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Spirtual Awaking With A Partner


Since I was a child I always felt different like I didn't belong and I could sense things that others couldn't. As a child I didn't do very well in school because I spent most of my time daydreaming and thinking of the world. When I was a child I could talk to spirits and could see the energy in the air. When I stare up into the sky or at a blank wall it's like I can see every particle and atom moving. As I got older I started to have weird dreams its like I have two kinds of dream, just regular ones and ones where I am conscious and aware of my surroundings. When I was seven I began to feel other people's pain physical and emotional, for example when a friend says the broke a finger I can feel their pain in my own finger before the tell me which one and when they tell me which one it will be the same finger, this has only increased as I have become more awakened. When I was 14 I tried LSD and experienced an out or body dream where I watched myself self sleeping and came to understand that all being have souls which consist of energy. Since then I have gained many new abilities and understandings.

When I was around 19 I began to have visions. I'm not even sure if vision is the right word because at first I didn't know that they were visions it was more like I would think about something and then later that day it would happen and this happens to me almost every day but I couldn't predict if that thing I was thinking about would happen or not. Since then these have intensified and when I think of things I can feel in my soul that this will happen. I even predict when and where I will see people at exact times and it always comes true, unless I am over thinking it and trying to force it which I think blocks my flow of energy.

I started to be able to sense all the energy around me and came to an understanding that this is something we all give and take from and are all apart of. A recently I have met a soulmate (my belief of soul mates is anyone who comes into your life to help you grow). We met by complete chance and the moment I looked into his eyes I felt and instant and deep connection. We instantly became good friends and awakened each other spiritually. The day before he met me he fainted and a man told him to be prepared for a big change in his life and that some people can have special abilities and he needs to be aware of this. He has never felt any spirituality before this but has since become awakened. I true believe we have awakened each other.

At first being around him was incredibly intense, and I would often be exhausted after spending time with him. We can very easily take and give each other energy and give each other our feelings. When we touch each other we can share feelings of pleasure and I can feel his energy pulse through me, the feeling is extremely pleasurable. Since I have meet him my visions and dream have intensified. I can have conversations with other people, who also have these abilities in my dreams.

A few weeks ago my third eye opened. I saw a man in his apartment who wanted to talk to me, I started to feel extremely anxious and uncomfortable and had a massive anxiety attack, usually I deal with anxiety through mediation. While I was meditation I began to see a green swirling dot of energy when I closed my eyes and then spirit began to show me memories of his life, like snap shot pictures of things that were important to his. I began to feel and extreme pressure I the middle of my head and it felt like the spirit was holding on to the front of my forehead very tightly. As a I feel asleep I began to have very intense dreams. When I woke up it felt like my head was being squeezed so tight that my eyes were going to pop out of my skull but I knew not to be afraid of this. I felt the need to meditate very intensely and while meditating I felt my third eye open.

I began to see the energy in everything and was given complete clarity on the ego and how no one should be blamed for their actions as our souls are all innocent but it's our egos who are not. I could see and feel the energy in the sun, earth and water and while meditating I can give and take energy from these elements to clear my own energy. Meditation was not something the I practiced regularly become but not feel the need to regularly as I just don't feel right if I don't.

Through this experience I have gained the ability to see auras. The look like pure light and this only confirms my belief that all sounls are pure innocence. Everyone's auras looks the same to me, I can also see animals and inanimate objects auras. I think auras have many different parts and different people can see different layers of them. There are many parts to auras I can see first I can see a light that looks like the sun when you squint your eyes that is a few centimetres from their body and is a few centimetres wide. Second there is pure light surrounding a persons head that moved down their back, this light is very fluid and moved around them when light shines through people I see light emitted from either side purple and blue on one side pink red orange and yellow on the other. I can also see when people give and take energy from around them and see it trail behind them as the move. I can also see a orb of energy on top on their heads and it hunk it may be their souls it looks like a rainbow and is kind of like the shape of a red blood cell but I rarely see these. I have also seen bright energies with people that sit right being their shoulders and I can tell it's not their own energy but someone else I think it may be a guardian angel but I'm not sure as I rarely see this too. I see what I think are people's thoughts leave their energies and float away like rainbow orbs and I see them go somewhere else they don't disappear they just go to a place I can not see.

Mostly I'm telling my experience because I'm feeling pretty alone and confused some times I wonder if in going insane. Being awakened with someone else helps a lot as I have someone to talk to about it but he has completely different experience ms and abilities then me and it's often hard for him to understand. I hope there are more people out there like me.

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Peepers1314 (4 stories) (54 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-12)
You aren't alone. I have had some of the exact same things happen to me as well and have found someone I am soul connected to. Mine connection is a little bit more in depth, but like you I am still learning and at times am confused. I to would love to have someone to talk to and share experiences with. So if you would like to share experiences just let me know and maybe we can email.:)

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