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White Cat Touched Me Then Disappeared


I'm going through an emotionally trying period in my life and I have been actually crying about it as of late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. I have been having issues finding my purpose and what makes me happy and developing self-love, which is hard for me because though I don't consciously think this way, I often find in retrospect that I have measured the worth of myself by expected achievements of the modern adult.

Around 1pm I laid down for a while today after to clear my head and let my mind or the universe speak. I had my eyes covered (to keep the light out) I was facing the wall (physically) and in my mind I could see all around me, Then a white cat appeared in my room, It stretched then walked over to me and placed its paw on the back of my head, I could feel the sensation inside of my head near occipital lobe as if the paw had entered my head, then the cat slowly faded away like white smoke, and my eyes sprang open.

Afterward I closed my eyes again and while all this was occurring I was waiting for a phone call from my companion, I could hear his voice saying, "Answer the phone." Next, I woke up to the phone ringing and realized I missed his first call, he later confirmed that he did say those words when he called the first time

I practice meditation from time to time, I am not observant but I was raised Christian, and I have had dreams/ visions in the past of shadow beings and incubus dreams. I have experienced astral projection on a few occasions that I'm sure of. This case I'm not so sure weather it was a dream or not

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