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Real Dream: Is This Considered A Premonition?


Recently I've started noticing a pattern in my dreams. This pattern is "recent" only in realization; I'm unsure when these types of dreams started as they can be easy to dismiss or pass off. They may be nothing at all, but I thought maybe someone could help me figure out if they are.

I tend to have a mixture of very realistic dreams and fantastical dreams. I have real dreams about as often as "fantasy dreams" and sometimes they can mix in order to flow or transition. My "real dreams" seem semi-lucid (often times I start to panic in a scenario and need to tell myself I'm dreaming & then I let myself feel "dreamy" so that I don't wake up), but I have no real control over most aspects of the dreams. My "real dreams" normally include people I'm spending a lot of time with, people I miss, or people I seem to have made up.

To give a quick example before I lose you: last night I was having a "fantasy dream" (unaware of being in a dream and strange, nonsensical series of events and symbols with no feeling) about walking through Wright Square in Savannah, GA. Once my dream version recognized where I was, my "real dream" began and I started to take more notice of my surroundings: I'm with two co-workers, it is cloudy and wet, and we are talking about where to eat. Then I notice a man hunched by a tree or wooden cart and he looks young & homeless. He looks at me and I start to feel panicked. I am consciously (in the dream) thinking this man is going to hurt us. I try to warn my co-workers of who is lurking, but he snatches a purse from one of them before I can say anything. I feel uncontrollably surprised and wake up.

THIS MORNING on our way to work it was cloudy. The weather reminded of my dream, but I didn't say anything because we've all been a little edgy about strange paranormal things that have been happening in our hotel rooms and around town. (Could be related?) So we arrive to work with no issue.

THIS AFTERNOON on our way to lunch it was drizzling. As soon as we get to the cafe, I get very bad vertigo. My vertigo is a feeling of extreme unbalance when I walk and lasts while I walk in the cafe. We all joke that it's ghosts and as soon as I step out of the restaurant I feel fully fine again. We walk back to work with no issues.

THIS EVENING when we left work, a FEW THINGS happened: (I notice this in retrospect, not as they happen)

1. We agree to meet at a certain exit every day, normally having to wait. Today we all run into each other at the exit at the EXACT. SAME. TIME. (there are different paths to this exit door)

2. I take cash out of the outside ATM that is by the exit; my co-workers wait for me but I become distracted. As I am making a transaction at the machine, I place a call to my boyfriend.

3. We walk together through Wright Square towards the courthouse (like in my dream) and eventually reach our hotel's elevator. The whole time I am on my phone & my co-workers chat.

Now, this all seems normal until TONIGHT when one of the girls I work with says "oh gosh, I'm still shook up by that guy" and the other agrees. I have no idea what they're talking about so I ask what happened. They both start to tell me about this hoodlum who was very obviously following us, maybe even waiting for an opportunity. They both agree he seemed to be up to something because of the way he brushed by one of them in a covertly rude way as a means to look inside her purse. A few feet ahead he stopped by a trash bin and pretended to crouch down to tie a shoe. At this point, the girl he brushed by makes eye contact with him and the other girl notices a cop in uniform walk around the corner. The first co-worker watched the creep as he spotted the cop also and said she saw him hesitant to do anything, but then hurried away in the opposite direction of our group and the cop. They both agree he was sketchy, made them feel uneasy, and felt lucky the cop was in the area.

This isn't exactly a premonition, as you can see. Though I did predict the weather today and we went to dinner tonight (like we had talked about in my dream). BUT it was only me who saw the mugger in the "real dream" and it was not interrupted. In "real life" however, I was blissfully unaware of everything and it was the girls in my dream whom I wanted to warn who were keeping watch.

Unfortunately, I have a very bad habit of not giving my "real dreams" much credit. I regularly pass off warnings in dreams and don't do much analysing of them. But after tonight, I feel different. Could I have foreseen things in the square? And if so, why were things so starkly different while being essentially the same? Was I my co-worker in the dream? Or could my vertigo have been a symptom of the universe changing my path/destiny for the day? Do you need to have correct visions to be clairvoyant? Am I reading too much into it? I could use outside opinions.

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dresdencodex (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-19)
TO Rook, sorry for the delay in response (if this site has e-mail notifications, I may have signed up with an old address). Anyway, many of my coworkers are religious, as Georgia is in the "Bible Belt" of the country. That could very well explain the deterrence. It's been 7 months since my post (wow!) and I've been paying a lot more attention to my dreams; I had no idea how much they can reveal! Haven't started a dream journal, but that's a GREAT idea. I'll have to look up how to keep one. Also, I have been noticing more frequent but small predictions, I'm now understanding the difference between prems and predictions.

Thank you to you both for your responses, I only wish I had seen them sooner!
RookDygin (5 stories) (324 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-04)
Definition time...

Premonitions: 1) a strong feeling, without a rational basis, that something is going to happen. 2) an advance warning about a future event.

Predictions: 1) a statement of what somebody thinks will happen in the future. 2) the making of a statement or forming of an opinion about what will happen in the future.

Premonitions can happen anytime... Either by physical contact with an individual or in your own dreams. They become PREDICTIONS when voiced out loud/shared with other people.


As far as this dream is concerned it seems as if you had a Premonition via this dream in which you were one of your co-workers...The Vertigo may have been something 're-setting' and allowing the event you saw in your dream to not 'play out' (are any of your co-workers Religious...doesn't matter which Church/Religion) because if they 'prayed for protection' and it was granted this may be what you 'felt' and was something you were not shown in your 'dream'.

Do you keep a Journal of these dreams? If not it please start one... It will help show the frequency of these type of dreams and how offten you are correct. As far as being 'labled' clairvoyant... Yes it truly helps if your 'dreams/visions' are 'correct/true' otherwise they are just dreams of things that might have been... Unless of course you take 'direct action' to change the course of events. 😉


little-rose67 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-28)
They aren't exactly premonitions you are more likely predicting the future. Most premonitions occur when you make physical contact with a person and will show you something about that persons future.

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