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Psychic Coincidence, Imagination, Or Just Going Crazy?


I have experienced many strange things when I was growing up as a child, but I've never considered them to be strange or unusual. When I was a child, I would have dreams that would come true the next day; this happened many more times than I can count. A few of my family members have had similar experiences, so I've always thought it was a normal thing that occurred. That is, until recently.

I'm 16, and besides my family, I have only told of my experiences to my best friend, and even she thought it was strange. So I picked up some books from the library about psychic awareness, hoping to expand my "abilities". For a while it felt like all the meditation and training I was doing didn't have any affect whatsoever. Then my best friend came over to visit (she lives in a different state than me), and we were just hanging out in my room talking. I was reading a book but could see her out of the corner of my eye, and I heard her start to sing a song. So, I started to mock her by singing the song in a sing-song voice and then told her to stop singing because I was trying to read. She then asked me, "How on earth did you know I was singing that?" I laughed and told her that she was silly and went back to my book. She looked a bit frightened and said, "Dude!I was singing that song in my head!". Now, I knew she was being honest because she's the type of person cannot keep a straight face while lying. So this incident was rather confusing.

Another incident occurred involving another one of my friends. I was in my room, there were no electronics on, and I was just spacing out. Then I suddenly heard my best friend's voice yelling at me to talk to her. So, I was of course a little uneasy about thinking too long on what that was. So I shrugged it off as nothing and returned to my relaxed state. About thirty minutes later, I heard my other friend's voice calling my name. So, concerned, I got up and ran upstairs to turn my phone on; and sure enough, my best friend called me five times and my other friend left me two text messages. Also, just recently I heard my other friend say that they missed me (that particular friend is in the Navy, and yes I heard it in my head). Now, I am just not sure if it was a psychic experience, coincidence, or just my imagination. I'm so confused, I feel as if I'm insane for hearing these things. I would love some feedback and possibly some advice on how to deal with this.

Thank you so much for reading!



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Galmordagan (8 stories) (51 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-09)
Treat it like a science experiment.

If you can move a stationery object with your mind then you are possibly telekinetic.

When a witness has confirmed that you have indeed moved an object with your mind then you are obviously telekinetic.

When you have repeatedly moved objects with your mind with different witnesses and in different environments then you are definately telekinetic.

The same principle applies. As a great thinker stated 'I think therefore I am' what greater proof can it be than if others think the same as you do about an event you all have witnessed. Two or more people can't be wrong surely?

Then you know you are definately not crazy.

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