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Classy Cat Maby A Familiar


I don't know if you would consider This paranormal in the least, I guess that that would depend on your range of what you consider paranormal.

For me paranormal would be anything that cannot be scientifically explained yet, YET. Or may never be explained ever.

But my post today has nothing today with ghost's, angels, spirits.

It is actually about my cat. I have had her since I was seventeen years old I adored her she had speckles Of white in her black fur. A litte odd ball,that's why I loved her. As she grew she lost those speckles of white and was simply all black as she had aged though those white speckles have returned, she is no longer young but I still adore her, she is currently on my lap while I am typing this right now.

Clearly I still have a bond with this sweet cat.

And with this bond I know many thing's about her like she likes to eat cranberry jello, but all cat's are unique and have something odd we the owners love about them.

But it is the bond I share with her I would like to share. For one it is like I understand her, I have been around cats for a very long time. So I understand cats in General. But with her it seems I have a stronger bond.

I know when she's mad at me, I know when she is gelious, I know when she dose thing's simply just to anoy me (in particularly when she jealous)

I remember one time I was dusting away cobwebs with a broom she proceeded to stratch the wall's. Which is a big no no. I was in my early twenties at the time I remember looking at her and said no don't do that. That is when she gave me a dirty look I know that sounds strange but yes my cat has facial expressions that anybody I live with can read.

In that moment it felt as if she sent a thought to me that said, but your scratching the wall's. I felt her feelings in that moment she took the sound of the broom dusting cobwebs as scratching and not me removing cobwebs I was a bit stunned but I responded back to her thoughts verbally as I said i'm not scratching the wall's i'm dusting away spider webs. It seemed she understood then walk away to go about her business

Another moment we had was when I was in the living room. Ide say I was in my late teens I was very committed to God the idea of me being psychic did not cross my mind at the time (sadly I was taught falsly about psychics. Which I am glad I now know the truth now. But that is another experience) but beings I was so committed to God and still am now but I was more so Christian then. I was praying in the living room and sometimes I got very deep in my prayer. Apparently that day my family tells me my cat came up beside me sat down bowed her head and sat there the whole time until I was done with my prayer (when in deep prayer my players are not short mind you. She may have stood still for a good hour then)

Another moment with my cat is this when I open my bible I will have a tendency to read it out loud at times. My cat will actually run up to me jump in my lap and listen to me read the bible.

And the reason I called her classy cat is for this reason alone, my cat loves opera. I can sing opera. I didn't know how Much she loved it until I made it a habbit to sing in opera. When I do so she is in an extremely cuddly mood and will mew the whole time. I would wander if it was just me she liked. So I played some video's on my phone, nope it seems she really indeed loves the sound of opera.

Well that is my bond with my cat. Who is still in my lap right now

and yes I know someone who might have a mentle condition might believe they speek with their cat. But no I have been checked about three four times. I do not have any hallucinations.

I do have disabilities yes. But no hallucination. (I have anxiety A.d.h.d and I take no medication I believe if I can go natural I will. I would say I'm very well balanced)

I have studied a bit though on the subject of witch craft. I am not a practitioner. I do not judge though. From what I have studied I have learned witchcraft can be a beautiful faith.

But I am curious beings the bond me and my cat have, even my Own family notices there is certainly a very unique bond. From what I have studied, it sounds very much that my cat maybea familiar. I was curious if anyone knew more on the subject, if you might be able to answer that question for me is my cat a familiar. A familiar for me

Thanks to all who read I hope you enjoyed and also have a very lovely day

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