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Are My Experiences Considered Psychic?


As of lately I've been experiencing more and more "coincidences" that at this point i'm not sure they are even coincidences anymore. Every since I was little I've always been interested in things like psychics and the supernatural but it wasn't until recently that I started looking deeper into it. I've always had weird feelings about bad things before they would happen and still do until this day, like I get certain hunches that tell me not to go to out and it turns out that the freeway I would've needed to get on had an accident, but ever since I have looked into the more unexplained side of the world things have been happening a lot more frequently. Therefore that lingering feeling of mystery led me to this site in hope of some clarification.

11:11 is a number on the clock I see pretty frequently even though i'm not the type to be aware of the time. At first when I noticed it reoccurring I was thinking that maybe I was used to looking at the clock around that time for some reason but I have no classes around that time and nor do I have a curfew to be checking around both 11:11 p.m. Or a.m. (and even then the fact that it was ALWAYS 11:11 when I looked is what caught my interest), so I decided to look further. After some research it seems most people claim that it's a sign of some sort of awakening or maybe some entity trying to contact you. Personally after these next few incidents i'll share I lean closer to thinking that it's an awakening of some sort.

For a while now I have had these instances where i'm thinking about something specific, like for example Domino's pizza, and then not even a minute later my dad will ask if anyone wants pizza from the exact place I was thinking despite that food was not what the conversations topic at all. These small occurrences are something I have yet to explain and all I can really think of is "I got lucky" but due to the other things that tend to happen i'm not so sure.

So now these are the events that really caught me off guard. The first time this has ever happened was in the third grade when I had a solar system project that was due that I didn't finish. I remember that I was really scared that I was going to get a bad grade and my first thought was "I hope the school catches on fire!", you know like how any reasonable third grader would think. I kept thinking this until eventually the teacher turned to me and as she was about to open her mouth the fire alarm went off and ran out the classroom door as fast as my tiny legs would take me. Turns out the principal had planned a surprise fire drill that day that only the office staff had know about. Even though a distraction successfully occurred I still was forced to turn in a hardly finished solar system project with five minutes left of class. Now more recently in my freshman year of high school I had an elective called AVID having to do with college readiness and again in this situation I had an unfinished project the night before it was due. That night I had been so stressed about that project I was almost crying because I knew I could not get it done in time. I specifically had the thought of "God, I wish that school would just burn down!" (as you see third grade me and freshman me aren't much different...). The next day I very vividly remember the smell of smoke and the next thing you know the class next to mine out of all the places on campus was set on fire along with my classrooms wall, and so I ended up getting three more days to work due to all the commotion. The school never found a culprit but I did get an A on that assignment. The last most impactful thing to have happened recently was when I was having a mental breakdown about something my "best friend" kept doing to me. Ever since I was little I have attracted people that... Don't have the best intentions toward me but I usually got by but this time I was having a really hard time keeping it together. I wanted revenge against her even though she didn't know I was even mad. I kept hyping myself up until I was livid and went as far as looking up hexes to put on her, but decided against it after some rational thinking. When I went to sleep that night though my last thought was "She's going to pay...".Then the next morning I has cooled down a bit and walked into my first period noticing that she wasn't in her seat. I took her about an hour into school before she got there and I asked her what happened and she said that she had real bad stomach ache that morning and got into a car crash with her mother. After remembering what I had almost done the night before I felt bad wondering if I had somehow caused that. Other smaller incidents like this will happen to where if I want something to happen bad enough I will get it, like a petty bet or someone to have bad service while out eating. These freak me out the most and I don't really know what is going on and why so often. Thought I do notice that they mostly happen when I am full of negative emotion and they usually have to do with misfortune.

For the most part I haven't really took stuff seriously until it stared to affect big things like car crash or the fire but now that I notice things more I can't really ignore them as well as before. I'm a pretty young kid so all this is new to me and a little overwhelming. If anyone has any idea what these could mean or if there is any more of a more practical explanation I would really appreciate your opinions and voice because I would really like to have an idea of what\'s going on.

Thank you so much!

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