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Embraced By The Essence Of Summer


It has only been perhaps three hours since I wrote How Fate Makes A Familiar Dance Partner Of Guilt, and already something new has happened.

I had finished cleaning my room, and called my father to have him fetch the hammer for me, since my mother had already proven herself unwilling. My father brought over the hammer, giving me the history of the Portuguese word for it, martelo, and how it became a surname, and then proceeded to give me the history of surnames. My old man, he is very wise, although a bit excessive at times.

Anyhow, upon going the tree, we discovered not only was there one nail, but four more nails placed sporadically around the first one that I had not noticed. I felt so terrible; while my father hacked off some of the bark to get to most of the nails, all I could do was lean against the trunk and silently send the tree feelings of comfort with my mind.

Almost insantaneously, I felt one arm wrap around my shoulders, the warm pressure reassuring. I felt soft patience waft towards me from the tree, reminiscent of the calm, stiffening anticipation before treating a wound with disinfectant.

I also felt the love again. It was made not as prominent by the anticipation of pain, but it was still there. Again, I shrugged out of the embrace, this time to pull out some of the nails.

We pulled out all but one nail, which my father said was being devoured by the wood; the wood had already started to grow around it.

"Dad, will it be alright?"

"The tree? The tree'll be fine. Humans live long, healthy lives with weapon debris in them all the time. I once heard..."


This is quite the turn of events, indeed. One thing is for certain, though: that tree isn't in pain any longer, and that brings me peace of mind.

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Awakening_In_Crimson (guest)
12 years ago (2012-04-11)
Oh, sorry, just joking. Trees are different, their spirits old and wise.
WhenTheWindWhispers (6 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-11)
I never did say that the tree was in love with me. I know that human-plant relationships do not work, and I am sorry if I gave that impression. The tree wrapped me in love, but not a love that could be defined. It wasn't classified by a specific human relationship; I didn't mean it was in love with me.
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-11)

I was very pleased to read that the tree was finally helped. I think your dad understands about the tree a lot more than you think.
What you are experiencing from the tree is pure loving energy surrounding you. Trees will wrap a person in pure positive energy. If you are ever tired just go and hug a tree. The tree will watch after you and give you energy whenever you need it.
A tree will have a relationship with you but it's not like a human relationship. They enjoy interacting with nature and giving energy to those who respect and treat them nice. It's not like a boy girl relationship. Think of the tree as a wise person who can help you with answers. Trees live for a long time so it's not a surprise that they have much wisdom.
Trees clean the air, create fresh air, provide shelter for small animals and draw energy from the earth & air.
Now that you have met the tree spirit I must tell you that there are other nature spirits that you may also meet. You have made a garden that of which the garden fairies may want to reside in or visit. They are very very small and hide in the greenery of the garden. You have been shown a new world. Enjoy it and remember never to take advantage of that relationship that you have with the tree or any other nature spirits that you may meet.
Take care.
Awakening_In_Crimson (guest)
12 years ago (2012-04-10)
Again, you're awesome.
Connecting with nature is important. It might not seem like it, but word gets around, and when you need it, they'll have your back. It also shows how people can be more loving and connected. You can feel the entire world as a tree, with everyone being a branch. Focus... You can feel the entire earth inhale... And exhale. The heartbeat of the grand planet...
Sorry, I just love nature. I come from a poor family so I don't get outside too much, nor is my environment very nature-ish. I would really like to move just to be able to get lost in the nearby woods.
So are you two going to be tree and wife?;) haha just teasing. It's rare that the spirit of a tree to be infatuated with a human, or so I've heard. Glad to know he isn't in pain. 😉

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