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My Dreams Are Strange


I've been having strange dreams for as long as I can remember, I just recently started paying close attention to them. Back on may 1st through may 12 I was locked up and I was having dreams every time I slept. I still do but not like then, I could close my eyes for literally 30 seconds and would start dreaming instantly. One night I had a dream that my sister got pregnant, and in that same dream, I had a dream my cousin whose more like my brother got shot and killed. I woke up panicking and called my mother to ask if she talked to my cousin and she said no. I told her and my older sister (not the one who I dreamed was pregnant) to tell my cousin to stay out the way. I then asked if my younger sister was pregnant and she said not that she know of. I still had a funny feeling from that point on. Every time I would lie down and look at the wall I would see my cousin's face shaped in it. So I ended up getting out may 12. I hung out with my cousin and it felt as if it was my last time hanging with him. For 2 weeks straight I hung with him. I think I t was around may 21 of this year when my mom called and said my sister who dreamed was pregnant like 2 weeks earlier was pregnant. I wasn't shocked because I felt I already knew. Fast toward to June 5th and I started getting weird vibes about my cousin. He ended up getting shot and killed like in my dream and its crazy how I found out. It was early in the morning like six and I'm still sleep but my mom comes in the room to give me bus money I need. She then leaves for work. But in my dream I hear her scream and say something about my cousin but I thought I was just going crazy I guess. Like 10 or 15 minutes later I hear a scream just like the one in my dream 15 minutes ago and then she comes in crying and says my cousin is gone. What's crazy is I seen it happen the exact same way it happened in my dream. I have been having dreams every night since then. I've had a dream where my cousin tell me where he got shot. I didn't know where because I really didn't want to know. But another cousin confirmed that's where he got shot. I've been dreaming of things that seem so real. Like my birthday was just on July 21st. The night before I had a dream that my cousins daughter who I've never really met before was with me and family. It wasn't a gathering planned but sure enough my family shows up with my cousin's 1 year old daughter the exact way I seen it in my dream. Coincidence?

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Berellic (54 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-28)
These types of dreams you are having that come true after, seems to me that these events are being shown to you for a purpose that leads to a greater understanding about yourself on a personal level and the support of people around you. Make sure of the people you care about around you have your back and are willing to listen and help when you go through things. It always helps to talk with people about what's on your mind but take it slow. How are these dreams going to change the type of person you are today? With all the impacts these dreams have had so far in your life, you are being guided through and god is with you. 😁

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