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Floating Faces, Predicting The Future, And Shadow Men


When I was little, about two, I started seeing floating faces. I know this sounds strange, but I used to see pale, white, stretched out faces staring sadly at me from empty car windows (as you can imagine, it was terrible to be in parking lots). They followed me where ever I went, and they never went away, no matter how many times I blinked or looked away. When I was about six or seven, the faces disappeared, but they were replaced by the Shadow Men. They weren't all necessarily "shadows," because sometimes they were dark shades of other colors, but they were mostly black, purple, and orange. They are always there, because I can feel them watching me, and I have heard them walking and calling my name. I have seen them a few times, but they are hard to describe. Theses shadows have continued to follow me around to this day, but so far all they seem to do is watch, follow, call to me, and talk amongst themselves. There have also been times when I have predicted the future. This has been happening more and more often recently, but I guess that happens to some people. For instance, once my friends and I were standing by a tree. My friend decided to sit in the tree, so I started to laugh and told here that the tree was going to fall down. She laughed and sat in the tree. About five minutes later, the tree falls over, pinning my friend's leg beneath it. Now, I know that you probably think that the tree fell over because my friend was too heavy for it, but my friend is actually extremely light, and the tree was a very strong one, and I predicted three other things that day. Of course, the shadows and faces worry me slightly more than trees falling over and accidentally predicting trivial things, but that might just be me. Weird things happen to me, that I have always wondered if these "shadows" were involved. They don't seem to do anything, but they have to do something eventually, right? Are these shadow men really here, or am I just going crazy? If they are really there, then why are they there and what are they doing? I hope someone can help me, thanks!

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Godlywork (7 posts)
9 years ago (2012-12-24)
If they are good spirits then you are lucky. When it first happened to me, they where not the nicest spirits. God only gives you what you can handle. God still recruits people every day. These spirits are to help you get closer to God. He needs you. Very few are picked. You could be a profit. I was told by a friend that I am a profit. I'm still not sure. Read the Bible. It wards off unholy spirits and you will know that all who remain are of the holiest kind.
suburbansocialite (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-12-23)
I have had the same experiences with the shadow figures, as have many others, which leads me to conclude you are NOT... I repeat... NOT crazy. Don't ever think so and don't ever let anyone tell you so.

This is a normal or rather paranormal phenomena experienced by many. I personally have been seeing shadow figures for almost two decades now. In August of 2011 I saw one of the floating faces although it was quite different than the one you described, the one I saw was very tribal or island-ish in style. It startled me enough that I screamed out loud and jumped back about two feet in a room full of people. None of which saw what I saw but looked at me like I was nuts (awkward!). I thought I was seeing things and I was worried it was physical or psychological but doctors and shrinks both said everything was normal and that I was completely fine. Then I read about others who had seen the same things I had. There are many different theories as to what they are. I encourage you to research it and see what you find. Let your intuition be your guide. Just know that you are not alone... You are just in tune. ❤

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