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How Fate Makes A Familiar Dance Partner Of Guilt


Last Thursday night, I decided to go on my profile. Reading the comments from my latest story, Driven By A Rusty Legend, I had realized the tree, which is a reoccurring factor in my supernatural experiences, was in pain because I had neglected it. I had not realized I was hurting it, and wanted nothing more to save it (I used "it" loosely; I am not sure if the spirit residing in "it" has a definitive gender, if one at all, although I think I have a good idea). The guilt was overwhelming; I felt like a terrible person.

I wrote back to the commenter, whose name escapes me, that I would go to help the tree immediately. As soon as I had published my comment, I ran down stairs to my mother, who was watching television.

I begged my mother to allow me to use the hammer to relieve the tree of the nail, but she refused to help me. At last, I got her to promise to at least let me do it the following morning, and I slept easy that night.

Alas, when morning came, I was late for school, and although I begged my mother to follow through with her promise, she did not let me tend to the tree. That night, I was going away to Boston with some friends and would be gone virtually all weekend, so I could not do it in the near future. I made my mother promise once more that she would do it herself, while I was away.

Upon my return, the first thing I mentioned to my mother was the tree.

"Did you get the nail out?"

"What nail?"

"The nail in the tree?"

Her eyebrows furrowed, and her mouth became a line. "Oh, that. Whoops."

At this, I became angry and stomped up to my room, all the while muttering about the uselessness of lazy and forgetful creatures with no compassion for the world we are immersed in. As I shut off my light before going to bed, I got that burning sensation in your nose that announces the coming of tears as I glanced out my window to the tree. I bowed my head and whispered an apology before throwing myself into bed.

Today, I was home from school to look after my sick younger brother. I wanted to sneakily raid the basement and collect the hammer while my brother napped, but my cellar door was locked (yes, from the inside. I don't know how that works, either). My father came around at about two to work on removing grass for my new vegetable garden in the backyard.

I met him outside with intention to help. He was carrying a shovel and a strange looking gardening tool I had never seen before. I saw opportunity and asked him about a hammer. He said he did not have one readily available, but he lived across the street, so a hammer could be acquired. He promised to get it after finishing the garden, and I eagerly agreed; the thought of finally getting that stupid nail out was titillating.

In the middle of work, I took a break and went over to the tree. I walked around it, so that my father wouldn't see me murmuring to it. I leaned up against it, with both of my hands on it, and I closed my eyes and turned my head. I had not expected a reaction from the tree immediately, since the last one had to be provoked.

Sure enough, instantly I felt warm arms wrap around me, caressing me around my shoulder blades. It made me tingle where I felt I was being touched, and I was frightened by the abruptness of it. I opened my eyes wide to look at the tree. Although I saw nothing, I could still feel arms around me. The arms seemed to begin taller than I, and were thicker in tone, so I had assumed the entity that was hugging me was male.

Although I was scared at first, I became at ease. I realize this might make me sound raving mad (although most people on this site seem to think that of themselves after having a supernatural experience), but I felt love emanating from the arms that held me. Not friendly love, nor parental love, but pure, unrequited love. Typing that just now, I chuckled at myself and thought about discounting it as a girlish fantasy, but it was true; I really did feel it.

Amazingly, all of that happened in about two minutes. My father called me back to work, and I broke away from the embrace; the arms limply let me slide out of their grasp. I gazed at the tree wonderingly before returning to my father's side.

Before being able to attend the tree, my stepfather called me inside shortly before finishing the garden, and gave my father the hairy eye until he retreated off of our property. I am to clean my room before doing anything further, but I can hardly concentrate with that experience fresh in my mind.

I am starting think some external force doesn't want me to save that poor, forsaken tree. Now that the story is up to date, I think I can continue cleaning so I may be able to save that tree before sundown. I will catch you guys up in an hour or so with, hopefully, the ending.

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NaturalScience (229 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-20)
God bless you, WhenThewindwhispers. The poverty you mention explains a lot. Including your fine ear for another creature's pain and helplessness... Seems the financial situation of your family is SO tight that you don't have much more means to make your life better than that poor tree which can't take out that nail on its own, and this is why you sensed its bad situation. This is how most of Empathics and Healers have gained their abilities, I suppose.

Poverty will normally make a goodwilled person even better, this is why Jesus and Buddah both encouraged their disciples to leave money and property behind for the Spiritual Path; but those who are prone to choose the Bad Side will be made worse by it.

Be happy about not having money. It would only distract you from your own fine senses to be wealthy.

And instead of a hammer, or a tong, or a nail extractor of the kind that people call a "cow's foot", you could perhaps use an old fork from your Mom's kitchen, or some other worthless metal item, to take that nail out; for you won't have to beg your parents for a piece of scrap metal, will you? 😉
WhenTheWindWhispers (6 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-11)
I never did say that the tree was in love with me. I know that human-plant relationships do not work, and I am sorry if I gave that impression. The tree wrapped me in love, but not a love that could be defined. It wasn't classified by a specific human relationship; I didn't mean it was in love with me.
Awakening_In_Crimson (guest)
12 years ago (2012-04-10)
I think the tree appreciates your concern for him, I think most trees don't really look toward humans as the responsible ones who treat them equally (as they give us the air to breathe) so meeting you must have been a pleasant surprise. I applaud you for caring about another being so misinterpreted. Really. In fact, I'm going to go hug a tree. You're awesome.
Symbol-of-the-dragon (4 stories) (68 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-10)
How could the tree suddenly be in love with you?...please oh please get rid of that nail! Rally the troops, storm the castle, burn down the cellar door! 😠 😠 😠
WhenTheWindWhispers (6 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-10)
I come from a rather poor family, so spare change is quite small and certainly not enough for hammer, unless I saved long-term. Perhaps you are right, though.
NaturalScience (229 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-10)
Gosh why don't you go out and BUY a hammer from your spare money and thus keep all those dumb grown-ups who control your life (I'd even like to call those people "Muggles" as in the Harry Potter books, for their lack of spirituality) out of that little game?
I can hardly imagine how it is to have to BEG for a hammer and this REPEATEDLY and with NO SUCCESS. When I was a kid I had tools at hand wherever I looked, nothing was closed away. At five I was shown by a friendly acquaintance of ma Mom how to use an axe for cutting twigs. I did use the axe regularly from this time. Of course Mom had forbidden it but she did not close the axe away, and two years later she allowed its use to me officially, having seen me using it with carefulness and some skill...
This tree perhaps made contact to you to make you break out of your all-too-narrow limitations! The nail is not the real theme... It is you. Your compassion, being hindered from being put into action by your surroundings who treat you like a small kid although you are nearly grown-up. This must change.

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