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Mother And Son Looking For Advice On Psychic Abilities


My mother can have precognitive abilities including predicting deaths. An example would be that she had a dream the night before her sister's husband died. In the dream she saw his soul along with many others in a train that was stationary in the sky that wouldn't move with all of the souls in it until my mother prayed through every religion including Christianity among others. Then the train departed with the souls into a light. I know there are tales of trains leaving for the other side or what not so may I ask if anybody in this site knows what this train is.

Then along with deaths she can predict things like where buildings are going to be built.

She seems to be in tune with her past life.

She can slightly sense spirits. An example would be that she had noticed. When we tried to buy a house, that there was something residing in there and it was thus a bad idea to purchase the house. We never did purchase the house.

She can see the higher realms possibly as she claims to have seen many spirits that are regarded to be of the higher realms such as Jesus and Mary along with speaking with these spirits, not the ones just listed.

Sort of a magnet though I'm not sure since she is considered lucky by people. The example for this is that she had visited a store without many customers and not soon after that the customers started pouring in.

She has a good intuition.

I can't list anymore right now, but I will try to get back to you on these things and anymore that I can find.

As for myself I must have inherited these abilities or something else as seeing that there tend to be psychics in my family and from both sides. Well my mother does something that is also like meditation in the morning that is also prayer too which might explain why her abilities are so developed while she is untrained. I have only recently started to take up meditation though I am not that good as of now.

So for my abilities and what not, I don't seem to have them developed that far but to start off with yes I too do have some form of precognition though I can trigger it at times just to see things like the outcome of a coin. The times I trigger it I feel automatically drained and otherwise I don't seem to have the dreams as much or that is remember them.

But for dreams I lean more on the visiting the other realms or whatever they maybe called. To clarify I will have what you call regular dreams, then a mixed dream, and finally a well travelling dream.

I occasionally have some visions though they may not be of great importance who knows, and the visions don't occur that often.

I have extreme deja vu it seems though it stopped for a while then recently has started again. I recall travelling and noticing after looking at my watch in succession that the time shifted a minute or two to the past though it could have been my imagination.

I am also a bit in tune with my past life. I do remember that once I woke from a dream and was in a bit of a daze asking things about what was going on, where I was, and even who it was waking my up. I even asked how much time has passed and then who I now believe to be my spirit guide telling me that is your mother, it is Friday, etc. And I automatically responded then to my mother only to be left wondering afterwards what had just happened.

I believe myself to be very untrained and I believe that it will take me some work to further my abilities. I also don't consider myself an empath for when I "read" people it doesn't seem to be as psychic as it is me just analytically "reading" them.

And finally on a side note my mother and I are both Sikhs though my mother is also somehow a bit habitually Hindu. I would appreciate feedback and I want to say don't be afraid to ask me things, since if you do I will try to answer them to the best of my abilities.

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Zeiro (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-11)
Lol thanks and I know that dreams are critical. Also I'm 13 too but only for a month or so longer. I don't believe there are are any other abilities that I can list right now off the top of my head, but there were two Native Americans who came to where my mother worked last year and gave her a stone which came "full circle" and an illustration of an angel that was her or protecting her though I forgot. These people came different days in a row and haven't come back since then. If you want-in fact if anyone wants they can help us with that if they like.
Awakening_In_Crimson (guest)
12 years ago (2012-04-10)
Intriguing, you two seem to have lots of potential. Any other abilities there not listed?
For dreams, I think they are very important. Dreams have their own realm... And all types of intents. You can travel to another's dream without really leaving your own, or you can leave your own if you want. Dreams can be a passageway into astral projection. They can also be a form of message from other beings, like ghosts, demons, spirit guides, or angels. You can find answers for yourself through dreams. There's so many things you can do with dreams.
Sorry, I just had to expand on that. I enjoy dreaming, despite me getting nearly no sleep due to insomnia.
Many people are latent psychics, or having to develop their abilities without much proof of them existing before. I am one of them, though I may be wrong, as I am beginning to recollect childhood memories, especially what I went through around the time period of 9/11.
Be sure to inform yourselves on psychic protection and raising your vibrations. You'll save yourself a lot of bumps in the night that way.
Hope this helps haha. I'm only 13, though with the guidance of my guardian angel I'm learning a lot.

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