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I'm confused what's going on with me but I have a few friends I can really tell them something that will happen in their lives, it's like something goes in my mind and I say things out to them I also. Knew when one of my friendship was going to end. When I day dream I either see or hear news about that person 3-5 days later, when I'm next to someone and they are sick I can feel what they feeling or when I'm next to anybody I can feel there moods but I don't know how to control. Also There's this boss I use to have and for some reason I can feel him when he arrived to work, until this day I can see his face and feel him like if I was in love but maybe I'm feeling his mood when he sees someone? That I also don't understand or it's just me? Once I took a friend to do a cleansing at the mountains but I told her everything like how her life was going to change to the better more money, she was going to be around famous people and just recently I felt like she wanted to do something to change her life but it was going to be difficult and I cried telling her and I hugged her like if she was one of my own kids feeling her pain and maybe future struggles I felt there was something with me helping me what to say do or what to have her do. Also sometimes for the cleansing I would tell her what to do because I wasn't prepared to do it for her. There is days were I can feel when my ex is around if he laughs with me or says something to me through sign I don't know there's day I feel I'm crazy it sounds crazy. The other friend I also new how to help her and I also knew our friendship was going to end it's like I knew how bad she talked about me with her boyfriend.

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lauterb (110 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-20)
Dear JohanaB
Don't be confused, probably you are:

Presentient Mediums.
184. The kind of impression which we call presentiment is a vague intuition of future things. This faculty, more or less developed in certain mediums, is sometimes the result of a sort of second-sight, * by which they obtain glimpses of the consequences of things present, and thus perceive the filiation of events to come; but it is also, in many cases, the result of occult communications. It is to persons who are thus endowed, and who constitute a variety of the inspired mediums, that we give the appellation of presentient mediums.
Http:// page 194.


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