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Faceless Figure That Healed Me In My Dreams


I never sign up for online sights anymore but after experiencing what I did I need some clarification. I've had some unknown stomach issue that has went unchecked. I was passing blood every day. Latley I've been have very lucid dreams. And during one that really didn't make sense I ended up in my grandmothers house which for some reason was completely wrecked, dark, and like a scene from a horror movie. Although I wasn't scared at this time because I was with unknown people I knew something. Evil was I'm there. I was with a bunch of people and somehow ended up in the basement alone where I was confronted by a black figure with a completley white face (no eyes, nose. Ears. Nothing. Just an egg shaped white face. It was terrifying). I closed my eyes out of fear and before I knew it she (for some reason I knew she was female) had laid me on some sort of table and proceeded to tell me I was sick and had problems. My eyes were still closed it was too afraid to open my eyes. She than took her head and laid it on my stomach. It felt so real I could feel pressure in my lower body. Than after I think she said something, along the lines of "you're now better" but not those exact words. After which I opened my eyes and was back outside. It was sunny and there were a bunch of people celebrating. It has been a week or more since the accident and ever since I haven't had one issue with passing blood. I've heard of spiritual guides but from what I've read they are never scary looming or have the ability the heal. Does anyone have knowledge of what it could of been? Since than my dreams are extremely lucid and sleeping is becoming hard for me

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RyuHayabusa (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-12)
This is timely. I've never seen or used this website before. I was looking up random things on Google and saw your post.
I've had a similar experience with a Faceless figure so I signed up just to respond:-)

Years ago, I was in a relationship with a woman who was found out later to have sociopathic tendencies. I broke up with her, but because I had invested so much in her, I was heartbroken and depressed.

I am normally very active and athletic but after the breakup I would lie in bed for hours in emotional pain. One night I had a dream of a faceless figure. I remember "she" wore light grey clothing and had no facial features or ears. She did have long purple hair that she kept in a ponytail.

In the dream I had a large growth covering the left side of my torso. At the beginning of the dream, it was the size of a mole, but by the end, the mole had grown to cover my upper left side (from my pelvis to my throat). All attempts in the dream to remove the growth had failed and I had resigned to live with it and keep it covered up with my clothing for the rest of my life.

I have a pretty muscular physique, but the in the dream I had become emaciated because this "thing" was feeding off of me.

Enter the Faceless Figure.

I was not afraid of her. I instantly felt as if she was there to help inspite of her appearance.

I don't remember her speaking but she instructs me to lie down and then places her head on my chest where the growth was. (Almost as if she's listening for something).

She then "tells me" to remove my tshirt and as I do, the growth rolls up into a cylinder and falls of my body with no effort at all. The Faceless Figure then picks it up and places it in an aquarium of water. The growth turns into a venomous snake-like creature and attacks the glass.

In the dream, I am shocked at this. I grab a sword (which I happen to carry in dreams quite often) and decapitate the creature. It lies dead in the water.

I wake up and the whole left side of my torso felt sore as if I had just completed a tremendous workout. It felt like a huge pressure had been removed. I felt that sensation throughout the entire day. I also felt better mentally and was a lot LESS depressed than I had in previous days. I then felt like being active and happy again.

I'm usually pretty healthy and have checkups on a regular basis. However, at the time of this dream I had not been recently. Whether I had a physical ailment that had not been identified I do not know, but I do believe that this figure healed me from a "broken heart" at least:-)

I hope this helped.

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