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My Experiences And A Faceless Person


I have grown up seeing spirits. I was 2 when I told my family about a past life in detail. Such as "when I was a boy I docked boats in San Francisco" and proceeded to give details of the city that I had never been to.

It was around 4 years of age that I started being able to predict earthquakes.

It was also around 4 that I predicted and earthquake within the hour and it was extremely accurate. That is when I was slapped by my father who told me to never do it again. From then on the sprits no longer let me see them and it took years to be able to feel an impending earthquake but, with less accuracy. It's devastating to know an earthquake is coming and not know what day or country. Depending on the feeling I can at least tell how severe it will be. I still have a keen sense of people and my surroundings. Like knowing when something is about to happen.

In recent years I have seen glimpses of spirits. Have had quite a few paranormal experiences.

I feel like my senses are coming back and would like to tune in better to hone in on what I already have. I feel so scattered with my abilities.

I would also like opinions on something that has never happened to me before.

Today while driving I passed a car headed in the opposite direction out of a parking lot and the passenger was faceless. I took a double take and it was about the third look she finally had a face. It really has me on edge and I would love some insight to what it all could mean.

I am so happy to have found a place to ask these questions and to hopefully get some help.

Thank you in advance.

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LadyB13 (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-28)
❤ Thank you so very much for your insight. This has given me a lot of useful information. I am so greatful.
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-26)
Hi LadyB13,
I believe what you were witnessing was a demon in the middle of shape shifting or possessing a person. You might be starting to get an ability that I have. For a very long time I have been able to see Demons during the middle of the day especially in large crowds. They sometimes hang very near people when they are trying to influence them. It probably did not realize that you were able to partially see through it's image. Some Demons are devoid of a mouth or eyes but, just have depressions in their face where those things should be. A Demon or it's minions have the ability to shape shift to look like a person or something else. I have many abilities but, they run more toward the darker spectrum of paranormal abilities. I am not on this site very often until I am driven or compelled to be. It does not seem that very many psychics experience these things but, I am sure that I am not the only one. I think that you might accidentally be tuning into their frequencies and if so you need to be careful and protect your self.
These entities are all around us all of the time and are constantly trying to influence and corrupt mankind. Fortunately there is a barrier to help protect us from them. Usually they need an opportunity or opening to gain access to our lives. They are constantly just waiting for people to slip up and invite them. That is why I always warn people on this site bout Ouija boards and like things.
If you are starting to open up to this ability and would like to hone it to help others you must do some work on your self first. First off you must learn to control your fears. You need to cultivate protection for your self first. People may not want to hear or read this, but only God, the Creator, the Great spirit, or whatever term you wish to use can keep you truly safe. I have dealt with this realm and have many stories. You need to cleanse your self, soul, id, spirit, higher self first and gain control of your own will and strengthen it. This will help you resist influences. You need to become a believer. You need to learn to pray and meditate.
If you think I'm joking I can tell a story about a Pastor I tried to warn about what I seen coming after him and the downward spiral is life took. Luckily he is still with us but even he went to very dark place and almost became a statistic. In fact I just talked to him 3 weeks ago. He no longer has a church but is doing much better and turned his life back around.
Now once you get your ducks in a row and want to practice, all it takes is people watching. Take some evening in a large venue or crowd and find a good vantage point to watch from. Sit down, relax and calm your self down. Close your eyes for a minute try and listen to your own heartbeat and tune out the noise and crowd. When the sound of your heart gets louder and slows down open your eyes and focus on the whole crowd not just one person. You should be able to pick out the people or objects that just don't seem to fit in. After you do this a few times you should be able to catch a glimpse of something or someone moving in and around the crowd. If you truly have the gift, the first time you actually catch a demon shape shifting it will freak you out. The first time you see one in it's natural form it will scare the c__p out of you until you get your wits about you. The best movie example of this I could give you is a movie called Odd Thomas. Though what I see does not look like what he seen the effect is similar. They know I can see them and can't seem to leave until I blink and then they are gone.
Now I want to stress to not try this until you can protect your self.

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