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Influencing Other People?


Last summer, I started noticing something weird happening. People around me would do things that I wanted to happen without me saying, indicating or even ever speaking about it. I ran out of something only I used in my household, and that only I would see being empty. (Even though it was in a public space in my house, only I ever really looked at it or checked its quantity.) And one day, without me even mentioning that I need more of the item, my mom came home with it one day after going grocery shopping.

After the summer, when school started and I began high school, people around me would do things I wanted to. 3 days in a row I forgot to either do my math homework or I forgot it at home, and my math teacher didn't mention checking our homework like she normally does. Every other day she checked our homework, but those 3 days she didn't, and the next day I brought my homework in and she started checking our homework again after that. Teachers will forget about new seating assignments they gave out the previous day that didn't benefit me, Students will sit with me at lunch/invite me to sit with them, even if I'm only acquaintance-friends with them (I've known them for awhile, but we only occasionally talk in the hall)

I also seem to have heavy control over my body. If I start getting a pimple, (Which I rarely do in the first place) all I have to do is want it to vanish, and over night it disappears. I also lost weight and became less bloated while changing nothing in my diet or location within a few days out of no where when I noticed my stomach becoming more notable. I want to know if this means anything. Is it some psychic ability I'm unaware of? (If it means anything, I'm aeroKinetic and have experienced OBE's.)

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