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Predicting My Hamsters Exact Actions


My sister and I bought 2 hamsters, one was hers and one was mine, they were dwarves and they shared a cage because they were sisters. I had an idea sitting in the back of my head the whole night a few days after we got them that I should check up on the hamsters, but I didn't because I had already seen their food and water several hours before hand, when my friends were over. I went to sleep. I woke up in the morning and went to check on them. Their cage was empty and the door was unhinged, so I panicked and asked my sister if she knew anything, but she didn't so we searched the room and I went to my dad who said that one of our 2 cats was hanging around my parents' room by the bed all night, but he never went under the bed, so I should go and check to see if the cat was still there. So I went up and of course my cat was there, but instead of waiting for my dad to come upstairs and check for me, I looked myself.

My sister's hamster was laying, dead on her back under the bed. The image still haunts my mind, it was really horrific. There was no blood, but I stopped breathing and backed up. My dad and sister came up. This all happened at around 7 AM in the morning, before school started, I knew I couldn't stay in the house, because my hamster hadn't been found and I first assumed she was dead, so I had to leave. I went to school and felt very, very dead inside the whole day. I got home and asked my dad if there were any signs of my hamster. My dad said no. I asked him if he had checked the closet, because when I had my hamster in her ball, she almost always went to the closet first. He said that hamsters don't really have great control over the ball, but he would check again. So he checked the closet of the room my hamsters cage was in. No signs of her. My hamster really liked to run, and was quite fast and evasive, so I told my parents "I bet she ran off somewhere, and is currently hiding." Because at this point it had been a day and I felt like there was a chance that she was still alive, even though earlier I didn't.

My parents said we could get new hamsters whenever we felt ready, and my sister got one within the 2 days after her hamster died. She recovered better, knowing her hamster was 100% dead. I looked at hamsters, and I liked them, but it didn't feel right in my mind, getting a new one, so I didn't. My sisters new hamster resided in their old cage. 4 days after they escaped, I was sitting in 3rd period, right before lunch when I got a text from my dad saying my mom had found my hamster, alive, in my sister's closet. My sister never let's the cats into her room, and always keeps her door closed, so my parents concluded there is a hole in their closet that must lead to my sisters closet, where she had spilled pistachios that my hamster was living off of for 4 whole days. Shes fine now, but I was able to predict exactly what she would do, and I knew she was still alive? Is this weird?

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Peepers1314 (4 stories) (54 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-28)
You are a psychic. Even though you didn't have a vision, you still knew that your hamster was alive. It is a great gift to have and I would try expanding it. You never know, you could have more abilities you haven't discovered yet. If I was you, I would also use this ability to help other people. That is what I use my abilities for and if you use your gift to help other people then that is amazing. You knew that your hamster was still alive, and that same thing could of happened with a person. I have the same ability as well and it is handy to have. But again, I would try expanding your abilities. My bet is that you probably have more to your ability than you know. If you have any other questions or want to share experiences just let me know:)

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