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I recently discovered this website and I find it very interesting and useful. It is not very easy to find people with whom to share psychic experiences or that have information that can help sensitive persons to cope better with this kind of situations.

Since I was litte, I have always been able to sense other people's feelings when they are in a particular context or life situation (at work, at school, at a friends home, in a wedding, at a graduation, etc.) and also how they feel about me or others (happy, sad, envy, angry, loving, lying, etc.). I can sense the emotion clearly throughout all my body, sometimes I can even hear in my head their thoughts or even dream in advance about their reactions to a specific situation or person, but all coming from the fact that I can sense their feelings in the first place. I am particularly sensitive to the feelings of people that are very close or dear to me.

From what I have read in this forum, I think I might be an empath. I want to learn more about this and would appreciate some sources that you could share with me. However, I write today because I have three questions and would like to know if you could help me:

1. Is it possible to sense other people's feelings, even at long distance (for example when they live in another city)?

2. How can I distinguish that I am sensing other persons feelings and not my own? I get very confused about this, sometimes even get depressed or too angry without apparent reason for later getting to know that someone close to me was feeling either too sad or too angry and I could feel him/her in the same moment. After knowing this, these feelings disappear and that is why I think that they are not my own feelings but those ones from a dear one. Many times I even get awake from sensing them as the connection is very strong, despite the time zone differences.

3. How can I protect myself from intense, negative feelings from others and/or learn to live with this high sensitivity? It is often the case that I carry around with me for days the energy of other people's feelings, like if I was sort of an energetic trashcan or so (people even tell me they feel better and lighter after talking with me). I would like to know how to get rid of this energy that does not belong to me.

I would appreciate if you could share your experiences and advices with me.


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GeorgiaMOM (guest)
10 years ago (2014-12-06)
Honestly, until this past May I didn't have a clue about anything. I was just the black sheep of the family with crazy dreams and so different compared to my siblings.

You see my brother in law passed suddenly in July 2012 on the job and some crazy things happened after. I just struggled through until this past May when my cousin's 15 year old passed from a freak accident on a hunting trip with his dad. He was like a son to me. The grief was unbearable and then when I dealt with his dad and mom and all my other family, during & after the funereal, I would become so overwhelmed I would have anxiety attacks and cry uncontrollably until I passed out. But I felt much better away from everyone, even my own family. So I started hiding in my own home, away from all my family. In doing this, crazy things started happening in my home and it started to effect my husband and kids. I started researching some of this and found this site. I reached out to someone from here and she helped me understand everything and helped me stop all the crazy. Even things I'd dealt with as a child came to light within days. And once I did as she asked me to, just as I did you, I felt a huge difference. I had no trouble distinguishing the difference between my own feelings and others, which also let me know when to protect myself more. This is the basics of my story in the finding of this site and how it changed my life. Now I just want to help others as much as I can and pass on what was passed to me. So as you grow you can start helping others as well. No pressure, I just like to pass those blessings along, as I imagine you will as well.

You will see what I'm talking about... Just wait. Things become so much clearer and your own sensations start awakening you to what is causing the good and the bad. You develop a understanding of self preservation and enjoyment that were never able to develop before. Because of the cloud of emotions you shared with others internally. Empathy is a gift, but not managed it is a curse. I pray your path is just as uplifting as mine has been and brings you the same wisdom and peace. Blessings to you and your loved ones. God Bless
patocafe (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-12-05)
Thanks GeorgiaMOM, the website is really helpful. I also tried you advice and felt great afterwards.

How long have you been aware about being an empath? Have you been able to discover on how to potentialize this trait as the gift it is? I am interested in knowing more about your story 😁
GeorgiaMOM (guest)
10 years ago (2014-11-26)
Absolutely, you feel their fears and it causes your own to triple. Just the same with all other emotions, but for some reason anger, fear and sadness seem to be more powerful. To the extent of being over whelmed and taken over by these feelings even though there not your own, especially with close relatives. At least for me that is. However there are a few ways to help with the problems your having. First close your eyes and visual the emotions as a mist of any color of your liking. Once you see it take a deep breathe and when you exhale visualize in your mind you are pushing the emotions that doesn't belong to you away with your breathe. This should help a great deal with clearing out unwanted emotions that are not yours. Then clarity is found on your true emotions. Take a soaking bath in sea salt or Epsom salt after your done.
Also check this site out for more information. A wonderful friend passed all of this along to me a few weeks ago to help me get out of the house and now I can deal with things a lot better and have no trouble in distinguishing what emotions I am feeling verses others that I have pulled in. It also offers ways to protect yourself as well.
Let me know if any further help is needed. Blessings for you and your loved ones.

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