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For the longest time, since I was a little girl, I have been having dreams that would later come true. The first one was in first grade. I had a dream that my great grandmother died and I could see her in her chair. I woke up freaking out. The next morning my mom comes to the school to pick me up and told me that my Memow died and I asked her how and she said that she died in her sleep in her chair. Another dream that I had was of me meeting a young girl in my elementary class. A later I met the same girl from my dream. Am I crazy or is it an ability. My grandmother told me that the great aunt I was named after had the same ability as me. Is it genetic or are we just crazy people

I have had random dreams all my life and I wish someone would tell me what it is. Am I always going to have dreams like that? Am I ever going to be able to control it or is it going to be like this for the rest of my life? The dreams have not been as frequent as they were when I was young but some are just scary. I have also been seeing three different people in my dreams that are not from this time. One is a little boy, one is a woman in a gown and the other is a person wearing a cloak with a hood. All I ever see of that one is long white hair. Are these spirits or are that guides and I need to listen to them? I wish that I knew more about ten but all of the info that I got on the land I live on has nothing about people like them. Please I hope someone can help me prove that I am not crazy. That the dreams and the spirits are real and not my imagination.

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mwilcock (11 stories) (39 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-26)
I have dreams that are different from normal dreams, if you can understand what I mean by that!
I see the person that the message is meant for and I do pass them on. When I was young I use to tell my mother and family my dreams and they just kept telling me it's just a dream, until they started noticing the stories I was telling them were indeed true happenings. Now 40 years latter they take everything I say and thank me for them. I will give you a quick example; I had a message/dream, of my brother in-law waking up in a town that had old building around him, he was on a wooden seat. He was on his own and found he had been robbed of all his money and he was unable to get money out of the cash point as all his cards had gone as well. He kept holding his neck and crying, I could feel his heart racing as my chest was pounding. He was crying as I could feel it in my chest throat and head. When I came round I had to pass the message on to my sister, I asked he to tell her husband to be careful when he takes his new job. She informed me he was not sure if he had it yet as they were still choosing the right people for he job. I then quickly told my sister he would get the job and he must take care of his money, but I could not understand why he was holding his neck. (cutting story short again) He got his job in the old town o Germany for 12 months, he fell asleep on the ferry on the wooden seats, he was only to wake up on his own and robbed of everything. I told you about him holding his neck and crying, well it turned out the thugs had stolen his mothers necklets that had her wedding ring hanging on it. To this day he struggles to come to terms with it as it was the only item he had of his much loved mother who past over 10 years ago.

Your dreams that give you messages are very different from a normal dream and will show you important things that will stick in your mind. I hope this helps you identify your messages from a normal dream. Nothing to be afraid of at all, It is a gift.
Thulsa (1 stories) (34 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-24)
Hi LunaNight95, I sense you are young and confused about many things. Don't worry as you get older and experience more things you will find patterns and notice signs that will tip you off to what is happening around you. You are not crazy and probably will experience many more freaky things. Don't let it scare you to bad. From a very young age I experienced a lot of the same things you are or will. You are an intuitive like me and might even feel kind of detached sometimes from people around you. You might feel kind of like you are on the outside looking in or observing from somewhere else. The best way to describe it is if you think about a collective knowledge or say bulletin board you are walking along and it is so big you can't see the ends. As you walk along it every once in awhile you see a picture or read a phrase or sentence that catches your attention. At first it doesn't mean much until all of the sudden something clicks and you remember seeing it before. This can even happen only seconds before it takes place. You might even know exactly what will happen next and it plays out exactly as you feel it is going to. This can really freak someone out and they might doubt their own sanity. You might ask yourself did this really just happen? I can warn you now that in the future you will feel frustration sometimes with people. You will just know that something is going to happen and you will tell someone, and they will ignore you and the situation will play out anyway. In time you will learn that some things just have to happen and you can't change them. I can warn you to guard yourself with the people closest to you, because your gift will cause strife with some. Nobody likes a know it all, and you may hear comments like, "You think you always have to be right." I wrestle with biting my lip sometimes and just letting things happen when I know people don't want to hear your warnings. You will find that sometimes when someone is in serious danger, you will have to try your hardest to warn them even when it becomes unpopular. I had a brother in law who seen a youtube video where someone threw boiling water into the sky and made snow and fog instantly in the cold winter air. He decided he just had to do it himself. Instantly I seen a picture in my mind of him showing me his arm as he peeled a glove off with blistered skin with it. This was a vision I saw of the future. I right away told him please don't do it and that he would burn himself. A half hour later after several attempts he came running into the house yelling about his arm. Sure enough just as I had pictured it earlier he peeled off his glove and blistered skin came with it. We had to run him into the doctor on New Years day.
I wasn't trying to talk about myself in this comment, but only to help illustrate what you possibly will start to experience. I fully believe that you are gaining the ability to tap into collective knowledge of things to come.
I want to give you a warning that you need to heed in the future. When you tap into this other realm, especially in your sleep you can become a beacon for evil or dark energies sometimes. Do not be deceived by what you come in contact with. If you have recurring nightmares or dreams pay attention to them and go with your gut feeling. As far as the spirits you believe you are seeing, be cautious of the hooded one. I believe it is an entity that I have dealt with myself in the past. If it tries to communicate with you in the future ask it how it feels about GOD and watch the reaction you get. It will change it's attitude immediately and you will know what it is. If it asks you what you think tell it to answer your question first. If it gets angry tell it to leave you alone and that you will ignore it until it answers your questions and don't communicate with it in the future. I feel I need to warn you about it especially. The other spirits or entities are probably harmless to you. I hope this helps you feel a little less alone out there.
Silver4900 (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-21)
ALso,you should probably ask around this site to see if there is anybody who has been having the same dreams or if there is anybody who fits the descriptions. Maybe a new post asking?
Silver4900 (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-20)
I too have had dreams that have predicted a future event. Sometimes they are just small things, but in others they are rooms and places that it would be impossible for me to know about. I am glad I am not the only person who experiences these and you are most certainly as sane as I am (which now, come to think of it it is not convincing 😊).

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