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Black And Gold Greater Shadow Person


I'm trying to figure out the gold symbolism of shadow people encounters.

I see a figure black figure in my dreams, before bed sometimes and first witnessed him during meditation.

There are a lot of accounts of shadow people with glowing yellow eyes who seem to be depicted like scavengers/vultures in behavior.

I have seen other shadow people before and after learning from a friend how to overcome the dread-lock that would wash over me I can literally delete them from my reality.

This figure I see is a shadow person but not in a cloak. He is my size and height and has two horizontal slits stacked vertically for its eyes. With a third slit slightly lower representing a mouth.

This entity first appeared a couple years after my sleep paralysis began, and only after I learned to deal with the lesser shadow people.

His eyes and his mouth are glowing gold. Furiously. Almost like solar wind. He is basically solar wind or some sort of gold dust inside a black spandex suit (He's three dimensional too - Not like the paper cutout quality the shadow people often have.). Light is brimming out of the slits on his face.

It's never a negative experience that I feel when he's with me but there is still an incredible sense of gravity when he is around.

I've had dreams where I am him. I am floating in a void and I am missing my right arm and right leg.

In a premonition I am conquer a leviathan. This is in a void as well.

My state of mind in these experiences is lucid but I feel no emotion one way or the other.

These are incredibly vivid dreams visually as if I'm looking through this thing's eyes. I've never had an experience in his skin while awake.

I was wondering if anyone else has had experiences like this. They sound extreme. I don't know if this is a part of me breaking through from another plane of being, a foreign entity, or maybe I just have a killer imagination.

I am inclined to believe this is a part of me from a higher existence. A different container of my soul that I have connected with. That may be unwise. I think it is a good entity. I do not want to put trust in it if I am mistaken, though.

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antimaterengin (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-06)
I'm not sure where to post this- when I was 5 years old, I had a dream- it started as I woke in my aunts library where I took a nap. As I woke I was alone and went to the door- wich was closed and the doors seemed like they were carved into the wall aka they would not even wiggle. I heard a voice behind me, I turned to see a figure, hooded and cloaked. I was scared and the voice said something to the point of "dont be afraid it is me" it took the hood from its face and I was instantly calm and not afraid. We proceeded to talk and it feels like it was an argument about my life. I remember it being said I was not supposed to be here that there was a mistake and I was supposed to be borne in the distant future. I remember being upset and I argued with this entity. I was told I had a choice- if I chose to stay these people "my parents" would take care of me but I wouldn't have anyone else other than animals in my life, as far as love goes... I remember saying that "i will remember this" and the entity said "you will remember me but you will not remember this conversation-what we talked about" this dream seemed to dictate my life and I remember it now as if it happened yesterday. Any input? I would love some kind of answer for this...

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