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My Four Legged Angel


To start with, this is my first post here but I've read many many post here I find them very helpful fascinating and insightful but this is the first time I have joined and am posting.

So I titled this my four legged angel as it has to do with two of my dogs that passed away a few year's back one of which I think is still here guarding me like the sweet guard dog she was

My dogs arrived to me when my sisters went on a walk and the old story they fallowed me home was not just a story this time they indeed fallowed my sister's home

The poor dears had no home were dirty and hungry a bit skinny so I gave them food... Better to ask forgiveness than permission (wink)

They didn't leave after that like they claimed my family we were their home they even stayed after the snow came (ice we don't get snow) they sleped in the dog crate we through a blanket on it my mom was hoping they would leave but they didn't they made up their minds they were home so my mom let them in insisted on a bath I could not blame her they were dirty I baithed them the scruffy one took to me very quickly he was my onery booger that I loved we named him rodeo and the other annie

Sadly rodeo at only maybe a couple years old died he ran into a truck I was not a witness thank God as he was my baby I don't think I could handle it my mom came in the house and said stay inside I don't know how I knew but immediately I knew rodeo was dead I closed my eyes something I do as I notice sometimes it can influence not control but influence I believe there's a natural balance that cannot be changed so I cannot control but I've learned I can influence I don't know how I had come to learn this it was like I simply felt the knowledge inside so I knew I don't use my gift for silly things but for my dog I thought it was necessary so I envisioned him in my mind and thought the words rodeo come back stay home to which I saw him wag his tale and think back I am going home I knew then it was done I could not help my dog he was going home to heaven later mu family finally told me what happened I did not tell them I already knew as I know they know I have gifts but how much can they handle knowing I don't know so I try not to reveal to much to them

Shortly after I dreamed of rodeo it made my heart sore and happy to hug him again even if in a dream but eventually I realized I was dreaming I felt guilty realizing he belongs in heaven now not with me I felt selfish I was sitting at the kitchen table in my dream I remember hugging him and then saying sorry rodeo you must go home go home I love you I'm sorry he looked confused as to what I meant but after that the dreams stopped I still see him in my dreams from time to time but it is as if he is just saying hi and checking on me any one who has ever had a dog I'm sure will understand

Then there was annie after rodeo died she bonded with me she loved rodeo she didn't hate other dogs (except chihuahua's she hated that breed with a passion -laughing-) and my sister has a chihuahua named taco

Annie was also my baby I spoiled her but because she didn't like taco she played out side in the day and slept in my room at night which she was happy with she loved the outside more we had a routine she was a big dog she needed exercise (so did I -laughing-) so I would walk her come home and give her a treat last treat a shared with her was a glutan free bagel we sit enjoy the quiet then around evening she would come inside to sleep huffing away at my window warning all sounds out side stay away from her human

But then the unexpected happened not that I ever expected my first dog to die but to have it happen twice could have never predicted it my dog annie also hit in an accident I didn't know until I woke up usually I got up when she got me up I put her out then got some more sleep so as I roke up again my mom told me annie had died I was crushed she was my baby her life had become so much a part of mine every day revolved around her from waking up to walking to sharing my begal with her to going to bed

I stopped walking I couldn't do it any more she wasn't there and walking reminded me of that to much sitting at the picknick table on the back porch reminded me of that ti much

But eventually I gathered myself and started walking again and something odd happened I noticed I could hear her behind me annie her paw pads walking in the grass behind me I knew the sound all to well I had walk her many times to not know that sound as I went to bed I heard her huffing at my window I wasn't sure at first could I really be hearing this it wasn't until I cane to realise she's still with me choosing to be my four legged angel you might say still garding me as she had when she was alive

Once I realized this the sounds slowly began to fade out. But still there are many signs she is with me such as my room I can never vacuum it enough her fur still shows up where she used to sleep in my room two places she loved to sleep next to my bed and at the end of my bed (she was a heavy shedder) a few times I have dreamed of her one dream I saw her I cried as I said I thought you were gone where I felt her thoughts say back to me Why did you think that I've been here the whole time other dreams it's as if she's just there to say hi and check on me i'm sure any one who's ever had a dog will understand

Well that is it those were my dogs my experience that I never expected to have it was sad in other ways it's helped me grow though I still miss and will always love the.

So that is all thank you for reading I hope to connect with others on here maybe make some friends

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biker4jc2u (3 stories) (38 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-19)
Aw thank you so much for your reply ❤

I am also very sorry for your loss

I'm very glad you can feel them though, I know you miss them, but it's definitely a blessing to feel them ❤

Again thank you so much your very sweet ❤
Anya (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-19)
How lovely.
I was walking to work in autumn 2006 or 7 (I forget which). It was before 8am. I suddenly felt my dear cat who came as a stray when I was only 4 and was key to my family, I felt her die, I felt her go, but I felt like a part of her stayed connected to me. I was just walking down the street crying. When my Mum phoned some days later (she and Shelley lived away from me and Dad) I already knew and I didn't cry. I also have had visions of Shelley when doing yoga, seeing every hair on her crystal clear, feeling her love. I am sure she is still connected to me by that love. And other animals too. My Mum died in May and near the end she was having visions of her beloved previous animals too. She ever saw our family friend's dog sitting with her head on his knee, and she died before we ever met that family friend (so we never met the dog).
I am sure your dogs are still connected to you by love.

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