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My Cat Is Now Seeing Things


So my daughter and I were sitting on my bed last night talking about whatever (can't really remember at the moment). We have a kitten he is 8 months old named Brady (after Tom Brady of the New England Patriots). Anyway, so we are talking and noticed that Brady was acting strange. We started to watch him and at one point he crouched down real low like he was going to pounce on something then ran across my bedroom, jumped in the air and with one paw swiped at something like he was hitting something. My daughter & I just looked at each other saying WTH and just continued to watch him. He was watching something VERY intently. He sat down on his back paws and just "watched" something. We could tell that he was looking at something because of the way that his head was moving. My daughter asked "Is there a fly that he's looking at?" so we both looked around to see what could be making him look around but we found nothing. This is the weirdest thing, so we keep watching him and his head is following something. Whatever it was moved literally around him 360 2 times because not only his head but body moved along to whatever he saw. Then, almost as a response to something he tilted his head to the side almost acknowledging that something was there and began to "meow" softly. I can't describe it but it was almost like he was talking to something. He didn't hiss or arch his back but most definitely saw something and was reacting to it. So while I was folding the blanket I just said nonchalantly "Only good spirits are welcome here, if you mean me or my family any harm you are not welcome and must leave the house".

Sometimes Brady, while I'm sleeping, come on top of me to relax "on me". It doesn't matter what position I am in he will get on top of me & either sleep or just sit there. The other night I was sleeping on my side and he came up and crawled up on me (my side), placed his butt facing my face with his face facing away from me. I wish that I could describe to you why I feel this way but "I feel" that he was in that position almost in the protective position. He's done it before and I just thought that he was being silly and thought nothing of it but this time I most definitely felt like he was protecting me (if that makes ANY sense at all).

Since my daughter is used to things "happening" around us she's kind of used to it but now my eldest daughter is living with us and since she has been around me enought to know that things "happen" around me she gets REALLY nervous.

Sometimes I read too much into things and other times I feel like it's natural UGH...

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barry2962 (2 stories) (104 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-30)
[at] happythoughts23... I get that ringing in my ears also. I believe we have guides who are raising our frequencies as we are able to handle the higher vibrations to match that of the earth's new energy. Yesterday, I had dizzyness also... Trying to adjust. If you focus on hearing your frequency... You can. Mine has jumped many times since the 1st of the year. I have been practicing astral projection... And yesterday was the easiest yet. I feel it's due to the higher frequency.
happythoughts23 (1 stories) (32 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-30)
i was in my room on the computer just now and I looked up and thought I saw somethin in my doorway my cat mustve seen it to because he jumped up from laying down and ran towards the stop while this was going I had real loud ringing in my right ear and started to get a headache lighthead and hot.
rcaredeo (2 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-29)
Thank you guys... At first I thought that my "Brady" was being a silly kitten but it was the "way" that he would act that my daughter & I took notice. The problem is that me & my youngest daughter are used to this and I tell her that the house is full of nothing but love BUT my oldest daughter left a long time ago but she still remembers things happening she has made it VERY clear that she doesn't want to hear it. Sooooooo I am left with not saying anything to her because I don't want her to leave but me & my youngest know! I feel bad not saying anything but then again if its nothing bad then it doesn't matter. My oldest daughter has said that Brady, when sleeping with her, tends to stare at the closet but I tell her not to worry that the house is full of love. My Sammi (the oldest) remembers all of the stuff that would happen but I don't want her to leave because of our experieces UGH
LunaGem (19 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-15)
Cats, and any animal for that matter, are very in tune with the spiritual world. They often react to entities like they can see them, even if you can't. (Like in your story.)
It definitely sounds like he was trying to protect you by getting on top of you and laying there. Hope I helped! 😊
❤ Gem
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-15)

You are right about Brady. He was interacting with a spirit or entity. And based upon his reactions the spirit/entity does not appear to mean any harm. If it meant harm Brady would display it in his reactions.
All animals can see/feel spirits/entities more than humans. I have been told by others that the cat is the best pet to have that will protect you from evil spirits. And I believe that Brady is protecting you when you sleep. I don't have a cat but 3 of the neighbors cats come into my backyard and sleep in my tree. That tree is a popular spot for all of the outside animals. As long as they don't hurt the birds that I feed I don't mind. I have a pet parrot and he always tells me when a spirit is here. He used to be frightened by them but now tells them to "go home".

It's great that you told the spirit to leave if it means any harm. That's the best thing to do. You are in control not the spirits. Remember that and you will be fine. Hope this helps.

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