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I Can Feel The Energy Of Someone Who Has Departed


My name is Kyle, and I'm not really sure what to make of myself and what I can sense and feel. Just to start out, I'm your average 15 year old guy, you know, freshman in high school, loves to play football, and awkward towards the opposite sex. Other than the abuse of my father (may he rot in hell) and the death of my sister (more on that later) my life has been incredibly normal. Almost. No, I can't bend spoons or tell you what the future will bring. Sounding boring enough so far? Well, although I don't possess the powers of a Jedi, I do see dead people. And not in the omigawd-i-think-i-heard-something sort of sighting. It's more like every time I open up my mind or even just chill out to relax, I can feel the energy of someone who has departed, whether that be an intelligent ghost or some residual energy. And you know what? For me, that is nothing new, and certainly nothing I would bother to write a minimum 1500 character story about. But recently, I've been able to discern the energy I perceive more clearly, both towards the dead and towards the living. I know before I talk to someone what the conversation will be like (95% of the time), because of what energy they have (ie: happy, mad, anxious, etc) and, of course, what mood I'm in. But when I focus, I can literally see what mood people are in, by the aura surrounding them; I'll see a light surrounding the entire body, and it will be a different color and size depending on their energy at that moment. Like, every time I go to church, my pastor is usually surrounded by a white light, which can be huge and radiant when she channels God (amazing woman, the reverend is). And it isn't just as simple as that. Lately, due to a deeply religious experience and some healing, my paranormal experiences have gone from tame and "normal" (seeing shadow people, full body apparitions, having the dead give me short little messages like "Get out" or "Hello, my name is...") to way out of my comfort zone. Suddenly, I'm getting some contact from my little sister. And she isn't dark or muddled like the spirits I usually see. She's just very pure and light, and full of this really... Tingly energy? She wasn't an apparition, she felt like she is just made of this tingly energy. This is exciting, but extremely confusing for me. I definitely don't think she is a spirit like any that I've encountered before, because they all seem dark. My sister passed on after a nine month fight with brain cancer at the nine years old, and while her death was painful, it wasn't a surprise to anyone. So imagine my surprise when she appeared last night, after almost 4 years of nothing, with a message of thanks for my step-mother, whom she has never met. My mom doesn't see the dead like I do- I'll be pointing out a shadow person that's as clear as day to me, and she won't see it, but my sister has appeared several times to my mom before. Now, on the other side of things, my interactions with ghosts have become clearer, and I'm really afraid of what that might bring. What's going to happen when a dark spirit wants to talk to me? Advice? Oh, by the way, I live in a 300 year old house that is crawling with all sorts of spirits and energies. The Underground Railroad runs directly under my house, to top it off. So, it's really a manner of when, not if something happens.

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iScorpio (guest)
9 years ago (2012-06-05)
If you need help with protection, I'd suggest calling on angels, and asking God to surround you with bright white light. Archangel Michael is the Angel of Divine Protection. Very strong, violet energy.
If you need help, you can e-mail me at jlp102797 [at]
I am 14, btw.
Kyle_G (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-04-11)
[at] Awakening_In_Crimson thank you for the suggestions, and please type away. I can do meditation, but chakra and spirit guides are something I'm unfamiliar with.
[at] GhostWhispererJr I suggest you find someone with experience, or at least some local clergy to protect you.
Come to think of it, does anyone know how to get in contact with someone that could help those of us that could use the help?
Awakening_In_Crimson (guest)
9 years ago (2012-04-11)
...I'm only 13, and I've dealt with these things for a while. I mean, I didn't realize it was out of the ordinary until I realized it was the type of things people could watch TV shows off of. My family, being Catholic, strongly resent development of any supposed powers or abilities, but I think it runs through the family. Everyone has these huge, brown eyes that look into the soul, or said by a family friend.
I love observing the priest's aura during mass, especially the lecture. Or the energy he radiates and tries to bestow upon the observers.
What I would do is raise the vibration of your energy through meditation. And try chakra cleansing, research on energy like kudalini, (o_e spelling) reiki, and search for guidance from your spirit guides and guardian angel. Dark spirits aren't always bad, unless you become scared and allow them to take advantage of you; honestly I believe we humans are supposed to be part dark and part light. So if you're not afraid of walking on the dark side, keep yourself balanced.
Also focus on protection. Look up ways to seal your aura when in bad situations so bad entities don't try to feed off of you. Also, imagine a bubble of golden light strengthened by the love and protection of your faith, like God. When you get good at shields you can protect your house or people, that's what I do.
Sorry for typing so much, despite being so young I have a lot of knowledge on the subject. Hope this helps lol.
GhostWhispererJr (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-04-11)
I read this and got chills. It sounds exactly like me except for the fact that I'm a girl (of the same age) and I have not lost a sister (I'm so sorry, I can't imagine what that must feel like) and my father and I have a normal relationship. But I constantly get the "tingley energy" you described. And every time I'm alone or simply relaxed I hear whispers and see shadowy figures. My powers began getting stronger when I decided to accept that I was not exactly "normal" about a year ago. I want to embrace my powers but...I'm scared. I would like to talk to normal spirits but I'm terrified of the dark spirits your talking about. If anyone does help you, they'll be helping me also.

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