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What Am I Considered?


To be honest there are so many stories that I can't share half of them. I will share several of the most recent "oddities" I've dealt with. I have never considered myself to be psychic per say; that's more of what my friends would call me or my husband. It was a friend I've had for over 15 years who suggested I look into what category if any I fall under. I'm 23, I'll be 24 the 20th of June 2010. I am a white female of German, Dutch, Irish, and 1/4 Cherokee/Creek heritage I'm uncertain as to if this is of any matter or not.

I know upon meeting people many things about them, I feel what they are feeling and can tell someones personality right off the bat, generally their age as well. I can tell if my friends relationships will end and how just hours into seeing the two together. As a child my mother thought I was always upset or happy for no reason, malls and crowded places left me feeling overwhelmed. To this day I have to be very calm and in control to go out to bars or restaurants and not be overwhelmed by so much energy, I start to feel fuzzy I guess that's the best way to put it.

My earliest big vision I can remember was of a male babysitter my parents hired for the first time, I was 5 at the time. We were introduced to him as my parents left for an evening out. Austin bothered me, I saw a picture of him with his finger to his lips going shhh... I told my Mom that he was a bad person and she left me and my two younger sister with him anyways. She always found me to be too judgmental of people. Long story short he molested my sisters forcing them to perform sex acts and I hid in another room trying to take them with me. They would not leave the house and I would not leave them there. We were told to be quiet because we would get in trouble if our parents found out, I lied agreeing to keep "the secret". The next morning I told my parents everything and the police arived soon after.

Another big event was when our dog, A German Shepherd of 4 years of age came up and lay her head on my lap, looked into my eyes and told me she was dying. Yes, told me she was dying. The dog had not spoken to me before I was caught off guard. I forced my husband to take her to the vet, they swore she was fine until blood work revealed she had less than 5% of her kidney function... She eventually was put down several months later after treatments had failed and she deteriorated.

Animals and I have always been oddly connected, My horses and I are very well matched due to this and I can think something and they will do it for me 90% of the time. A lot of this is training and subtle movements of my body I know but Leonessa will almost perform off of my thoughts. She did tell an animal psychic that we didn't need her between us to tell me what she thought, that I already knew...

In October of 2009 my husband deployed to Helmand Province in Afghanistan. He left for his first patrol in November. My husband is EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal, I.E. Bomb Squad) and his job is obviously dangerous. Despite the danger associated with his job I had never worried on previous deployments and felt that he would be fine. I have had nothing but negative feelings about this deployment. Neil is a SSGT now (USMC) and is a team leader on this deployment. He told me of the mission they were leaving on and I told him to be very careful that something was not right about this. He knows me well enough to heed my warnings at this point, nearly four years into our marriage. He was gone for 8 days on patrol and I hardly slept, when I did I had nightmares and awoke to write him emails, fully aware he would not get them until he returned to the FOB. Well Thursday I was in the shower, and I suddenly saw an image of a truck exploding. The image was crisp and clear, almost as if it was in front of me like a film being played on a screen. It was 3D like a movie with the glasses they hand out. The explosion itself seemed to actually pop out and at me, it was not real life sized but prob a foot by a foot. Almost while this was playing out in front of me I hear a doorbell but my dogs aren't barking. I am still standing still in the shower at this point. I hear the doorbell a second time and see as though it is real life sized this time but in front of me as if I am at the front door two marines at the door. I refuse to budge from the shower staying still for several seconds trying to figure out what just happened. I continue on about my day and with my plan to go with my friends to lunch. I have several drinks after lunch which drew several stares from my friends as I never drink anymore. I was so worried and could not shake the feeling that something was or was about to be very very wrong, I was sure my husband was in an explosion. Saturday around noon our time my cell rings and it's Neil.

I was thrilled to hear his voice and immediately told him I thought he had been in an explosion, that I was certain someone had died and hadn't slept at all since Thursday. He was quiet and when he spoke he said " I can't tell you much right now baby, but we didn't call come back and I was in an explosion." I had many questions and told him to refer to his email, which I had written him detailing my shower experience that Thursday evening. It turns out that Neil had walked out of the truck at a point and stepped on a pressure triggered IED. Another Marine, a younger one, Shaun Heffner from Texas had then stepped on it when the rest of the guys were back in the truck. The younger marine took the impact as well as the truck. Neil suffered a head injury but was not taken to hospital. That was November, middle of the month, of this past fall.

Later that week I was a block away from turning the corner onto another country road and I see a deer on the upcoming road (before I turn) standing in the middle of the road. I turn the corner slowly and look onto the far right of the road. I slow more and a deer jumps out in front of me and I brake to avoid hitting her. I saw this as a movie as well, with no sound.

This past week I was driving past a local gas station and there were firetrucks everywhere. I thought and told my friend that an appliance had been plugged in and caused an electrical fire. It turns out that a space heater had caused the fire (which was not catastrophic) there was no indication of a fire aside from the trucks as we drove by.

Those are several recent experiences off the top of my head. The two first stories are from some time ago, the first almost 20 years ago, the second was from spring of 2008. I hope some of you can lead me some insight into what I'm dealing with or what I am considered?

Thanks for your time everyone.


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ahnkar (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-10)
as too that, I have no idea. I'm sorry I can't be much help on those matters, but my experiences are very very limited. As an empath, I've only just recently started to fully manifest my talents. And I don't know anyone with those two particular talents, but from my experience, I think I can fairly confidently say those are NOT part of being an empath, those are something else that I do not know. Though perhaps your dog communicating with you is on some level, empathic.
LaurenAshley (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-08)
What about the "movies" and my dog talking to me periodically? Are these also Empathic traits? I wish I had someone to I guess help me understand all of this.
ahnkar (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-08)
well, I'm also very inexperienced, but I'm lucky enough to have a mentor who is very experienced, and a friend that has the same abilities as me. We're empaths, and like you I can pick up on peoples emotions, as well as my friend. However, she also gets a good sense of people's character very quickly, and we believe it's because she's had a family that nurtures her talent, and I didn't even realize I had mine until recently. I would recommend learning some form of psychic shielding, I've found that it does wonders for feeling overwhelmed in crowds. I wish you the best of luck!
LaurenAshley (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-08)
Nobody has any suggestions as to what this is if anything at all?

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