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The Language Of Energy


Before I get in too far, I know that not everyone believes in what I do. I believe the other side exists and that mediums have very important jobs. I also know that the "supernatural," or whatever you wish to call it, can be pawned off my others, who make a hoax for money. Not all mediums are real.

I think (highlight the word "think") I can peer into the other side. Ever since I was little, like age five or six, I have been able to sense energies. Sensing these energies was not an on-off thing, like it is for some people. I always sensed energies, and they became a part of my normal life. It eventually got to the point where energy became a second language. I associated words with energy, and became "fluent" in the energy language.

For a couple of years now, I have been sent dreams from those who have passed. These dreams have started after my grandmother passed away and became more vivid after my grandfather passed. I can tell that those who sent me the dreams have passed because of the energy. They send me snippets of their life and messages, as well as warnings of future events. A lot of them needed help, and I felt powerless because I was not in a position to help them. Well, maybe now I can. Now these messages have come to my conscious state.

Recently, I have been contacted by shadow figures (I know they are bad). They send me messages in energies, and if I focus, I can see them around me in my mind. Each entity moves on their own; I do not control their movement. There is, in fact, a shadow figure sitting next to me right now. I know shadow figures are bad, but I don't know how to get rid of him without cleansing my house, which I am not in the position to do.

I feel that I have a purpose in the Other Side. I want to utilize my gift. So, what do I do? How do I begin?

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Show_Me (11 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-03)
You can began by stating that the place where you are living at is your home and evil shall not enter. You can cast a protection barrier. Trust me you will know how to. Sometimes evil spirits will enter your home as people you know (dead or alive).

People who are gifted, are a medium, pychics, etc..., we all have a purpose here on earth. Before we came down to earth, we have a set and stone contract. Kind of like a VISA. This special VISA is our key to heaven, many portals and doors, levels, abilities, and etc... Only certain people can enter heaven. I do know that there are about 36 realms/demension that exisit.

Dreams play a major key to our past, present and future. It also helps us to seek answers and knowledge. Sometimes dreams can mean the opposite.

Usually when you go to different spiritual realms, doors, or portals, it is a key essential to always be protected. When you are wondering around spiritually, regardless if you are sleeping or not, you need to protect yourself because if you do not, anything can happen. Ex: Can not return to your body, you open doors that unleases unwanted things.

Everyone living human has guides/angels.

Hope this helps.
bossgirl (3 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-29)
Try saying a prayer of protection. "Dear God surround me with your pure white light of protection, only allow those spirits who have pure intentions of the highest good to come through", as you do this visualize a pure white light around you as protection. Sprinkly sea salt around the perimeter of your home. Burn a purple candle. Use the herb "sage" and get a small amount to burn, it in a non-flammable bowl, immediately douse the flame and walk around with it, gently fanning the little bit of smoke from it around your house when no one is around. Hope that helps 😁

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