time I used the energy as some kind of listening device on my neighbors I sent out the energy but unwillingly I could hear what they were watching on TV and at a loud volume there's no way I could hear something like that from so far away.

I've also used the energy to control my fathers dreams I really disliked him at the time but not so much now, he was sleeping and I was wishing to send him out a nightmare that very second he woke up yelling his dream was that someone was screaming in his face.

This all happened in May 2004 I couldn't eat, sleep, drink or use the bathroom for a week! My brain had disconnected from my body completely I was afraid I would stay in that state forever and I was too scared too kill myself I also had OCD at this time but it's nothing compared to what happened to me a year earlier.

Not only can I see sparks I can also see orbs and I can feel them enter and exit my body sometimes at will only recently I could see the energy as it dispelled my body and what color it was, it speaks to me sometimes but doesn't have a voice or mouth it uses my mind depending on the color it will either be a positive or negative message never always in a sentence just words mostly but it's never direct it will make sure the words have more than one meaning this is how I know so much about these I get a sixth sense as to what it all means I've always been good at seeing into patterns in real life and into people's personalities. The white orbs gives out a different voice something positive, deep and godly about it, but not "the" God what happened to me in May 2003 would explain this more clearly.
Mig87 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-18)
I first started seeing these sparks when I was 15. Through the years I have noticed them in the millions if not more here and there. I am now almost 23 years of age and I am starting to see them more frequently as of a week ago. I tried to see if I could see my own aura, I was very skeptical of the whole aura seeing idea, until these sparks started showing themselves to me again but this time they brought out a bluish outline around my hands and knees. I am now trying to revisit what I saw that night but have had no such luck, and as for the sparks I have been having some trouble seeing them at will. Can anybody help me figure out how to see them at will. For the past 7 years I have felt as if these sparks are supposed to be in my life to some how turn me on to something new and amazing.
Evangeline (3 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-15)
I can see that too! But I only see white ones, and mainly just when I defocuus my eyes. 😊
codyfromhell (2 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-06)
Your story matches mine! I can see white little sparks dancing everywhere, I assumed it was energy, but my mother had believed they were tiny insects. However, I can only see white sparks?
rudi25 (4 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-18)
I also see the sparks and grids of energy it is like seeing through the space in rooms. It started off with red sparks, now I see blue and other colours. I always beleived it was energy. The more I focus on them, the more I get headaches. However not tried to control them maybe il try... As for shadows I see them all the time now... I also get vibrations in my 3rd eye when I notice them around me. The sparks has been a major developing thing for me lately, question is what are we supposed to do with this ability? I feel its supposed to be used but I have no idea what for or how?
EvilSniperTom (guest)
14 years ago (2010-01-22)
I believe I understand what you mean by sensing because I believe I feel the same sort of thing. Generally I can form together a 3D map in a way, it's like looking at a Sci-fi film and having one of those holographic maps pop up, and I can kind of change from 2D view to 3D and then in a way zoom into a particular place and it would be like I'm walking around but it isn't too graphical unless you really concentrate, but when it isn't more "graphical" its more like seeing the energy of the objects where your viewing. I also can sense what I believe to be spiritual beings, and through it I can gather information I generally don't know, it's like someone has just shoved the information in there.

I also see these sparks to some extent, if I look around normally I can see sparks as if they were pulsing as I focused on them. Although I see these sparks any time of the day. The times I can relate to seeing sparks dance around is when I see more like panels of light in the sky, all shifting about and floating in a way. A time when this got really strong was when I was taking an exam, I think this is because of my concentration increasing in such cercumstances.

Ever since I was a child I've seen panels of light and being able to sense energy, and all of the time I can hear high pitched sounds like turning on an anolog TV, and it increases in pitch/sound at points in time and also when there's a high amount of electricity. When I was a child I often had Dreams of solid blocks of light and lots of things that didn't make enough sense to explain, and a lot of the time I used to go to my parents half dreaming/half awake and say "Mummy the Demons are talking to me" (Noting that I didn't know what a demon was back then). But that may have nothing to do with it. Seeing as I'm a Christian I see these sparks as "Evil" entities or as manifestations of my emotions. The lights went for awhile after being baptised 2 years ago but have recently returned, although my sensing hasn't changed atall.
djdreamer (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-28)
I am so glad I found others that see these "sparks" I only see mine at night before I go to bed. They usually first appear by a light. Like the small light on a DVR. They dance around the light. I have only seen white ones. I have asked so many people what they are and people just think your seeing things. I just like to watch them dance around. To me if you ever get the chance to see a gallstone that is what they look like. I have thanked them for being there and have asked them to go visit someone for me but that is about the exent of it so far. I only get a few like 3-5 so far. I think they have to be some type of spirit or maybe even a fairy. I think they are here to protect us or help us out. I will up date if anything changes. I have put this site in my favorites so I can watch it. Thank You sooo much for sharing your story...
MytaWolfChild (7 stories) (50 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-21)
wow. This was a really interesting story! Besides the whole sparks thing (which is awesome, by the way - reminds me of shooting stars:]) we have a lot in common. I too can send my energy out to feel around the area I'm at, although I haven't done it in a long while. I tend to see shadows more than fully-visualized figures. And I can manipulate temperature too, but I'm still working on it. If you want to talk more you can send me a message from the email on my profile:D hope to hear from you!
Sunspotter (6 stories) (109 posts)
15 years ago (2009-09-22)
Autokinesiss the metaphysical manipulation of energy in all of its forms. With this as a controlled ability one can transfer, absorb, drain, increase, and or increase energy in any object that uses a form of energy. Due to an Autokinetic's ability, they are capable of overloading machines, and or weakening people, animals and or plants. Autokinesis can be confused with Electrokinesis, Vitakinesis, and or Biokinesis. Manipulation of all types of energy, electrical, light, etc.

Hope his helped!
Galmordagan (8 stories) (51 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-05)
You have to start small before you take big leaps. The best manipulations are only as good as the dedication and focus you apply to them, i.e. A shield will take time to figure out. Its like playing the violin, stray but a little and you have to re-learn your control and re-perfect your technique.

Try to will the red hue sparks into a greater density, like gathering them - this hue always seems passionate, almost fiery but at the same time not. Try to gather them loosely, don't try to focus on any one spark, try to focus on "hazy" groups. Will the red sparks to prominence, they are the spark that you want to deal with. This can be done with any hue of spark.

Note: I don't think sparks can change colour, the colour of sparks that you manifest are already there even if you can't see any noticeable densities - they just arent prominent unless you make them.

This is best done at night when they are most prominent and there are fewer distractions. Utter silence helps, as does stilling your thoughts, i.e. Empty your mind and be in a state of complete tranquility.

Gesturing with your hand in sweeping motions or opening your hand as if cupping a ball of sparks and drawing them in makes it easier, but physical gestures arent necessary. In the beginning they did help me focus my mind to the task at hand.

Willing them is not difficult. The sparks are known to you, you see them, they will do as you direct, you just have to be intent on what you want to happen. Believe in yourself, in your ability, in your gift. It might seem that they resist, or ignore your will. The truth is that they do not, how can they? There is no resistance other than what you think to perceive.

For me sparks have no sound, no truly discernable sensation of touch, no definable temperature, or electric charge. They just are, vibrating, dancing, flowing. Manipulating them is a very peaceful, very quiet, and personal thing.

I would suggest manipulating them indoors, when laying in bed in your room.

Also, as an after thought, think not of what you are seeing as 2D. Manipulations are spatial, and you have to focus on the 3D - the X, Y and Z of where the sparks are to go. It doesn't have to be mathematical as you will be relying on intuition/feelings to guide you.

Just remember that it takes time and patience, I believe it has nothing to do with any inability to control them.
miss_OMEGA (2 stories) (8 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-03)
what I have see sparks too. But I didn't know you can control them. I seen them every where but just randomly and only once a day. I thought it was just me and my eyes fulling around with
bluehoodedmisery (4 stories) (42 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-23)
Galmordagan, I don't think I can manipulate the sparks as you can. I have tried numerous times to move them with my mind, but I don't think it is working for me. I think I can just see them and I can't move them or make shields out of them. I've even tried just making a pyschic shield with my own abilities and I can't seem to do that either. For me if I stare at something for a while and then look away at a blank wall, I can see its aura/outline in my vision or just symbols that show up out of nowhere. But that's all. I don't know how I can manipulate them. Could you explain it better?
Galmordagan (8 stories) (51 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-14)
I read your story and have shared with you what I think will assist you further.

Im actually finding that I tend to be instructing on how to control and manipulate spark-energy rather than learning more about it and expanding my skills in wielding it, which is kind of ironic.

Nevertheless, I am pleased to share what I know and I believe that it will lead to more developments in the years to come. I only ask that any developments (no matter what they are) are shared with me in turn.
bluehoodedmisery (4 stories) (42 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-13)
i have actually noticed that they are more alive at night since we can see them better then. I always end up seeing faces or a cat in the corner of my eye. If you read in my "disppearing floating faces and late night annoyances", I have some of those experiences in that story. I always see a lot of orange and red and blues or green sparks for some reason.

I don't think anything changes about me when I concentrate on them, I never asked anyone or concentrated in front of anyone that they would notice something different really. All they really say is that it looked like I was in a deep trance.

No one in my family except me believes in this. Having psychic abilities or ghosts really. My sister think the movie white noise was cool, but that's about it. I don't know if she believes in it. Plus, I can't talk to her without her thinking I'm crazy because I talk about this stuff to them sometimes. So lately I've been keeping everything to myself.

I hope there is someone who can teach us or just mentor us in helping us with our abilities since I have been having troubles with mine. And I can't really be in a quiet room anywhere in my house since its always filled with tv noise.
Galmordagan (8 stories) (51 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-12)
They are indeed small, but I would suggest try to manipulate groups of them, if I were to describe trying to control a single spark Id say its like trying to hold a slippery little fish.

What I can do I have developed over years of patient and habitual practice. I have also enlisted the help of friends and gifted spiritualists to confirm that what I believe has occurred has indeed happened. My line of thought is that if I share with you all my knowledge that you will be able to do exactly what I can do or discover more than I have and share that with me.

Some other interesting tidbits is that sparks are reflected in mirrors. If I create an arc of blue sparks between two fingers, like thumb and pointer, this will also be reflected in the mirror as will the other sparks. It makes me wonders that if mirrors are possible doorways for spirits, because if they are then there's a possible breach to every shield that I have no idea how to counter.

On another note I was considering the concept of light - I'm no expert so correct me if I am wrong. Objects we see are the colour they are because of the light that is reflected back to us, the sparks are visible at all times of day regardless of whether there is light or not. In darkness they stand out even more so, yet the colour of the sparks is still constant. Where as objects like a red ball in dark room isn't colourful like it is in light.

The other interesting thing is that I am partially colour blind. So put blue and purple together and I see the same colour more or less. Yet with sparks I have no issue with determining colour even if I force a concentration of purple sparks against a concentration of blue sparks.

For me sparks make no sound. They are always silent. They also don't feel like much at all, any sensation is so subtle or different from anything else I haven't been able to determine if there is a sensation at all that could not be imagined. Its like drinking water, it has no definable taste yet different water sources yield water with different flavours.

I have always wondered if sparks permeate solid matter. Cut open a tennis ball and there are sparks inside as there are sparks permeating every visible space. But what about a solid rubber ball, are there sparks permeating this too? What about living things? And dead things?
I looked at a slice of plant under a microscope and there were smaller sparks still. It makes me think that the large sparks we see unaided are just denser specs of much smaller sparks of the same hue. But what does this mean? When I create threads of sparks when I think about what I would see if I were to magnify them I realise that my attempts seem rather clumsy to me - the perfectiontist within is never pleased.

So, is it possible that if a person or group of persons all able to see and manipulate this spark-energy created an orb of say white sparks that was tennis ball size and so dense it appeared to be one mega sized spark - what would happen? Could it radiate heat or sound? Would it be seen or felt or possibly even heard by people who don't see this spark-energy as we do? To what purpose would this orb of spark-energy be put to? Could it be moved yet maintain its structure? How long could it persist without active willing of the sparks to remain in the formation? Would it attract anything non-physical?

There are so many questions. The day I meet a fellow person gifted with the sight of the sparks, the day we confirm that we both see exactly the same thing, i.e. Both create shapes out of sparks that the other can see in the way of real testing - this will be the day that true joy fills my heart, and I would see a foundation born to study this phenomenon.

Is it an ability we can learn or be taught? Are we born with it? What can it really do? Can groups combine their strengths to enact a stronger effect on reality? Are we rediscovering a lost art?

Till then I suppose we can only stab in the dark and hopefully find our way.
Sunspotter (6 stories) (109 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-10)
You're right, black isn't really black. It's not anything. Black is the absence of color to most people, but to us it's where the most color comes in. I will try to manipulate the sparks, but I don't think I'll be very successful. They're just too small for me.
Iwan (guest)
15 years ago (2009-07-10)
Wow, you sound really talented. I also see them sometimes, mostly the white ones. I'm actually relieved to read this, I thought I had eye problems! Lol. And my dark brown hair sometimes gets a reddish tinge, although I've never tried too control these dancing sparks.
Galmordagan (8 stories) (51 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-10)
I think manipulating them is half the fun of seeing them. But you have to admit that the dark never really seems all that pitch black does it? For me its clearly lit up like a christmas tree, and the only way I ever can go to sleep for all the distraction is by watching movies or reading to the point where I just pass out.

I found that if you weave them into a shield, which means you have to bond them together into ribbons of light, force them to form panes across the intersecting lines, like lines of longitude and latitude but with adjacent lines flowing inbetween like a tapestry, they remain in place and don't disperse so readily, i.e. It'd take a while as in days or months. Oh and I'm not talking about imagined or visualised ribbons of light, I'm talking about lines of dense sparks like pillars in a scaffold that you can see as clearly as all the other sparks, the more visible the shape you are condensing sparks into the stronger it is, these shapes have currents that you need to direct so they are in a sense mostly self-sustaining i.e. The sparks dance in the path you need them to.

In my experience sparks of the same hue will stay together, sparks of multi hues will not stay in the same line and trying to make them do so causes me great strain, they kind of conflict and disperse. White sparks seem the easiest to weave together.

I used to write math formulae in Year 10 on my desk and against the wall in the classroom out of white sparks, Id apply them over and over until they seemed, I think burned into place is the best description - they stayed where they are. It helped me during my math tests since I never studied for them but this way I always got an A grade in algebra. I discovered its easier and less time consuming to write programs into your graphics calculator to figure out your answer for you with what information you have... My teachers could never prove I cheated and after pouring over the wall for hidden writing (to make sure I wasn't cheating since I was looking at that wall an awful lot) - when we changed classrooms I was buggered and my grades fell. The formula Id drawn with sparks gradually dispersed over the months but I always did like looking in to see how far they had degraded.

I experimented with weaving a loose shield out of all colours of sparks, making threads out of a particular hue and weaving them through a frame of white sparks, the threads arent sharp strong lines of energy but "hazed" lines, less concentration required to make those so they are easier. The white shield frame is anchored to myself by willing every line of energy and the sparks in my personal space to move with me. My intent was to make a shield that rain would run off - the shield did not work as intended but it did keep me mostly dry in a very heavy downpour. I have tested this with friends and they cannot explain any other reason why they are soaked through but I am not. It is my belief that the water droplets are being directed away from me or displaced so they fall past me not on me - I have a very light dusting of water over my jumpers in these instances no matter what the fabric be it a natural or synthetic fiber.

I always thought that a particular hue of spark was related to an element, such as red sparks and fire - this doesn't seem to be the case as I can draw no relationship in all my years of spark manipulations - I started serious practice every night since 1994 where I was in Grade 4. I was driven by the death of my 2 year old brother which I had predicted days before he had shown any signs of illness, my thinking was that if you had power what use was it if you didn't know how to use it. I practised at night when lying in bed and taught myself how to weave a shield, and I also reinfored the shield every night religiously. This shield still remains to this day although not as strong as it used to be i.e. The sparks are hazier and the threads are not as thick as they used to be i.e. They are about pole sized and its like a gaussian blur was applied to all of them.

I believed that if you used it every day that you would grow stronger, and yes I have grown stronger. What took me hours to do as a child takes me mere moments now. Part of it is that instead of applying clusters of sparks to each line and reinforcing it again with "drawing" more sparks to the threads I'm making, I only have to will them into the structure, to flow in the threads I have in mind and they do. Its a mission to get a single strong spark from one side of the room to the other but drawing on the sparks within a handsbreadth of the threads I'm manipulating sparks into is easy work.

I can only encourage you all to experiment with them, but Id advise against sending black sparks into people because in my experience when I have done it on a large scale it has caused the person harm in the form of extremely bad headaches and nausea (I hope I have compensated for the bad karma).

Learn to control them, manipulate them. Who knows? You might be the one to discover something amazing, I only hope you will share with me what you learn as I will share with you everything that I have discovered - if only we had a manual!
Komodo (6 stories) (23 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-09)
I see these sparks too but not all the time its mainly when I look at light colours or stare into space.
Sunspotter (6 stories) (109 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-09)
I know what you're talking about. I kind of have the same thing but a whole lot weaker. Like you said, in a dark room they're everywhere. There's nothing to distract you. For me it's not very clear. It's like a to of microscopic flecks in tons of colors, and in the darkness they make waves, form shapes, and as you say, dance. I've never tried controlling them. I also believe that they are energy.
demonboy (1 stories) (5 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-09)
I see these sparks every night, only when I'm going to sleep, I have been seeing them since I was 6, I'm 14 now and I still see them sometimes. I have never tried to control them but I think I have something related, I can make things darker, when I stare at a dark hallway but still visible, I can make it go darker, but when it happens tons of white sparks appear, its weird. Though, thanks for sharing the story, enjoyed it alot, glad to read something I could relate to.
wlk (1 stories) (15 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-09)
not sure if seen the exactly same, but never try to control its.
If keep on focusing, would see something in dark shade in the cloud, while colourful+moveable many dots.
Example, shades dancing gracefully in pairs in queue in the clouds; shadow shades moving / change the shape of the clouds, etc.
Besides, could see so many faces through the moon - ancient / future / fairy tales / creatures / baby, etc.
It's become easier to see all these if always practicing.
I really agree on your points regarding contacting guides. Would you please share in details how's you identify and fight with these "spirits" / "bad entities".

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