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My Aerokinesis Experience


Let's start from beginning first off my friends call me cinder because my real name is kind of boring so I just go by that. Anyways I think I have the power of aerokinesis because when I was in 5th grade me and my friend were walking to after school care. We got bored so we started playing who could jump the highest but when my foot hit the ground the wind started blowing all around us me and my friend thought it was just a coincidence, but when I did it again the same thing happened me and my friend decided to keep walking. Later when we were at after school care my friend asked me to try to change the directions of the wind with my hands. I didn't think it would work but I decided to humor her I move my hand to the right and the wind started blowing towards the right then I moved my hand to the left and the wind started blowing towards the left. My friend thought I had powers but I didn't believe her after a while I forgot about that event until 4 years later when another strange event happened I was outside walking my dog then I started to notice that when I went outside the wind would start blowing like crazy so I tried moving my hand different directions and the wind blew in the same directions. I decided to look it up online it was that the power was called aerokinesis, I also saw that many people have the same experiences as me. It would mean a lot if someone could tell me if it's true or not or have tips on how to control it. I'm also looking for information on this ability. Thank you, cinder

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Berellic (54 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-01)
[at] Cinder, I don't think you are crazy, I've had similar experiences with aerokinesis and agree that there are many people out there that are capable of doing this. Aerokinesis is one of those abilities where it can be trained on strongly, but eventually won't be as useful in everyday life unless you find need for it. When performing this ability it actually helps with developing energy manipulation abilities; in which can help with controlling energy for the purposes of spiritual protections.

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