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Husband's Childhood Experiences And Sharing Thoughts


When my husband was a young boy in England he would often have visitors in his house. Small green "goblins" that would come into his living room and talk to him. They spoke in a strange language he didn't understand. They were small and had shimmering greenish brown skin. His mom claims she never saw them but when he'd tell her about them she'd look at them and tell them to go away. He also would often find half of his sandwich missing when they'd come around, which of course his mom would tell him he'd eaten and forgotten.

When they put their house up on the market to move to America a woman started appearing on the first landing of their stairs. She was old and dressed in white old fashioned clothes, he thinks Victorian style. (The house was a terrace house built in the late 1800s) She would be standing there at night when he got up to use the bathroom. She would stay there as he walked past her down the stairs. Most of the time though he saw her in broad daylight, either on the landing on the stairs or in the kitchen next to the bathroom.

One evening we were out running errands, again before we had any children, we were alone in the car. We noticed black smoke billowing up from the local freeway as we approached the over-pass. We were curious so we got on the freeway. There was an 18 wheel semi-truck on the shoulder of the opposite side of the freeway that was on fire. All you could see of the cab of the truck was the stacks sticking up out of thick flames and smoke. We tried to call the fire department but the lines were tied up. As we continued down to the next exit, we heard high pitched mischievous laughter in the back seat, we both spun around to look but nothing was there.

My husband can also hear my thoughts. His mother is pretty good at it too, but doesn't seem to know. It used to be after an argument, I'd be walking away, loudly thinking something not too nice and he'd ask me what I said. Which of course I didn't say anything but he'd often say exactly the not too nice word I was thinking. He's actually gotten better at this and can often tell the difference now between hearing what I thought and hearing something mumbled.

It also seems to go the other way, as we found out last night. We were in the kitchen washing bottles. We heard a knocking in the hallway. It was the 4th of July weekend so we tried to convince ourselves a window was open and it was fireworks echoing. Then I heard footsteps down the hall. Which well we live with his parents and his 3 young siblings, (there are 5 kids in the house) so I thought it was his little sister, who I hadn't seen was in the living room. So I start trying to look to see who is walking around, and he's looking at the doorway into the living room. I didn't see anything but he looks at the doorway, looks at me, then shakes his head. As I'm wondering what he's thinking an image of a dark figure taking up the whole doorway pops into my head. I didn't say anything, but asked him what was wrong.

He said, "Did you see anything in the doorway?"

I told him, "No I was just looking for your sister because I thought I heard footsteps."

He said, "There was a hazy figure blocking the door. I thought you saw it because you were looking."

I said, "No, but was it a big black figure? No features just kind of an outline with the head and body?"

Apparently that was exactly what he saw. Now, it's not strange for him to see things in the house. It's never happened when I was there to see before. What's strange is although I didn't see it in the door, the image of it appeared in my mind. We've always had a strong "connection" but I've never known of receiving images from my husband.

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Kaatie (1 stories) (9 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-09)
When your so close to someone your both telepathic and can send each other thoughts. One mostly receives things where as the other one sends it.

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