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Danger Through The Eyes Of A Comic


This was roughly 5 years ago, and I would classify it as a clairvoyant vision.

I had just got home from class and had a few hours to spare before my night shift for work. I suddenly felt fatigued and dizzy, so I laid down to rest.

The way it works for me when I have a vision is that I usually "see" an asymmetrical tunnel that is colored by a royal purple. It's difficult to describe the process, since everyone has their own unique visual cues. For me, I just move my mind through this tunnel and I see things. Sometimes it is for fun, and other times it's valuable information.

What I saw was a garage door about 3/4 open. Then I looked deeper and saw a man that had a wife beater on, with a slightly angled stance, slouching to the left from his perspective. He was glaring at a woman across from him. I sensed a feeling of lust and danger. The woman's hair was a deep red, and she had a vacuum in her hand. She was bent down, similar to how a hockey player looks like when they are rushing to the goal. That was the end of the vision.

I found out later that day that my mother told me she almost had to beat down a very creepy man who was staring at her while she was in the garage at one of her houses she had to clean for that day. She was doing it for the money, and it was a necessity at that point in her life. There weren't too many viable sources of income, other than online writing.

Her hair is a natural blonde, but I think the red hair meant anger. I usually associate colors with how they represent my initial feelings. For me, red has a few meanings:

Passion, Anger, Sexual Vitality, Etc.

In this case, I attributed it to anger.

As far as the relevance as to why I had this experience, I am unsure if I can prescribe a definitive answer. My speculations would be that I have always had a strong connection with my mother, and I was also going through a spiritual awakening. This vision was one of the ones I could remember.

I've had a bunch since then, and some of the ones I have experienced have set in motion some major life changes.

I've always tried to approach life through the eyes of a pragmatist, but I always seem to gravitate towards being "the daydreamer".

I'm content with that.

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