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I Have Always Had Gifts


I'm Angie. I'm almost 36. My abilities come and go my whole life. Stronger now because I\'m more in tuned to them. And I'm not crazy.

It started out when I was 5. I had an imaginary friend. Still do. Its a spirit who follows me everywhere in my life. No shes not my gairdian angel. I do have one of those too. But I was always told I was crazy. It was always in my head. So when I was 13 I got diagnosed with bipolar and depression. Through my teenage life my abilities went away. Cause I was always drugged up.

So I can here, speak, and talk to spirits. They are always around me. Constantly never going. When they find out you can see them. They never leave you alone. Some are good and some are bad. Some can hop into my body and talk through me to there loved ones. Others want to do harm to me and bring me down. Some whisper in my ears and talk to me in my mind. Some hold regular conversations with me. When they hop in my body I feel really cold and I shiver really bad. Sometimes my eyes turn there color but always my voice changes into theres. So they sound like them. I have had it hapoened 4x. Three positive one negative. But they are always near.

Im also an empath. I always wondered why I was always feeling angry when I was around angry people. When at first I was happy until they were near. I hate shopping or being around a crowd. I get drained by the time I get home. I can feel peoples vibes from all over. Especially when they are suppose to enter my life some way. I can look at a picture or see someone and feel what they are feeling what they have done what they are going through. I'm always looking for ways shield and protect myself from the world. I hate to be alone but I hate being around people. I get atteached easily especially men. So I\'m a loner.

Remember the night club attack. I remember that day very well. I was at my brothers house it wad 6 am and I was outside talking to my friend. I told him I felt something bad was going to happen. I didn't know where or to who. But it wasn't going to be good. So later that night I got really sick to my stomach and puked. Then the next morning I got on Facebook and seen what happened. I can sense bad things happening all the time. I feel it in the air or smell blood in the air. Thats why I don't watch TV at all.

I have de ja vus all the time. I have had premintions too. I have visions for myself annd others. Dragonflies and other animals come to me all the time. Kids like me too. I see shapes and figures in clouds wood mountains on floors on sidewalks. I can make fire move by staring at it. I'm learning to read my tarot cards. I'm drawn to nature. I rather be barefooted. I been told I have an old and noble soul. I have past lives I lived. I'm cursed with love. With men.

Sometimes I can read palms and dreams. I write poetry and paint. I'm on a spiritual path.

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ZiShu (129 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-26)
I never had imaginary friends except my guardian angel but he is real to me as a child.

That's not good that they use you to talk to love ones. They bascislly possess you. That's unnecessary. Did you allow them to do that?
Do you often black out and wake up to yourself doing something you didn't do?

I personally like to stay alone and out crowds because I become very uncomfortable around everyone's energy. Unless they are my friends.

I notice light and dark sides to you. Beware of controlling fire too much. Let's just say you aren't entirely human but a mix of something greater.

I guess you have art in you that you express because you have visions a lot that you may mistake as something normal.

I'd like for you to email me. Aznzishu [at] gmail I want to see how much you might be able to help me on something while I can possibly help you. It depends on what you want but I believe your powers can make miracles happen if used right.

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