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An Entity Disturbed


Ever since I began to sing I have always had a voice that commands attention. When I speak to people about something I am passionate about, I have been told my audience is captivated by my words, not that they agree with what I am saying. Its almost like enthralling people, they can't help but listen to me.

When I sing, I sing with such passion, now I don't exactly sing like Michael Jackson, but I'm okay and have been told it is pleasant enough. My old housemate tells me that my singing is impossible to ignore in that it resonates in the mind.

Could I be reinforcing my voice with some kind of empathic ability?

That aside, this is not the experience I wanted to share with you. When I was sixteen my manipulations of the spark-energy phenomenon were at their height, my eye color was almost always purple tinged, my hair also had this crimson-purple tinge (a colouration that no one believed was natural and does show up in color photos). That could have been the result of diet or shampoo, although the yellow colored Alberto Salon shampoo and conditioner had no such coloring and Id been using it for years.

Anyway, I was singing in the shower and making the spark energy dance about me, it is possible to control sparks that are not in your line of sight but it's more difficult to do anything accurate with them. Affecting the currents (flow) of the vibrations is easy even with your eyes closed because it's like the sparks want to flow.

That aside, I was singing loud and trying to project my voice out, I was trying to connect with another who shared my ability and was trying to use my singing as a means of controlling the spark-energy I see everywhere. This works but is less accurate than normal focused concentration in states of deep calm.

I was reaching out with my senses and my song felt like it was building in momentum, as were the spark currents.

What happened shocked me so much that I fell silent and the spark currents ceased and the spark-energy vibrations went quiet the moment after the event. The event: In my minds eye a face of energy with subtle colorations of light correlating off it, like a face shape emerging out of liquid watery light, with eyes that looked so very real and were seriously pissed off. No mouth was discernable, no ears. Just a masculine humanoid face that was kind of androgynous at the same time emerging. I was caught in a stupor at that moment, lost for words, in shock and enraptured by this face, it was impossibly beautiful during the experience (which was brief), but when I think back on it there was nothing attractive or appealing about that face. It was humanoid but at the same time not. When it revealed itself to me I was overcome with this longing to do anything for this entity and it wanted me to stop. I cannot recall the eye color, which must have been almost colorless but without pupils I think. It did not feel mundane or physical, or even shadow or spirit like. It felt powerful, strong and displeased. The face glared at me before sinking upwards back into this energy which took up my entire minds eye before fading. The energy it emerged from was mostly white, like light but kind of misty, but with no translucency. This entity did not seem evil or good, it was more like a force, that's the feeling I got - something other.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? I was left with the impression that this entity is beyond my reach, beyond contact, yet I feel that my singing disturbed it. Not the physical sound but the non-physical sound, (i.e. Singing with the mind voice). Or did my spark manipulations disturb it?

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Galmordagan (8 stories) (51 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-12)
Its interesting, these sparks are seen by so many people! I had feared I was the only one for years. This is a great website for people to come together.

Create_inspire_me, if it was my singing that disturbed this thing then what was it that I disturbed? Something tells me that it was not physical sound that disturbed it, but that I was projecting my mind voice (in song). This entity is way beyond anything I have dealt with, there was no concealment or "stealth" that I could discern - it came, and it went as it pleased.

Cyopathic, my singing ability or vocal stage of development is irrelevant - please focus on the crux of the experience.
create_inspire_me (5 stories) (146 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-11)
Well usually when I sing, its like the calm before the storm, beautiful sweet, soft.

Then its get stronger and more emotional in it, but still enchanting.

I think that maybe you disturbed something like an energy that was there.

Your voice must have disturbed it in some way

I see the sparks when my eyes are closed and only for a minute after I open my eyes.
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-11)
Sounds like puperty for your voice but in the catagory sparks I don't know to much about it.

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