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Spirits Of The Dead And Heaven


The house we currently live in is haunted. We don't tend to talk about the details of things, because acknowledging it makes it worse. It's never been unfriendly or menacing just kind of making its presence known. My husband has told me that talking about his past experiences, even the ones he had as a child, also makes things worse. It's the latest development that worries me the most, although I don't believe it's directly related to whatever resides in our house.

He's told me that at night, as he's drifting off to sleep, he sees strange visions. Now I've often heard or seen things in this same state, but it's usually things that I know to be completely fictional, and usually only voices. He's told me he sees people, who have obviously died in an unpleasant fashion. Like bloated, discolored people rising out of lakes, covered in algae and debris. Mangled people, dripping with blood. People walking out of the ocean, covered in seaweed. He says he has the feeling that they want his attention.

It's not just visions but the feeling of an intelligence to these figures, that seem to have either not been found where they died or don't have peace from their death. I've told him that he absolutely should not focus on any faces or voices he hears at night, but given the nature of their appearance he says they are extremely difficult to ignore. He's also had the feeling that someone or something was standing just next to the bed behind him late at night, but he didn't dare move to look. Apparently this all started, as far as he remembers, a couple years ago when he told me about the strange things that happened to him as a child. Which is why he tends not to talk about it anymore, because acknowledging it makes it worse.

He told me it did improve a little after he had an extremely vivid dream. A dark entity was "dragging" him down. He didn't want to go and was trying extremely hard to ignore it. There was a soft echoed voice, like it echoed down a hallway, that told him he could always go to heaven. Something about changing his ways. So he thought, "I'm going to heaven." Then every sense was overcome with a feeling of light, warmth, comfort, and tranquility. There were rounded, unnaturally perfect islands of different shapes and sizes. Nothing was vivid but everything was as he explains it "pastel and out of focus", nothing seemed "right or real". The islands were green were grass should be but there were no blades, the dirt was just brown, kind of like this world was painted. He saw all this from above.

There was nothing outside of the islands, it's like they were floating. He says the area around the islands was "painted" a bright royal blue during the day, and black at night. The islands varied, some were "grass and dirt" and some had structures like houses. Some were big enough to have small villages of these houses. All of them seemed to have fires burning inside and there was smoke coming out of all the chimneys. There was day and night but nobody seemed to keep track or care for the difference between them. There was activity all the time.

To get from island to island there were archways, which were the most vivid part of the islands, with a pinkish-purplish "liquid" rippling in between two pillars that curved up towards each other but did not meet. People passed through them to get from island to island. Each island had 1 to 4 arches. On each island the people living there were family or friends. Everyone knew the people they were living around or with.

He says all the people there knew they were dead, and it's not that they didn't care to remember their lives, just that their life they had lived no longer mattered to them. At the beginning there was a voice that talked to him and told him to get around. It told him what happened to the "good" people. It told him that "good" didn't mean you lived to any certain standards or religion but that you "felt you were living your life well". It said that even if you felt you were bad or living a bad life you could change it and do good and by doing good you could come to this heaven. The people living there knew that they didn't have to worry about the people they'd left behind when they died because they all had a chance of coming to heaven if they thought they had lived a good life. They all had to come to terms with being dead because they had to guide their incoming family through the process of death and help them come to terms with being dead too.

He says the voice didn't mention anything about what happened to people who had already gone to "hell". He says he woke up as he felt the feeling of warmth and tranquility leave him and felt himself being "pulled" back to his body.

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revsilverson (guest)
15 years ago (2009-07-08)
the reason the voice didn't mention hell is because there is no hell- we all go to heaven. The Divine Spirit loves each of It's creations and does not wish to cause us pain. Humankind makes it's own pain through bad choices (misusing divine free will) and the propagation of negative energy.

The gruesome visions of dead people come from the spirits wanting closure to their deaths. They have a story to tell and once it's told they will cross over into the spirit realm. I sense this involves a plane crash over a body of water where many people perished. These images will not hurt you unless you manifest the fear that they will hurt you. You are in control of these things.

The other worldly visions he is having is astral projection or out of body experience. These people and places are parallel universes-they have their own cultures, food and manner of dress. I have had many such experiences right down to the land appearing to be colors other than those of earth. However my experiences with astral projection are when I am completely awake not semi dreaming. These astral beings do not play a part in the ascension of loved ones' spirits. Spirits that have crossed over do help relatives and even strangers to cross over however spirits and astral beings are quite different.

"a life well lived" actually translates, in my opinion, to the amount of selfless acts one has performed and therefore how much love one carries in his/her heart. We can and should atone for our transgressions while on earth to make the purification process of the spirit easier in the next realm. If we do not atone for our bad works on this plane we must do so in the next until we are purified of all negative thought, word and deed.

For more on this please see my website:

Love and Light

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